An Untold Story: DanMachi
20 Final preparations.
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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20 Final preparations.

Mary turned Her head and looked at Lucifer with a blank expression before muttering" You want me to run this little band of idiots while you disappear for months to achieve some unknown task and you expect me to hold off Loki without using the full extent of my powers so you can keep me as a hidden weapon form Zeus, Did I miss anything out?." Lucifer laughed at her and said"You forgot to mention overseeing thew production of the walls" This caused Mary to swat his arm with significant power making Lucifer fall onto his ass. Lucifer and Mary laughed hard at this, Lucifer then suddenly stopped and looked at Mary in stunned silence, he had not seen something as beautiful as when she was laughing, her long blonde hair fluttering in the wind, the white stripe in it, enhancing the beauty of the scene.

Quickly breaking himself out of his mood, he picked himself up and said" You love doing my bidding, don't lie to yourself. I really appreciate everything you have done and will be doing for me" Lucifer lifted her head towards him and whispered in her ear"If there is anything can do to help you relax please just tell me" As he came back from her ear, he kissed her cheek and as Mary turned to shout at him he kissed her passionately, pushing her up against a nearby tree, he knew that if she didn't enjoy it she could force him back with just one of her fingers. Lucifer kept kissing her and gently groping her over her clothes until a scream came from behind them which startled them both.Lucifer turned to check who it was and to his massive surprise it was Lilith who had recovered enough to heal herself using magic.

Mary slapped Lucifer and ran back towards Aria to hide from the embarrassment that she felt, what was worse than being caught for her is that she allowed Lucifer to do as he wished without any fighting back at all. Lilith stood there glaring at Lucifer, she then drew her daggers and attacked Lucifer, who dodged each and everyone of them before they could connect with him. Lucifer finally stopped her and said" It is time for me to level you up to level 2, what you saw with ary is going to happen with a lot more woman than just her. I sad this when we first met, I will have more than one woman and that you would have to accept that. Turn around and remove your shirt, I have to the workshop to collect Danzo's armour sooner rather than later." Lilith turned around in a huff which made Lucifer shake his head, he levelled her up and left to get Danzo.

* Lilith's Status*

Name: Lilith

Race: Human-Fallen Hybrid

Famillia: Fallen Familia

Level: 2

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Stats: Power: H 150 (B 750)

Endurance: I 50 (D 500)

Dexterity: E 400 (A 850)

Agility: E 400 (A 800)

Magic: C 600 (SS 1000)

Abilities: Multiple Puncture (H) Regeneration (F)

Magic : Wild Healing (I) Healing touch (H) Jaws of Hell (E)

Passive Skills: Hidden Aura (G) Hell's Assassin (E)

Lucifer walked back to where Danzo, Aria and Mary were talking , upon noticing Lucifer Mary moved to the other side of Aria with a blush appearing on her face. Lucifer saw this and said" Danzo get ready to leave, we are going back into the city to collect your armour after that we wil;l be going on a mission that will keep us away form this area for a long time. Make sure you are prepared and if you need anything than tell me while we are in town and we will get it. Grab my arm when you are ready to go, Mary we will continue this when I get back." Mary hid further behind Aria while Danzo grabbed his blades and grabbed Lucifer's arm and they both teleported to the guild building. Danzo immediately went into the shadows protecting Lucifer as they went towards Hephaestus' building.

As they entered the building the people waiting in the foyer scattered in all directions once they realised who had came, they saw Lucifer as the one who aggressively beat Bete into an inch of his life for no good reason. This made Lucifer smile and he walked towards the main receptionist and said"Hephaestus is expecting me, I have a set of armour that I need picked up now, I can't wait much longer" She smiled and said" Hephaestus said you would come by and has asked that you go up stairs and wait for her in her office, Tsubaki will be with you shortly, she is just finishing up the armour at her workshop". Lucifer smiled and thanked the receptionust and went to the second floor like she suggested, he sat there and said"Danzo do you need anything else other than this armour upgrade?" Danzo responded with" I would also like a ranged weapon that I can use silently from the shadows if needed. That can wait until after our mission however, thank you for considering my needs master."


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