An Untold Story: DanMachi
10 “Hiring“ a bodyguard...
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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10 “Hiring“ a bodyguard...

Lucifer smiled at the War shadow and said" I can give you the ability to disguise yourself as Human, to live among them in the real world, all I ask in return is that you serve me as a bodyguard for the foreseeable future. You will become a part of my species and Familia during the contract, it will cause a large amount of pain but in the end it will be worth it for your freedom. This is a one time offer and I will kill you if you reject it, I have back up waiting for me on the floor upstairs, I will give you one minute to decide whether you die here as a monster or you live in he outside world as my friend and bodyguard."

The War Shadow immediately knelt in front of Lucifer as a sign of acknowledging him as his master, Lucifer smiled at this and began the shadow's mutation process making him a monster/Fallen hybrid. Once the process had began Lucifer carried the shadow up to the fifth floor so he could get his wound healed by Lilith, the journey upwards was one of nothing but pain for Lucifer, he laughed at himself for believing he was biggest fish in a small pond, he know realised is task was going to be a lot harder than he had originally planned, he decided he would go and talk to the ally his AI had made for him in the dungeon as soon as his wound was healed.

Arriving on the fifth floor, Lucifer fell down in the middle of the floor, he dropped the shadow on the floor, Lilith who heard a loud thudding sound ran over to investigate, what she saw shocked her, Lucifer was lying in a puddle of his own blood while a monster was surrounded in the same sort of vortex that had changed her from Human to a Fallen, she ran over to Lucifer and placed his head on her lap. He was still barely conscious, he looked up at her slightly tearing up face and said#2 Don't worry about me, this wound was caused by my own cockiness and lack of regard fro my health, could you please start healing me with your magic, I will check your progress when I can move freely again." Lilith smiled and lightly kissed his forehead before placing her hand on his wound and using healing touch in an attempt to heal the wound, the healing process took nearly three hours however when it had finally finished Lucifer got up from Lilith's knees and lifter her up, planting a small kiss on her lips.

"Thank you for helping me, it seems our latest Familia member is nearly finished with his transformation, I will check your progress while we wait for him to finish." Lilith nodded her head and removed her shirt, allowing Lucifer to check her status board. The growth that Lucifer saw shocked him to his core, he grasped Lilith's breasts and lightly squeezed them, he then whispered in her ear "You have done well, your progress is outstanding, put you shirt back before our friend here wakes up, You can ask one wish of me as a reward for you progress, if it is not to extreme I will agree to do it with out hesitation." Lilith felt her body raise and fall with excitement, she put her shirt back on and turned to face Lucifer and said in a seductive voice"As soon as the basics are prepared for your plan, I would like you to take me out on a little date, it doesn't have to be a long event, I want to spend some time with you when I can just be carefree and have some fun. After the date, I will give a good reward, that is a promise." The last sentence was dripping with sexual intent, it nearly forced Lucifer to push her down but as he was about too, sudden movement brought his attention to his new soldier, it looked like the transformation process had been completed.

* Lilith's Status*

Name: Lilith

Race: Human-Fallen Hybrid

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Level: 1

Stats: Power: C 650

Endurance: D 500

Dexterity: E 450

Agility: E 400

Magic: B 700

Abilities: Multiple Puncture (H) Regeneration (F)

Magic : Wild Healing (I) Healing touch (H) Jaws of Hell (H)

Passive Skills: Hidden Aura (G) Hell's Assassin (H)

Lucifer looked the Shadow up and down and noticed that his body had drastically taken on a more human form, his claws and turned into 5 razor sharp fingers, he had long flowing black hair and crimson red eyes, he also had horns like Lucifer, it seems he was much closer to a pure blooded Fallen than Lilith was. Lucifer believed that it was due to monsters and the Fallen coming from the source of power while Humans came from creation instead, he looked deep into the eyes of the former shadow and said" Your transformation has been completed, you bare the mark of my Familia and I hope you serve me well in the future, we will be going to the surface now to sell whatever magic cores me and Lilith have collected but before that let me check out your status board."

??? Status board

Name: ???

Race: Shadow-Fallen Hybrid

Familia: Fallen Familia

Level: 2

Stats: Power: E 450

Endurance: D 500

Dexterity: C 600

Agility: C 650

Magic: I 50

Abilities: Hidden Blade (D) Death From the Shadows (E) Back Stab (B)

Magic :

Passive Skills: Shadow Cloak (D) Bodyguards Loyalty (I)


Shadow-Fallen Hybrid: A hybrid that thrives in shadows, killing the enemies before they even know it was present to begin with, due to its former monster status, the conversion to the Fallen race is a lot smoother granting it stronger bonuses compared to the Fallen-Human hybrid. They excel in physical combat, magic has little use to them, like the mains species they learn new abilities and skills at a faster rate to most mortals.

Hidden Blade: The user can throw daggers or short swords from the shadows, the blades will not give away the users location and will deal extra damage if the user is hidden from their target. The user may also use this skill to mask a melee attack that is carried out from the shadows, dealing extra damage.

Death From the Shadows: Any attacks that successfully hit from the shadows have a 30% chance to deal 200% damage to their target.

Back Stab: This ability allows the user to do extra damage if the user successfully feigns attacking the target from the front, only to dodge at the last second and stab them in the back instead. Any attacks the user does into the back of a target do 10% extra damage.

Shadow Cloak: This skill makes the user almost invisible in the shadows, it will require someone to have exceptional perception to spot the user. As the skill levels up, the user ability to blend into darkness increases drastically.

Bodyguards Loyalty: The user gains an extra 5% to:

*Damage reduction

*Damage dealt

*Movement speed

in the presence of their master, as the skill levels up, the percentage and the amount of buffs increases.

Lucifer smiled and said" Your skills are amazing, you will need to come up with your own name before we get you an adventurers card form the guild. Lilith remember to collect yours when we get to the guild, can you pass me all of the magic core you have collected during your combat? We can use them to buy the land to begin our empire and the downfall of the traitorous gods here in the mortal realm." Lilith happily obliged and gave the monster crystal over to Lucifer and as he collected them the AI spoke to him. "Master I recommend to save 6 small monster crystals, I have created a skill for myself which can convert the energy in the cores to form a teleportation point for you to use. I have already set one in the lair of our friend in the dungeon, I recommend you create one in the guild hall when you go up next. You should also go and see if you can recruit our friend to our cause, I heard that she hates Zeus more than you do, something about losing an eye to him and his Familia." Lucifer smiled and said" I'm so glad I created you, you have been a major help since I came back, thank you."

Lucifer turned to Lilith and said" Its time for us to go back up, once we are there I will sell our cores and then go and see a friend of mine, I want you to take our new friend here to Hephaestus' workshop to pick a new set or armour and a weapon. You can use some of the money we get for selling the cores, after that why not go to the famous Hostess of Fertility restaurant, I can meet you there for dinner afterwards." Lilith was excited to go to the Hostess of Fertility restaurant, she had always wanted to go there but she never had enough money to take herself and her brother, when she though of her brother, she began to cry, Lucifer guessed what she was crying about and soothingly said" You must live a long and happy life for yourself and your brother. There is plenty of fun to be had and things to experience, do it for both of you, we can name our first child after your brother when the times comes. Lets go, the world is waiting for us to break and destroy it."

Lilith looked up at Lucifer and imagined having a child with him, she slowly stopped crying and they all made their way back up the tower towards the guild building.


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