An Untold Story: DanMachi
18 Claiming the forest from the spirits.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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18 Claiming the forest from the spirits.

Happy with his recent success Lucifer placed the signed letter of confession into his space and placed the dagger in a sheath, he spread his wings and flew into the Elven forest. When he entered the forest the spirits trapped in it surged out to attack him however Lucifer simply spoke softly to the oncoming horde" I too have been betrayed and killed by the traitorous humans and Gods of this world, I now own this forest and me and those who follow me vow to you get your revenge for you. We will kill Ares in time and bring his body in this realm too you as an offering. I can't promise when the body will be delivered but I swear on my soul that it will happen. I would like you to continue to defend the forests from anyone who doesn't have my permission to enter it."

A spirit appeared in front of Lucifer and said" You give off a weak aura of a god but the strength of an adventurer, who are you? We have moved the injured woman that appeared on the outskirts of the forest and per the dragon's request moved her into the centre of the forest, there was small conflict with a person who hid in the shadows however the injured woman told him not to harm us

and he has been escorted to the Dragon as well. All of them the Dragon included have a similar aura too you, I assume that they belong to your Familia, tell us who you are and we will consider your proposal."

Lucifer smiled at this and said" I can only tell you that if you knew who I really was and word got out, this forest would be destroyed by those looking for me. I have been killed twice and now I'm going to build a nation in this forest so I can kill my enemies. I would like for you people to willing tie your souls to my Familia so we can live and thrive as one entity in this forest. I know it will be hard for you to do this however I will fight you for this forest if needed, I know that the Dragon is enough to kill most of you and I'm a lot stronger than my level 1 status would suggest. I implore you to do this the peaceful way and for you to live in my nation as it's citizens rather than in a grave in the floor." As he said he released his domain of death and to his surprise it felt extremely different to when he had used it in Loki's manor, Lucifer began to laugh madly and he shouted" It has mutated, my domain is stronger than it was before, things are defiantly looking up for me." Lucifer the checked his own status to confirm his guess.

Adventurer Status

Name: Lucifer

Race: Fallen

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Level: 1

Stats: Power: SSS 1350

Endurance: SSS 1400

Dexterity: SS 1200

Agility: S 950

Magic: SSS 1300

Abilities: Hellish Fury (E) Eyes of the Reaper (H)

Magic : Cursed Domain of Death (E) Hell's Inferno (G)

Passive Skills: Devil's Charm (F) Body Sculptured in Flame (G) Lord of the Fallen (I)

Cursed Domain of Death: The mutation of the domain allows the user to inflict curse magic on those in the domain, the curse can be selected by the user while the domain is being activated or when it is activated.

Lucifer smiled and said" Looks like my fight with the puppy and use of the domain afterwards has made me ready to level up, you guys have one day to make a decision on whether you join me or leave the forest. If you leave the forest then you will not be able to enter it without my permission, please keep this in mind. If you want to fight then you will know where to find me, See you in the morning." The spirits parted as Lucifer walked into the forest to meetup with Mary and the rest,they then began to discuss what they were going to do.

As Lucifer was entering the centre of the forest the AI implant in his head told him"Master now that you are safely out of the city with a location that you can easily defend, I have a suggestion on how you can build your divinity again. While we were in the void I felt a connection to a realm that no one in Heaven or the Mortal Realm has ever been in before. From the whispers that came out of the realm I have been able to deduce that this realm contains enough magic in it to kick start your divinity again. The only issue is that we will have to use the last piece of divinity you have stored in me to create a gateway in and out of the realm. Temporally demoting you to a Demigod like status instead of a Devil, I believe after a month in this new realm you will be able gain a small amount of your own divinity back in your body without needing me to store it for you."

Lucifer smiled and said" Once I have levelled myself up, we will check to see if the others need to level up and if they don't then I give you permission to open an entrance to the new realm. I will need access to as much of my divinity as possible in order to siege the heavens." The Ai acknowledged Lucifer's commands and began to make preparations to make the gateway for Lucifer,Lucifer then opened up his status board and applied his level up.....


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