An Untold Story: DanMachi
27 Meeting the Cast....
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An Untold Story: DanMachi
Author :Littlethree
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27 Meeting the Cast....

Chisato turned and shouted" Oi come on, I'm taking you to your class, I don't have all day. I still have to clean up the wounds you inflicted on the other two." as her walked int the building.

Lucifer smiled and said" I'm coming, I'm coming, what can I say I'm the hero in this story. Defeating a group of demons to save a girl, thats the stuff fairy tales are made of. Your not jealous are you mis nurse? Once the school day is over, you are welcome to kiss me as much as you want, I do want to asses your sealed power a bit more."

Chisato looked at him with suspicion, she closed the distance between the too of them and whispered" I'm not sure where you are form however the general public do not know a lot about the other races so keep your voice down. You will never know my strength and that kiss was to stop you from slitting my throat, it will not happen again."

Lucifer laughed in her face and responded with" That's roughly how I met my ex-wife, granted it ended with her ramming a dagger through my skull however I'm willing to try this if you are. Anyway people are looking at you and whispering, I think we should move on to my classroom no?"

Chisato took a deep breath and walked back down the corridor before stopping and saying" Your new classroom is the one on the end there, your papers and stuff are already sorted. You can go and introduce yourself now, I'm not willing to shove a dagger through your head sorry, going to have to pass on that."
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Lucifer chuckled and said" Fair enough, I plan to go to war if the Ex and I couldn't be arsed to do it with a second. Don't rule out the dagger thing yet, it appears we will be on opposite sides of a another war between the heavens and hell. Thanks for the help, see you around."

Before Chisato could respond Lucifer had already opened the door to his classroom and walked in, the entire room went silent, the homeroom teacher turned to Lucifer and asked" Who are you? I haven't seen you in the school before, can I help you?"

Lucifer smiled and said" My name is Lucifer, like the fallen angel yes. I was transferred to this school recently form overseas, I was told by the nurse Chisato that this would be my classroom going forwards, was there a mistake?"

The teacher looked through the register and lightly tapped her head before saying" No there is no mistake however your forms said you were meant to arrive tomorrow. You can come to the front and introduce yourself properly after this student."

Lucifer walked up to the teachers stand and stood next to a tall, handsome and slim young man with unkempt brown hair jutting in all directions and light green eyes. The young man smiled and said" My name is Tōjō Basara, I hope you" before he could finish his sentence a young woman with a slim yet endowed build with a far more notable big butt launched herself into him.

Lucifer causally took a look at the girl and noticed that she has light blue, shoulder-length hair that has a longer portion of her hair put into a braid on the left side of her face tied into a single braid. The conversation between the girl and Basara was tom quite for Lucifer to hear, her actions caused a girl with red hair and a rather large bust stand up from her chair and scream" Well we live in the same house, he is mine Yuuki"

Lucifer just shook his head slightly and said" Why does he get the heroes welcome?"

Instantly the eyes of the three of them snapped to his, Lucifer just played it off and said " I'm Lucifer as I said before, No girls gonna throw themselves at me? None? Well I'm just going to go sit down then." He walked to an empty seat at the back of the room and he detected two people that had Demon's power, a power sitting near him and the red haired girl from before....


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