An Untold Story: DanMachi
24 Meeting a Demon
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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24 Meeting a Demon

Lucifer entered the building with his dagger drawn, the inside of the building drastically contrasted with the outside appearance. The outside looked like your typical flashy mansion, the walls were painted white, the side of the path up was covered in well kept flowers and bushes and the drive way was in mint condition. However the inside of the building was dusty, the walls had torn up wallpaper on them and their was a small hint of blood in the air, Lucifer smiled at this and gestured for Danzo to sneak in the shadows while he walked into the foyer.

"Well, well, well, it has been a very long time since I have been visited by a fellow Demon, I thought that the chaos caused by Wilbert's death had kept them all fighting each other in hell"

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Lucifer looked in the direction the voice came from and noticed a tall blonde woman standing atop bloody marble stairs. He instinctively looked her up and down and he was pulled towards her body, she had moderate breasts but a large butt. Lucifer's mind began to run wild until he mentally clocked that the woman had gotten closer to him and was about to grab his throat.

Lucifer fought his growing desires and stabbed the woman in the leg with his dagger, the woman collapsed to the floor in pain and Lucifer instantly regained full control over his own mind. He laughed and said" It seems you have a charm like ability like me however yours is far superior to mine. I assume you are a succubus , they were all massacred in my world long ago, in fact I think was the one who lead the charge against them. How times have changed I guess."

The woman held her leg and looked up at Lucifer in fear and said" What the fuck are you? No normal Demon should be able to resist my charm, I'm one of the strongest Succubi currently alive. You should not be able to break out of my charm once it has taken a hold."

Lucifer began laughing and said" Strongest alive, really? If that is the case than getting a foothold in this place known as hell will be a lot easier than I thought. Where I'm from I guess I would be considered a Fallen God, more than a Demon, more than a God."

To make his point clearer, Lucifer summoned his wings which gracefully erupted out of his back and loomed over the Succubus. He then knelt down to her and said"Teach me about the magic of the Demons in this world and I will let you live, hell you can even serve me if you wish. If you show the slightest sign of lying however then my associate will kill you were you stand Well sit I guess."

As the Succubus moved her head forwards to speak, she was met by Danzo's blade that was pressed up against her throat, Lucfer smiled at her and said" Shall we begin?"


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