An Untold Story: DanMachi
26 Making an impression at school....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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26 Making an impression at school....

Lucifer pushed himself through the crowd of students that were blocking his way to the entrance to the school. As he shoved his way through a group of boys that were surrounding a girl, it looked as if they were intimidating her into going with them after school.

His aggressive actions immediately drew the attention of the group and one them shouted at Lucifer's retreating figure "Ass hole, come back here and apologise for pushing past us, we were busy asking a girl out after school and thanks to you she got away. We will need to borrow your body as a punching bag to let out our frustrations, do not bother going to a teacher for help as I'm the son of the principal and my word goes here. "

Lucifer stopped walking and turned around and smiled at the group, he then said under his breath" I wasn't really sure that this school thing would be interesting however it seems I can hone my hand to hand fighting. It's a shame that I can't use my magic however there is zero magical power coming off of them and I hate to fight unfairly."

Lucifer clicked his knuckles and approached the group, he walked up to the tallest one there and in one punch broke his nose, as the kid landed on his ass Lucifer moved on to his next target, the principal's son. Lucifer dodged the fist that was flung to meet him, he then flicked the body of the boy and sent him flying into the wall near the gates, Lucifer walked up to him and lifted him up by his shirt and said" I'm a God while you are a mere mortal, the next time you try and act big in front of me I will be taking one of your hands as punishment. Now tell me where the teacher's office is."

A woman yelled form behind" I will take the both of you to the principal's office right now, fighting this early in morning? What is wrong with kids these days, I will be telling your father that you started the fight and You what is your name?"

The woman was staring daggers at Lucifer who shrugged his shoulders and said" My name is Lucifer, named after the angel that was exiled from heaven. This is my first day at this school and I was viciously attacked, my aunt Katherine told me this was a respectable school, it seems it isn't. I will be telling her to pull her funding going forwards, take me to the principal so he can hear it from me."

The teacher began to panic when a familiar soft voice came form behind her" Stop messing with the poor teacher, it is also her first day here. I will take you to your class, David go to the infirmary and take the one on the floor with you. I will patch you up once I have delivered this nuisance to his class."

Lucifer walked towards the woman and said" It is nice to see you too, Miss Nurse, I came to see if whoever you are protecting has a way for me to get into Hell. If you could avoid kissing me right now however as a s lipstick on my face would raise questions I would rather not have to answer."

Unsure how to respond, Chisato just walked towards the building while Lucifer tagged along behind her, the students he walked past refused to make eye contact with him, all bit one who ran up to him and said" Thank you for dealing with them for me, they were going to force me to go with them tonight. If it is not any bother can I ask for you to protect me when I go home as well?"

Lucifer smiled at her and said" I can walk you to where my house is and we can talk there if you want, your parents can pick you up after. I will meet you iat the gates"
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As Lucifer walked into the building he smiled and thought about the immense magical power that was hidden within the girl he had just saved...


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