An Untold Story: DanMachi
19 The spirits choice
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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19 The spirits choice

Lucifer decided to climb the nearby tree before he levelled up for a bit of extra safety, he wouldn't put it past the spirits to sneak attack him while he was levelling up. As he did the deed, he felt an explosive increase in power flow through him and he finally understood why adventurers would dedicate their lives to growing their strength, the feeling upon levelling up was immense, almost hypnotising. He felt as if he could take on Loki and Zeus right this very instant, it took a while for the high to ware off Lucifer, once it did he climbed down the tree and proceeded towards his companions.

Adventurer Status

Name: Lucifer

Race: Fallen

Familia: Fallen Familia

Level: 2

Stats: Power: C 600 (SSS 1350)

Endurance: D 550 (SSS 1400)

Dexterity: E 400 (SS 1200)

Agility: F 300 (S 950)

Magic: C 600 (SSS 1300)

Abilities: Hellish Fury (E) Eyes of the Reaper (H)

Magic : Cursed Domain of Death (E) Hell's Inferno (G)

Passive Skills: Devil's Charm (F) Body Sculptured in Flame (G) Lord of the Fallen (I) Hellish Blacksmith (I)

Hellish Blacksmith: The user specialises in creating gear that can cut through Divinity itself and repel the affects of Divinity and Magic. As the skill levels up the so does the strength and resistances of the equipment the user can create.

Lucifer appeared next to Mary who was looking after the injured Lilith and said" Stupid woman, I would never abandon you to get my revenge on Loki and Zeus, my own people are far more valuable to me than killing those two however that doesn't mean you can get complacent and expect me to come and save you every single time. From now on Lilith you are not allowed to leave the forest until you are at least level 3, I know you are waiting to level up to level two and that will be done as soon as you have healed a significant amount, Mary we need to discuss something in private. Aria come and look after Lilith for a little bit, I have delivered your letter too your daughter, if she wants to send anything back to you I told her to wait to wait at the edge of the forest. Lilith or Mary can go and get it for you however you must stay hidden for now, the time to announce yourself as living on the surface is still far away"

He then walked away form the group and towards a quiet spot and said to Mary" I will be leaving for about a month maybe longer, something in a far away nation requires my attention and I will be taking Danzo with me, I will set off as soon as the spirits in the forest respond to my offer to them. While I'm gone you will be charge of the forest and I would Like you to fortify it with walls and a moat, the wood in Eleven forests doesn't get burn't by fire so use it for the walls. You can have 10,00 Valis to hire more manpower to complete the work but you must not show your strength to anyone but the spirits. If anyone comes to know about it, you have my permission to execute them on sight except Ais, we need her alive to keep Aria in check. I trust that you can protect Lilith until I come back, whoever is standing in that bush come out now or I will have to kill you."

The spirit who Lucifer had talked to before appeared out of the dense shrubbery, she got on one knee in front of Mary and Lucifer and said" Most of the spirits have decided to leave the forest to look for one that contains more elves in it however a small group of us would like to stay here and pledge ourselves to your nation. We can help you prepare some of the wood so it can be used to make homes, buildings and fortifications in case of another attack. We ask that we be allowed to keep using our religious area of the forest as it is, we will make a temple there when the houses and walls have been completed if that is ok with you your highness."

Lucifer smiled and said" you may worsip whatever you wish as long as it doesn't hinder me or my nation in anyway as soon as it does then you will be exiled or killed. I'm willing to accept your conditions, bring the resto of the spirits that are staying to me in the morning, I will mass convert you into my race. It will cause large amounts of pain however it will allow you to live longer and fuller lives, please tell your people to expect the pain. You may leave and return to your people, Mary do you understand your commands?"


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