An Untold Story: DanMachi
16 A crazy postman.....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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16 A crazy postman.....

Lucifer dragged Bete's limp body through out the city in the direction towards the Twilight manor, Loki's Familia's base of operations. He had a letter and 4 messages to send to the Familia. People looked at Lucifer as if he was evil incarnate as he dragged the barely breathing Bete around like he was nothing but a large large sack. He would occasionally bump Bete into walls of buildings or people to make sure he was still alive, this carried on until a strong unit of adventurers from the Loki Familia came to intercept Lucifer and deal with the threat. The captain of the group stepped out in front of Lucifer, blocking his path, he then looked Lucifer in the eyes and saw no remorse or hesitation in the 'Man' staring back at him, he forced on a playful attitude and said" My name is Gareth Landrock and I would like you to place Bete down. We will forgive this transgression and let you leave the city peacefully, if you promise not to come back"

Lucifer laughed at this and threw Bete onto the floor, he then squared up to Gareth and said in an overpowering tone" Those who launch surprise attacks on level ones of my Familia will pay the price for their actions, Bete will pay the price as soon as I arrive at your manor. LOKI WILL PAY for issuing the command that has left Lilith a desperate state, you have 2 seconds to move out of my way before I force you to, you have no idea who you are messing with. If you wish to escort me to the manor to make sure none of your weaker members get accidentally killed then please go ahead but this little puppy stays within my hands where I can crush his neck if you try anything stupid"Lucifer dragged Bete by the hair through the dirt before grabbing him by the neck and turning to Gareth and saying"Ready to go?" Gareth calmed himself down, the image of someone he treated as a son being dragged through the dirt nearly drove him to breaking point, he nodded his head to Lucifer and guided them towards him towards the Twilight manor.

Arriving at the Twilight manor Lucifer began to see the subtle changes Loki had done since his last visit here. Before there was next to nothing in the land except for a medium sized manor and a defensive wall however now the be huge structure built on the small area of land. Multiple tall towers overlap and support each other, with the middle tower being the tallest, this amazed Lucifer, the cost alone would be near impossible for him to ever be able to cover, he smiled and mumbled

" it seems she made a lot of money from fucking me over.I wonder if she sold the traditional dagger of the Lucifer Familia, wait a second I can feel it reaching out to me from within the building. It seems she kept it which is good for me, now I need to think of a way t get it without giving anything away" .

As they arrived at the front door, Gareth turned to say something to Lucifer only to see him enveloping the doors to the manor in flames. he shouted" Everyone get away from the doors". As people where sprinting away form the doors they exploded into a ball of flames and Lucifer walked into the manor,he shouted"Get LOKI HERE NOW, if she doesn't show up in 10 seconds the dog gets it, 20 seconds and the whole first floor will disappear and so forth. Lucifer then threw the badly burnt Bete in front of the crowd who began to panic at the sight of his burnt and badly bruised corpse. Ais and Loki rushed out to see the scene that was playing out in front of them, Lucifer turned to Ais and said"I have a letter for you from your mother, you can have it once Bete and Loki have paid for their crimes against my Familia. If you refuse a single one of my demands Bete ends up like this" Lucifer then threw the three corpses he had stored in his space next to Bete's body, the room went deadly silent as Lucifer sarcastically fell to one knee in line with Loki....


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