An Untold Story: DanMachi
14 Lilith“s stalkers.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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14 Lilith“s stalkers.

Lucifer began to slowly wake up the two sleeping woman in front of him, then his pace changed as he felt a strong sense of foreboding, he grabbed the two of them by the scruff of their necks and told the Ai to teleport him back to the guild hall now. Both of the girls awoke to Lucifer screaming at them "Go to the Elven forest now, you will be the strongest entities there, the spirits won't harm you in anyway. I want to keep your strengths hidden until Zeus makes his play, I have a bad feeling about what is going to happen to Lilith and Danzo any second now. It feels the same as the night when Loki made her first attempt on my old Familia, I can sense her happiness form here and it makes me sick".

<Lilith's Pov>

"Mistress Lilith we are being followed by a group of Adventurers, there seems to be what I guess as a level 4 adventurer among them. We need to meet up with master as soon as possible to avoid any conflict that may cause use serious harm, they appear to only be tailing us for now, however who knows when that will change and when we will be struck down." Danzo then moved backwards on instinct as an arrow landed right in front of him skimming his shoe, the arrow was made of a sliver like substance, it was clear that whoever shot the arrow is definitely not living in the slums.

Lilith turned around and smiled in the direction of roof top before saying "It seems like Loki released the hounds a bit earlier than I expected, hello Bete, I assume you are not here for me, I think you are trying to follow me to the Patriarch, little did you know he is willing to let me die to complete his revenge on Loki. I noticed you enter the Hostess of Fertility, that is why left before the Patriarch showed up, I will not let you get to him at all. Come out of the shadows, I want to die looking at he face of the puppy who was sent to kill a level 1 adventurer" Lilith then got on one knee and whispered "I'm sorry Lucifer it seems that you will continue your revenge without me, I'm sorry that I was to weak to stay by your side".

She stood up and began to prepare the jaws of hell spell, her arms reaching for the daggers that hung from her waist. Bete laughed loudly at the speech of Lilith and jumped down off of the nearby roof and landed right in front of her, her picked her up by the hair and slammed her into the nearest building before spitting on her body before it could even hit the floor. He began to preach" You can only blame this on yourself, you left one of the strongest Familias in this fine city, to join one that only has you two as members. You are both weak level ones, how dare you challenge the Loki Familia with your pitiful strength. Loki told me not to kill you, she sees this as a lack of judgement on your part, when your Patriarch is dead she hopes that you will return to where you belong, with us"

Lilith began to laugh at Bete, each time she did blood would erupt out of her mouth, Bete was infuriated by this and asked "Why are you laughing, the four of us clearly outnum-" Before he could finish speaking Lilith began to laugh louder, he picked up again and demanded" What is so funny?"Lilith still laughing pointed behind her, Bete dropped the laughing woman and turned around to see his three companions gutted like Fish hanging of the the roof by their intestines, their blood dripping down and creating a small puddle on the floor. What confused Bete was that their was bloody footprints leading away from their corpses, the footprints ended right next to him. Before anything could happen to Bete.

The area around the three of them became enveloped in pure darkness, the flapping of wings could be heard, Bete looked up and all he could see was blood red eyes staring back at him.

"Well, well,well, looks like Loki's puppy thought it would attack and abuse members of my Familia and get away injury free, you were wrong about it being just the two of us, Danzo take Lilith to the Elven forests, there are two people there that will protect you two. It seems that I have been to lenient with Loki, you and your decorations will act as my message too her".


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