An Untold Story: DanMachi
11 Meeting a legend, growing in numbers....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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11 Meeting a legend, growing in numbers....

Lucifer and his companions arrived at the guild hall, they approached Eina and Lucifer placed all of the magic cores on the table except the six he was saving to make the teleport point in the guild hall, he then said" Beautiful can you assess the worth of these cores for me please, then could you deduct the cost of the Elven forest deed as well as the cost for creating an adventurer card for my friend over there? Thank you." Eina looked at all of the monster cores in front of here and then at Lucifer, she then looked at the two other members in his party before saying "You all are level one correct? How did you collect this amount of cores in such a small amount of time? The value of these cores is around 40,000 Valis, you will be getting 29,800 after deducting the fees needed for the deed and the adventurer card. " Lucifer smiled at her a said" Me and Lilith are indeed level one however our friend is level 2, I have a few skills and abilities that help in combat and Lilith is a healer which allows us to go on longer than most groups."

Eina nodded her head and thought that he was still hiding something from her,she handed him the deed and the Valis that he had left over, she smiled at Lucifer and said" I'm going to need your friends name in order to create the adventurer card, you may also want to know that Ares declares war on any weak Familia that prop up around the city, that is the reason that the elves were originally killed was due to Ares' need for constant expansion." Lucifer laughed loudly at this and said" Ares can eat my ass if he thinks he can beat me, I'm only weak inside the dungeon, outside of it I can kill him with my eyes closed. He decided on the name Danzo on the way up here, I will come and collect the adventurers card tomorrow, I'm late for a meeting with a friend, she is not someone I can afford to make wait for me either. Lilith don't forget to collect your updated card, go and have some fun after putting the request for his armour with Hephaestus. Try not to make trouble, Danzo you will protect her like you would me understood?"

Danzo nodded his head and said" I understand Master, I will protect the life of the Mistress with all of my strength, no one will be able to harm her while I still breathe. Eina I would like to thank you for creating me my adventurers card, I will owe you one favour, if you ever need to cash it in please contact me. Mistress shall we leave so Master can go ahead and meet his friend?" Lilith nodded her head and said" Thank you for agreeing too help protect me Danzo, we should head to the workshop first like Patriarch suggested. then we can go and get some food to eat, Patriarch is paying so we can get whatever we want." Lucifer lightly spanked her her butt saying" If you bankrupt me, you can go work for the Ishtar Familia, a beauty like you will be able to fetch me a good price I bet, I will meet you for food later, enjoy yourself." Lilith and Danzo both left the building and headed towards the workshop to order Danzo's armour.

Lucifer told the Ai to create the teleport point and to his surprise a large white light shot out o the ground and flew into the air. Lucifer and a woman at the back of the hall were the only ones to see the bright light. When the light faded away he told the Ai to teleport him the the lair of his friend, within seconds Lucifer had disappeared and reappeared in the lair, this caused the two people living in the lair to be shocked, the one eyed dragon turned hostile almost instant, Aira called out" Please leave this place, she doesn't know how to hold back on her strength you will die before you can even move." Lucifer's wings appeared instantly and flew above the incoming attack of the dragon before shouting" Is this the way you greet your boss, return to your human form now, we need to discuss the new plan as well as how we are going to deal with Zeus when he makes his return." The dragon disappeared and in its place was a beautiful middle aged woman with platinum blonde hair appeared in her place. She smiled and said" My name is Mary and I wonder who you are, claiming to be my boss?".

Lucifer looked at her blankly before saying "I'm the fallen God Lucifer I believer that my creation made contact with you a while ago about what to do with this lovely lady here as well as to prepare yourself for coming to the surface. In return for you freedom, you will need to join my Familia, that is for both of you, when the time comes Aira, you may meet your daughter and have the freedom to see her whenever you want , did you prepare the letter you would like me to deliver too her?" Aira nodded her head and walked towards him, she said" Thank you for giving me the chance to send a later to my daughter, I will gladly join your Familia if it means I eventually be able to see her more often. Mary I know what my husband did too your eye but I think you should join Lucifer's Familia with me, whatever he needs us for, it will be better than being stuck here for all of eternity." Mary sighed and said" I need more than just my freedom, I need a promise that we will go after Zeus and kill him when we have the strength too, Hera as well if that is possible."

Lucifer smiled at her and said" Zeus locked me in a void after he plotted with my ex-wife to kill me and take my divinity, they do not know I'm free from their prison but as soon as he does they will come for me, at that time anyone who sides with my ex-wife or Zeus will be killed. By the way Aria you daughter is in my ex-wife's Familia and she will die if she stays there. I thought I would warn you before you enter a Familia with the man who might kill your daughter." Aria didn't know what to say to that, she just stared into space so Lucifer addressed Mary instead" Come here then, the process to join my Familia will cause you sever amounts of pain as I will be changing your DNA, we will leave this place after your process is done. Aira you can stay here, I will pass on your message to your daughter, enjoy the rest of your life, I know you will not kill your daughter or the woman who raised her in your stead." Much to Lucifer;s surprise Airia told him to begin the process on her, saying" Your ex-wife can burn for eternity if it allows me to see my daughter again, I will not let you kill her and I will make her choose not to fight for either side. I hope you respect my choice and allow me to join you on the surface once again."

Lucifer nodded his head before saying" You guys will not be fighting for a long time as I want my Familia's true power to be hidden from my enemies, I will ask you to tutor the newer members in the family to help them get a better grasp of their skills. I will begin the process for both of you, I wish you the least amount of pain possible, see you on the other side..."


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