An Untold Story: DanMachi
21 Collecting the Armour and opening the door to divine strength
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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21 Collecting the Armour and opening the door to divine strength

Lucifer waited patiently for Tsubaki to appear while he waited he made a plan of action in his mind for what he would do in the new realm. He assumed that it would have a large amount of people and monster capable in using magic, he based this off of the findings that the Ai found analysing the cracks that were in the void.
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He knew that he would need to establish a bigger and stronger power base in this new realm in order to gather enough raw energy to re-create a slither of his divinity again, he understood that his end goal for his journey to the new realm had to be to make himself strong enough to return and openly challenge both Loki and Zeus.

The thought of destroying everything that they hold close made Lucifer smile, he turned to Danzo and said" When we arrive at our new location we will be training nearly everyday so that we can return and wipe the floor with our enemies, you will be at least level 5 when we return and I will hopefully be back to where my strength should be."

As Danzo was about to respond Tsubaki entered the room carrying a light armour which was black and red in colour, it was made of reinforced leather, it had a chain mail covering the centre of the chest providing extra protection for the person wearing it. The arms were thick and rough to touch however they also looked like the would weigh next to nothing, the lower torso also had chain mail protecting the lower chest and vitals. Instead of a helmet the set came with a hood that covered the wearers head.

Lucifer smiled at Tsubaki and said" The armour looks amazing did you work on this or did Hephaestus?" Tsubaki immediately blushed and said"I was the one who created the armour, wanted it to be perfect for you, do you really like it?" Lucifer rose from his seat and took the armour off of Tsubaki and picked her up and brought her over to the chair he was sitting on. He then sat down and placed her on his lap before whispering in her ear"I love it, it is a shame that I will not be the one wearing it, when the time comes would you like to help me craft my armour?"

Tsubaki nodded and then asked"If the armour is not for you then who is it for? It seems to be too big for the woman who came to place the order for it, unless it is for whoever the mysterious person who came with her. " Lucifer smiled at her and began to softly stroke her cheek as she lay against him,he lifted her head slightly and planted a quick and soft kiss on her lips then he sighed and said"Danzo come and put the armour on, the quicker we leave here the quicker we can return."

Danzo came out of the shadows and said"Of course master, I will put the armour on now, from appearance alone I can tell it will serve me well." Tsubaki pouted and turned to Lucifer and said" You have barely visited me since we initially met and now you are disappearing? When you get back can we go on a date or something similar, I really want to spend more time with you."

Lucifer smiled at this and said" As soon as I get back the first thing I will do is come and arrange something with you, I also want to start learning how to be a blacksmith and needed a beautiful teacher to show me the ropes." Tsubaki broke into an amazing smile and she excitidly said" you can come over to my workshop as soon as you get back and I will teach you everything I know and after that we can go for dinner" Lucifer nodded his head and gave her a quick but firm kiss on the lips before turning to Danzo and signalling it was time for them to leave. He lifted Tsubaki up and said" We will meet when I get back see you soon"

Before Tsubaki could say anything else, Lucifer had already left and was on his way back to the streets, when he arrived there he started travelling back to the Elven forest, he needed to assimilate the spirits into his Familia before he could leave for the new realm. When they arrived at the forest it was nearing midnight, Lucifer walked towards the location where the spirits where sleeping and began the process of turning those who were staying into his Familia in total he had gained another 20 adult members ranging form level 1-4 and 5 children.

Once the process had begun he stayed with the children trying to ease their pain as the transformation took place, he mainly did this by supplying them with some of his blood which would speed up the transformation process and temperately make them unconscious and unable to feel the pain they were going through.

Once this was done he left them to carry out the process in peace, he then asked the AI" Is the door ready, when can we leave?"

The Ai responded with" The door is ready, it is currently only able to be seen by you and Danzo, it is near the centre of the forest, you will feel its power when you get close to it."

Lucifer nodded his head and turned to Danzo and said" I have no idea what is going to happen too us on this journey, follow me and walk through the door that is in the centre of the forest, let us see if the power we need is on the other side." As the words left Lucifer's mouth he walked through the door and disappeared from the mortal realm....


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