An Untold Story: DanMachi
23 Making plans
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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23 Making plans

Danzo silently approached Lucifer and knelt down in front of him before saying" Master it seems like the school is a building of education for people between the age of 12-18 years old, I highly recommend that master attends the school so he can gather information about the realm we are currently in"

Lucifer nodded his head and said""There is a nurse, I think she called herself that, who works in the school who is a god who has had her powers sealed. It is fair to assume that she is at the school protecting someone and that person should have the information I need on how to get to Hell or know someone who does."

Danxo confusingly looked at Lucifer and asked"what is hell?"

Lucifer smiled and said"Something that we should try to recreate in our original realm, it is a place where Devils and Demons live, from what little I could get out of the nurse it seems that they war with the heavens quite a lot and often win, We should try to get their and try to cultivate our power and let it grow."

Danzo nodded his head and said"I will go back and enter the fact you are going to this school onto the information device I found. We will need to create a name for you and a place where you live." Lucifer smiled and said"Let us go house shopping then, I would like a house in the richer parts of town, if we find one that has normal mortals in it, my devil's charm ability should be enough to convince them that I'm some long lost relative that has come to go to the local school. If that doesn't work we can just use force and grow our strengths a little bit, it matters not to me. Let us go and find a family to live with and have them provide for us. They will also sort out anything that is needed for me to enter the school. While I'm in school, I will need you to track down and kill anything that is hostile to you in the world that isn't human to gain experience (RIP any angry dogs), the quicker we gain levels the better the amount of power we will be able to steal from Hell."

Danzo nodded and went into the shadows to protect Lucifer as he went towards the richer areas of town, they stopped in front of a mansion that read "Perrins Family Manor" Lucifer smiled and pressed the button on the intercom and said" Hello, is this the Perrins household? My mother sent me here to study at Hijirigasaka Academy, like my grandfather, would it be possible for me and my servant to come inside?"

An old voice came out of the intercom that said" Mistress Kathrine never knew that her late sister had a son, what is your name?" Lucifer smiled and said" My name is Alexander and my aunt is all the family that I have left, my father left me on the streets and left with mother's money as soon as the funeral was over. It has taken me a long time to get here and would like to ask aunt to allow me to live here until my studies at Hijirigasaka Academy. are over."

The old voice said" The mistress would like to meet you face to face, please enter the mansion and wait for her in the foyer, the mistress will be with you shortly"

Lucifer thanked the man on the other side of the intercom and began to walk up the drive towards the house, Lucifer thought that something was wrong, it was feasible for the butler to be under his charm however he never spoke to the woman so there was no chance for his charm to work on her. She was either a gullible fool or a woman who had a plan for him, either way Lucifer would get what he needed and this made him happy.

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He knew he might have a chance of fighting his way out if she turned out to be someone capable of using magic or had hostile intentions, this was enough for him to risk everything to gain a small foothold.


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