An Untold Story: DanMachi
17 Exploitation of the enemy
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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17 Exploitation of the enemy

Lucifer rose from his position and picked Bete up and walked towards Loki, he placed Bete in front of her and said"Loki my first demand is that you sign this paper admitting that you told a level 4 adventurer to tail and severely injure a level 1 adventurer. The paper also states that you take full responsibility for the deaths of those who attempted to beat a young woman. Her bodyguard had to do this as he feared for Lilith's life and to be fair if they were still alive when I got there I would have roasted them from the inside out, right here in front of you. Here sign it, if you need something to sign it with I could use some of Bete's blood, there is enough of it splattered around the slums, we can send him to go and collect some."

Loki grabbed the paper and tore it in half, she looked at him and said" You will die before you can hurt Bete any further, you threats are pointless, any adventurer in here could deal with you. I refuse to believe that a level one like you was able to beat Bete fairly, this charade has gone on long enough. Ais capture him." As Loki finished speaking Lucifer clicked his fingers and the domain of death grabbed all of the level 3 and lower adventurers and began to suffocate them, wings erupted from his back and he grabbed Bete and said" Bete will lose an arm if you move Ais, your fellow family members will lose more than that, they will lose their lives. I gave Loki a choice, all she had to do was admit to her mistakes and give me the dagger of Lucifer that she hides in her tower."

Ais remained still and Loki's face went ashen when she realised that it was this mysterious captain that had subdued Bete and killed his pack, she realised that he had the power to back up his demands and that he was only going to grow from here.This time she had made a mistake, she had ruled the city since her husband's death and very little was ever done to oppose her, this made her underestimate the potential power of a small rank I Familia and this was her wake up call. As hell's inferno began to engulf Lucifer's hand, the domain began to intensify, she screamed" The dagger will be brought to you shortly and I swear on my divinity and life that I was the one who sent Bete to attack Lilith. If you have any other demands please say them now. There is no need for a large amount of deaths"

Lucifer smiled and felt a strong presence closing in on him, he knew that they were at least level 6 and fighting them would be extremely tough, he knew that he only beat Bete due to it being day not night, cutting of Bete's complete transformation. A spear was thrust quickly and aggressively from behind which Lucifer used Bete to block, to his surprise the spear was stopped a centimetre away from Bete's eye. "Nice try sir, may I know the name of the man who attacks from the shadows like a coward? Loki you have 2 seconds to get me the dagger, sign this piece of paper and vow that you will not use such petty means to attack my Familia again. If you do attack us again I will have to ask some of our stronger members to pay you a visit, the strongest of which could kill everyone here by yawning. If you think I'm joking then just remember I'm only level 1"

Loki's body shuddered and she left to get the dagger, at the sight of her leaving Lucifer made the domain give the adventurers a bit more breathing room, he then grabbed Bete and said" There is one more thing for your punishment for what you did to Lilith, after this consider us even, if you try anything else I will just kill you. " Bete nodded his head and then began screaming terribly his voice could be heard all over the manor and even in the streets outside. Lucifer had begun melting the symbol of his Familia into the face of Bete to act as a constant reminder to those who would try anything against him in the future. The smell of burning flesh made the people near him want puke, while this was finishing up, Lucifer beckoned Ais to come to him.

He told her" This is the letter for you from your mother, if you would like to send one back come to the edge of the Elven forest, that land now belongs to my Familia. You can also take Bate to get some of his wounds healed, just so he knows the symbol is infected with curse magic and can't be removed by anyone but me." Loki appeared with the dagger which flew out of her hand and into the hand of Lucifer, it placed a tattoo of a a dragon breathing fire up his right arm, Lucifer smiled at this and said" Now all you have to do is sign this letter and I will leave you to roll around in your own shit." Lucifer threw a copy of the paper at Loki who signed it and threw it back. As Lucifer turned around to leave Loki shouted"Who are you? Only members of Lucifer's Familia can use the dagger, he is still in seclusion in heaven so there should be no one left to wield the dagger."

Lucifer laughed and said "You mean he is trapped in the void waiting for his chance to destroy you and Zeus right? Who I am will be reviled when it is too late for you to fight back, as for the dagger I think it likes me. The next time we meet Loki one of us will die and I don't think it will be me. Never got your name spear man,guess you are loyal to the Bitch as well. Goodbye Loki Familia have a goodnight" When Lucifer left the building the domain of death let it's prisoners go and disappeared, Lucifer made his way to the forest while Loki contemplated the monster that was challenging her.

<Dagger of Death>

Rank: SSS

Power: 1500



Demonic Growth: Increase the contracted person's skill increase rate, allows the dagger to grow at the same rate as the user.

Vampire bite: Causing wounds transfers vitality to the user form the entity attacked.


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