An Untold Story: DanMachi
25 Master-Servant Contrac
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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25 Master-Servant Contrac

The succubus gulped as the blade inched a little closer to her throat and said" The demons can use the same sort of magic as anyone else however unlike the gods we draw our power from destruction rather than creation. We can shoot fireballs and the like its mostly down to personal preference, other than the Master-Servant contract. That is a contract that links two souls together."

Lucifer perked up at the mention of the Master_Servant contract, he looked at the succubus dead in the eyes but she didn't flinch, he then demanded" Tell me more about the contract"

The succubus continued" Like I said the Master-Servant Contract is a kind of magic that ties the souls of two people together, it also makes them aware of one another's location .Aside from being able to tell one another's location, a curse would activate whenever the Servant either betray or feel guilt towards their master and is shown by the varied coloured collar that appears around their neck. Though the curse, which occurs varies based on whatever magical nature was used in order to form it. Another effect of the contract is that it increases the power of both the servant and the master as the servant's loyalty grows."

Lucifer nodded his head and said"Tell me how to make one of these contracts."

A slight smile appeared on the face of the succubus for a split second before it disappeared she then happily said" Whenever used in the Human World, users of the Master-Servant Contract would need to wait for the full moon in order to either activate and/or cancel it. It doesn't apply in the Demon Realm as several High-Ranking demons are able to use it at any time."

Lucifer noticed the slight smile on the Succubus' face and commanded the AI to monitor her in case she tries to lie.The Ai in Lucifer's mind noted" She is telling the truth at this moment in time, I will keep assessing her for the duration of her speech."

The Succubus noticed the slight change in Lucifer's expression but carried on regardless and said" The ceremony required to activate it entails both Master and Servant to stand in the middle of a magic circle, then a magic circle would soon appear on the back of the Servant's hand, then the Master would need to kiss it in order to perform the "Kiss of Domination", in which the magic circle appears and that would establish the contract."

The Ai rang out in Lucifer's head as soon as the Succubus stopped speaking "Master she lied during the second half of that speech, specifically about where the mark would appear and who would kiss it, it seems she desires to trick you into becoming her servant. From what I can gather, the master will have a mark on their hand that the servant must kills, the demons refer to it as the 'Kiss of devotion', I gathered this information from the brain of the Succubus so it seems to be more true than the version she changed to give you."

Lucifer asked" Since when can you read people's minds?"

The Ai responded with" I can't read anyone's mind however you cut her with your dagger which transferred some of her vitality to you. It also gave me an access point to her mind by linking my self using the codes sent by the dagger."

Lucifer just stood their stunned, the Succubus thought he was contemplating doing the the master servant pact with her and said" There is a full moon tomorrow in the Human realm, we can create a pact then master."

Lucifer was broken out of thought by the Succubus and nodded towards Danzo who cut her head clean off, when it landed on the floor Lucifer muttered" You shouldn't lie to someone with a sword against your throat. Old man clean this mess up and collect anything worth money and sell it. I want the money in my hands when I return from school tomorrow, Danzo go and sleep in one of the beds in the mansion. This our home now."

The old man nodded his head and began cleaning the mess, Lucifer walked up the stairs and towards the second floor. He opened the first door he saw and inside was some sort of sex dungeon, he drily laughed and closed the door and tried the next one along, luckily for him this was actually a normal bedroom. It was a rather bland room however it wasn't covered in blood like the foyer and that was enough for Lucifer.

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He removed his school uniform and went to sleep, in the morning he got dressed again and made his way downstairs and told Danzo" Do some more research on the area while I'm in school. I want to know about any magical activity in the area." Lucifer then walked out of the manor and towards Hijirigasaka Academy...


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