Basketball God
1 Prologue
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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1 Prologue

@@Andrei Wall who was sitting on a shabby couch was drenching with sweat after practicing for 12 hours. He was practicing so hard to achieve his dream and that dream is to one day compete in the big leagues "NBA".

Staring at the ball that is starting to deteriorate from the usage. "I guess this is the tenth ball already to be like this, I guess I have to buy another one...Sigh"

His dream was a passion to chase someone who he idolizes deeply and has created lots of miracles and that is Michael Jordan sadly he has already retired but there is another monster currently in the "NBA". Lebron James a behemoth that carried a team to the NBA Finals on his back single handedly.

At the moment he is still far away from them as he is still only a fledgling still on his mother's nest and it is still years away before he reaches the "NBA" so now he should focus on improving his self to reach the world level and compete for his country and for his family.

Follow Andrei Wall to strive for greatness and reach his dreams. Our story will start in the country of Philippines where he will strive to be the best in his country and be the best in the world



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