An Untold Story: DanMachi
22 Arriving face down in a school......
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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22 Arriving face down in a school......

Lucifer awoke face down on a hard surface, he took a minute to get up, the feeling of the amount of magic in the world was amazing too him. He could feel it simultaneously flowing through the air and the ground, he began to get lost in his thoughts, he was extremely excited about the prospect of rebuilding his divinity in this new realm.

As he was beginning to get carried away in his thoughts, he remembered that he knew next to nothing about the realm he was currently in and turned to Danzo and demanded" Go and find what ever information you can about this world from whatever sources you can find, remain in the shadows and do not let yourself be caught. I'm going to investigate who is in the room that the light is coming out of" Danzo nodded his head and moved in the opposite direction to where Lucifer was heading, Lucifer decided to play the role of a lost and confused man to hopefully draw the sympathy of whoever was in the room, to add to his act he placed his clothes and dagger in his pocket dimension.

Lucifer then began to wander towards the light while constantly repeating "Hello is anyone there? I don't know where I, please someone help me, I'm so scared, I don't know why I'm undressed and in this building, please someone help me"

No response came from the room with the light so Lucifer walked up to it and opened the door, the person in the room stared back at him for a long time before she asked"Who are you and what are you doing naked in a school?"

Lucifer was stunned by the person in front of him and nearly jumped her instantly, she was a stunning woman with a voluptuous figure with breasts larger than Marry's and a butt bigger than Tsubaki .

She had hip-length, sexy long black hair, red glasses, only one earring on her left ear and a mole under her left eye.she was wearing an outfit that consisted of a green knitted turtleneck, a tight black mini-skirt along with her cross garter motif stockings, and a white lab coat.

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He stuttered out"Please help me miss, I have no idea where I am or who I am,I awoke in the hallway on the other side of the school, do you have any clothes I can borrow, the sight of you has awakened a part of me I don't want to display at this moment in time."

The nurse checked Lucifer out slowly and thought 'He is bigger than average down there and his body is extremely well built and looked after. I have a feeling that he is lying to me, I wonder what faction he belongs too and how he found out where I was.'

She turned and pointed to a cupboard on the other side of the room and said"There are clothes in that cupboard, please get dressed and lie down on a bed, I want to check if you show signs of having ingested any drugs that would cause this affect on you." Lucifer nodded his head and walked over to the cupboard and found a school uniform that belonged to Hijirigasaka Academy,

Lucifer assumed that this was the school he was currently in. He than placed the uniform over his body, he struggled getting the trousers on much to the amusement of the nurse. who said" lie down on the bed in the centre, I will be right back I need to get something from the medical supply room which is the room next door to this one."

The nurse began to panic, she thought that her cover was blown and someone in the 10 gods had sent an assassin to kill her off and get access to the young man she was protecting. Lucifer knew something was off with the way the nurse was acting, he knew that she has heavily suspicious of him and this forced Lucifer to take his dagger out of his pocket dimension in case she tried anything.

The nurse returned with a needle and Lucifer instantly rose from the bed and jumped at her and pinned her up against the wall with his dagger pressed up against her neck and he said in a demanding voice"Where am I and what and who are you? You are not a regular Human however it seems like your power has been locked away by someone stronger than you. I'm bored of the games, please answer me honestly and soon. I really don't want to hurt your pretty neck if I don't have too."

She pushed the dagger away from her neck and kissed Lucifer aggressively before saying"You will have to earn the right to know what I am but my name is Chisato Hasegawa and you are in the Human world, there are three that can be accessed the Human, Heaven and Hell where the Devils and Demons live."

Lucifer began to laugh loudly before saying" Tell me more about this Hell, it sounds exactly like what I need to achieve my goals,I assume by the look on your face when you mentioned hell that you were a god of some kind and you fought a war against Hell."

Chisato looked at Lucifer with an indifferent look before saying"You will have to learn about Hell from someone else, I think it is about time you find somewhere else to run around naked don't you?"

Lucifer just laughed at her question before saying"You are quite the attractive woman, I hope our paths cross more often in the future, who knows maybe I will end up studying in this school" Before Chisato could retort Lucifer had already left the building and was waiting for Danzo to come and find him on the street outside.


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