An Untold Story: DanMachi
9 Entering the dungeon, meeting his current match.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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9 Entering the dungeon, meeting his current match.

Lucifer and Lilith walked through the streets, with a smile on their faces, Lilith was hanging off Lucifer's arm as they entered the guild building dragging the attention of the Loki rising stars group that Lilith was a part of before Lucifer came back into existence, Lucifer ignored them and walked towards the front desk that was being manned by a cute girl. Lucifer looked at her and said"Pretty lady, I have some questions before me and my companion enter the dungeon, can you answer them for me?" The girl looked Lucifer up and down before responding" My name is Eina Tulle and flattery will get you no where, what Familia do you belong too and what questions do you have?" Lucifer began to examine her features, Eina had a slim body, pointy ears, shoulder length brown hair, and deep emerald coloured eyes,Lucifer almost got lost in them as he peered into them, he looked at her hair which was fitted in perfectly with her body. The uniform of the guild highlighted the features of her body well, Eina started to blush under the gaze of Lucifer and awkwardly coughed to try and get his attention on the matter at hand.

Lucifer sighed and said" I'm sorry for that I got lost in the beautiful colour of your eyes, I'm in the Fallen Familia, we registered a long time ago but have only recently become active again, I'm the captain of the Familia and my people refer to me as Patriarch as for my real name, I would have to kill you if you found it out. That would be a shame as you definitely lighten the room, it wouldn't be the same about you. I just need a low down on what I should do to raise my Familia form a rank I Familia to a rank A one, I would also like Lilith's adventurer card to be updated to note her change in Familia, she is no longer apart of Loki's Familia and has joined ours." Eina was shocked by this but Lilith just nodded her head and said" I'm no longer Human, I'm a member of the fallen race, makes sense that I join their Fam" Lilith realises she may have said too much but to her surprise Lucifer laughed and said" It is true, she is no longer Human but I never was, I have always been the only Fallen in existence, it is nice to have someone else to share with." To prove his point Lucifer summoned his wings which caused everyone in the guild hall to gasp,Lilith then did the same, her wings were smaller than Lucifer's but they were more beautiful, less crude and slightly different shades of red.

Eina said" This pack will explain what you need to do for your Familia to rise the ranks, any monster cores you collect can be sold here and Lilith's adventurer card will be ready to collect again by the end of the day, Is there anything else I can help you with?" Lucifer stored the pack in his pocket dimension and told the AI to read it and store the information in his brain when it was done. He turned to Eina and said" Is there any unclaimed land around the city? I believe my Familia was of the Nation type and we need somewhere to begin developing a Nation". Eina responded "There is some land for sale where the Elf forest used to be, it is haunted by the ghosts of the dead Elves and so no one wants the land, the deed covers the entire forest and costs 10,000 valis, it's pretty cheap for the amount of land you gain but the ghost kill anyone who is not an elf that enters the forest regardless whether they have the deed or not." Lucifer smiled and said" Once I gather the money I will purchase that land, hold the deed for me beautiful, I will be back soon, Lilith it is time to go and earn some money, we will get to at least floor 5 before we can have a rest understood?" Lilith nodded her head and they left the building and moved towards the dungeon.

As they entered the first floor Lucifer said" Lilith I'm going to start on the fifth floor, you begin here and meet me there, you have 1 hour to get down to me or you can go without food or shelter tonight" Before Lilith could respond Lucifer had already disappeared, in his wake monsters were heard screaming, Lilith saw the head of a goblin roll out of the hallway in front of her. She shuddered at the strength Lucifer possessed and vowed to keep up with him in strength so she can defend herself going forwards, Lucifer managed to slaughter his way through many of the monster on his way through the first 5 floors, he decided to go ahead to the 6th floor and then come back to the 5th to wait for Lilith.

The slaughter continued until the last monster was slain, collecting the cores Lucifer smiled however he felt danger immediately and dodged to his left on instinct, a large had that had three claws skimmed his face, lightly opening a wound on his skin. Lucifer wiped the blood on his face with his hand and then proceeded to lick his hand clean. He then laughed and turned to look at his attacker, he saw dark humanoid monster hiding in the shadows one of its long arms where Lucifer once was and the other hovering next to it's side each hand on the arms had three claws that are sharp like knives.

The AI recognised it as the strongest monster on the 6th floor the War Shadow, it disappeared back into the shadows waiting to strike again on Lucifer when he showed any weaknesses, Lucifer couldn't use his divinity to kill monsters as they also come from the same power source, destruction, he could easily counter and destroy creation however to stop the stronger monsters from killing all of the weaker ones there where limits on what the powerful forces of destruction could do to those weaker than it. Lucifer was forced to fight the War Shadow using nothing but his level one adventurer status, luckily for him he had a few tricks up his sleeve, he instantly used Hellish Fury and pushed his body past its limits, he then used his Hell's Inferno to light up the room he was in so the Shadow couldn't hide from him.

Screams of pain were heard behind Lucifer who turned to see the War Shadow covered in flames, Lucifer thought he had the upper hand so he approached the shadow with his great axe in his hand as he went to strike, the shadow laughed and dodged the incoming blow and stabbed at the chest of Lucifer's body as he passed him, his claws pierced Lucifer's chest and blood began to fall out of the wound rapidly, Lucifer was now on a timed clock until he passed out from blood loss. he began to laugh and shouted" It seems that relying on my corrupted divinity as I planned will only make me die faster than last time. It seems levelling up my adventurer's body will bring me more power in the long run, I thank you friend for you insight into this matter, as a display of thanks I would like to offer a deal you would be crazy to reject....."


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