An Untold Story: DanMachi
12 Loki causing Drama again...
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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12 Loki causing Drama again...

<Lilith's Pov>

Lilith and Danzo walked into the workshop and asked the receptionist if they could speak with Hephaestus , they were refused, not by the receptionist but by a guard who was blocking access to the second floor. Liith turned to him and said "I guess that you are the guard who lost his finger to the patriarch the last time he came here. Danzo be prepared to teach this man a lesson if he tries to touch me, the Patriarch is the only man who can touch me without my consent, if he tries remove the same finger. Patriarch demands we get to the second floor so we will get there, Danzo get past this fool and go and ask his boss to come downstairs to meet me. Tell her that L has something that he needs from her."

A voice spoke in the room, the guard could only see Lilith and this made him a little afraid. The voice asked" Who is L, I know you are not referring to yourself when you say that, I will carry out what mistress asks regardless but I would like it if you could explain it too me." Lilith said" L is the first letter of the Patriarch's true name, if you want to know his full name you will have to gain his trust, please go and pass on the message for me and knock out the guard first." Before anyone in the room could even blink a blade came flying from a corner of the room, it's handle smacking into the guards pterion (soft area of the skull, slightly behind the temple) knocking him out cold. Danzo proceeded to walk towards the knocked out guard and slice off the same finger that his patriarch had sliced off just days before. He then made his way up the stairs and knocked on the doors to the main office, they both sprung open with Ais and Tsubaki standing with their weapons drawn waiting for the intruder to show himself to their surprise there was no one there.

A voice appeared behind them saying" Lady Hephaestus, my mistress Lilith would like to discuss something with you. She says it is a request from L, he needs you to create something for him." Danzo looked around the room before saying" When you have finished talking to the filth that is the Loki Familia, Mistress Lilith will be waiting for you down stairs." Ais closed the distance between herself and Loki while Tsubaki did the same with Hephaestus who sighed and said" Tsubaki please go and see to Lilith, L has a knack of recruiting dangerous people into his Familia, it is best we go and hear out her request quickly, whoever it was who came up here, could hide their presence form both you and Ais and that scares me quite a bit. Ask them to wait in the second office while I finish up with Ais' new armour, it won't take me a long time, I also have to prepare for Hestia's descent, she will be joining us soon."

Tsubaki walked out into the hall way and down the stairs, as soon as she left the room Loki turned to Hephaestus and said" Why are you working with that traitor and the Fallen Familia, do you know that their captain threatened my life the other day? If it was not for Ais, people would still be picking up pieces of my corpse off of the floor, I thought we were friends Hephaestus, well are you going to explain yourself?" Hephaestus removed the eye patch from her face and instantly Loki flinched and looked away form her, Hephaestus laughed at the sight of this and said" You caused this to happen to me in the first place, the captain of the Fallen Familia has given me his word that once he can trust me, he will remove the curse on my eye. He didn't flinch when he saw it, he acted with indifference like a true friend would, he knows the one who made the curse in the first place, he has even temporally removed it and shown me what it will look like when it is finally removed. While you sit there and judge me for siding with someone who can fix my biggest issue with a click of his fingers. Ais your armour will be ready for you to collect in the morning, Loki as you know I have other guests and I would like you to leave now."

Loki got angry and left the room aggressively, as she went down the stairs she turned to Lilith who was coming up them with Tsubaki and snarled" Look who it is, the traitor and bitch of my enemies, I knew I should have forced you into our Familia earlier than I did. For all of the help I have given you, you abandon me for someone who wants me dead quite quickly, you were never worthy of being in my Familia let alone my personal attention." Lilith responded with" Maybe you should have moved us into the house sooner, you may have saved my brothers life if you did however you didn't and now he is dead. I wish you the best for the future now move out of my way, I have business I need to attend to." Loki grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving and said" Bete will be hunting down the rest of your Familia, I hope you don't die along with them." Lilith looked past Loki and said" Danzo please get this dirty arm off of my body". As soon as the words left Lilith's mouth Loki was picked up by her throat and thrown down the remaining stairs, she hit the bottom of them quite aggressively.

Ais was shocked at the scene in front of her and ran down the remaining stairs to check if Loki was ok, when she saw that Loki was only badly bruised she turned to Lilith and said" Lilith what has happened too you, you used to be so caring and kind, did the leader of your Familia do something to you?" Lilith turned and looked Ais in the eyes while saying" He gave me hope and freedom when I was at rock bottom, he cares for me in a way I have never experienced before and he gave me a message for you. If all goes well he should have a letter for you from your mother by the end of the day, we plan to meet him in the Hostess of Fertility after we are done here I suggest you join us." Ais nodded her head and Lilith continued up to the second floor, this entire time no one but Lilith knew who Danzo was...

<Lucifer's POV>

While waiting for the other two to finish their transformations, Lucifer checked his own stats, he did slay a lot of monsters before coming down here and he wanted to see if he gained anything new as well as to check his parameters and if he was near the time to level up. What he saw surprised him quite a lot, he had received a new passive ability as well as a new type of magic containing one new spell. He had also increased all of his stats bar magic to SSS rank, ready to level up. As he was staring at his status board the other two people in the room hand finished their transformation into Fallen Hybrids, he walked up to Mary and was stunned by her transformation into a woman with skin that was covered in a scale like substance, she had a long white streak in her hair that stood out form the blond colour. Aria had the biggest change out of the two of them, her body lost it's ethereal, spirit body and had become a more human like body. The major difference between her and Humans however was that she had large tattoos that covered her body form head to toe, these tattoos were of Lucifer's Falna and his Familia's symbol. The symbol was of a crown being ripped apart by many different hands, Lucifer chose this symbol as it showed what he end goal would be, what surprised him however was that he hadn't told anyone about the symbol yet so he had no idea how it ended up on Aria's back. Like Mary, Aria had a long streak of white hair that stood out in contrast to the rest of her hair. Lucifer walked over too the two of them and checked their statuses and was quite happy with the results with his progression and the the addition of these titans, his combat power rose significantly.

He smiled to himself and wondered what Lilith was up too at this moment in time and whether the deal with Hephaestus went well...


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