An Untold Story: DanMachi
15 Clash of the Wolf and the Demon.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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15 Clash of the Wolf and the Demon.

"Understood Master we will evacuate immediately, be careful he is a level 4 adventurer" Lucifer laughed at this and said" He could be a level 5 adventurer like Ais and he would die if I willed it, I was being kind by not killing off Ais when I had the chance, you like her will not die however the pain you will feel will make you wish for death. Come little puppy, let us dance, the dance of death".

Bete laughed and said" You kill me? You are nothing but a weak level one like the whore there, once I have killed you I will hunt her down and take back to Loki to play with. Lets see how strong you really are Mr Patriarch, I will activate some of my beast abilities and come and swat the annoying fly." Bete's body began to rapidly change, fur began to cover parts of his skin, he noticeably became more feral. Silva began to drip form the corners of his mouth which showed a giant smile, his eyes looking at Lucifer like a wolf eyeing up it's prey, he quickly moved up the nearby building and launched himself at Lucifer. When he was about to make contact, the domain of death whipped itself into action and smacked him down into a row of shacks destroying them completely, Lucifer landed on the ground and unleashed Hellish rage, boosting his stats by x3 (The ability grants .5 increase per level up).

Feeling the drastic increase in power coming from Lucifer Bete felt like provoking him was a big mistake however he refused to stand down and be seen as weak. He also knew that Lucifer would not let him escape not matter what he did, Loki had given him the short straw, Bete laughed too himself and picked him self up out of the rubble. He planned to use his amazing speed to wear Lucifer out, little did he know that Lucifer's endurance was through the roof at this moment in time and if he continued with this plan they would be fighting for at least three days straight.

Lucifer expanded the domain of death to cover the entire slums before saying"Bete you have no where to run, please come and face the judgement of your betters. Attacking an innocent woman on her way home is bad enough but hiding when retribution comes for you makes you nothing but a weak coward. No wonder you hide in Loki's Familia it's is useful to have strong people around you to mask your own weakness, come fight me, its not to late to go down with honer instead of fear, its not all your fault that this is happening too you, your goddess shares the blame too." As the words came out of Lucifer's mouth he was attacked from behind, Bete's sharp claws grazed his face, Lucifer smiled at this and caught the arm before he could retreat again, he began to crush it in his grip. The sounds of bones snapping, rang out onto the surrounding area.

Lucifer then picked him up by the hair just like he saw him do yo Lilith, he then moved closer to Bete and whispered" You better hope you have resistances to magic or this may just kill you and that would be a shame, I want this experience to haunt you for the rest of your life." softly into his ear. He then used hell's inferno to slow roast Bete for nearly an hour, Bete's screams could be heard through out the slums and when Lucifer was finally done with him, he picked up the burnt and broken Bete and threw him onto the floor and spat on him, causing his wounds to sting and cause him large amounts of pain. Lucifer walked over to the dead bodies of Bete's companions and stored them in his pocket dimension. He was going to take them and Bete as a warning to Loki, it was the final time that a high levelled adventurer would be spared his wrath.


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