Basketball God
2 Tragedy
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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2 Tragedy

I won't tell you what has happened but I died and I am strangely in a room the is surrounded by portraits of hall of famers of different sports. I see Naismith..... OMG!!!!(just wanted to put this can't stop it)

"Are they looking at me? (strange) I must be losing my mind here. HELLO ANYBODY THERE.HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then he heard a voice from nowhere.

"Hey will you SHUT UP can't you see I am watching the NBA draft here."

I got so pissed when I heard that and told me to shut up and why would I shut up I am in a place that is like in a different dimension I might go to hell for heaven sake but you gotta do what you gotta do say sorry to avoid implication

"I am so sorry sir but I don't know where I am and where is this place if you don't want to be disturbed can you show me the way out of here."

Then I see a middle aged man that looks like in the 40s walking out of nowhere looking at me with a strange glint in his eyes like I am a specimen ready to be dissected.

"Ohhh so your that kid"

"What kid sir?"

"The kid who died trying to save a little kid from a bunch of ruffians beating him up."

I was shocked so did I die from getting beat up?or did I get shot what happened???

"Sir can you tell me how I died?"

"Oh that! You died getting hit by a basketball hitting you then you slipped and bumped your head in the concrete. It was actually gruesome if you could have seen it"

DUH how would I see it I was the one who died.IDIOT! if I could only say that hays.

"You do know I can read your mind right. I can flick my hand and you will be gone here never able to reincarnate ever again if you anger me."

OH Shit he can read my mind uwahhh. STOP STOP THINKING ANDREI HE CAN READ YOU MIND...

"Ok lets get right to business now shall we I am going to reincarnate you back to Earth and I will give you a system that can help you achieve your dream got it. Now tell me your dream if it is not sports related can't help you with that shit you gotta go find other Gods if they even fancy you but since you were transported here you probably have a sports dream am I right"

"Yes sir I have a dream to be the greatest basketball player ever and to compete with the titans in the NBA and be successful"

"Ohh you got one hell of a big dream you got there huh. OK then you can choose between Kuroku no basket or Slam Dunk as your system guide what would you choose."

If I think about it Kuroku no basket players are more op than Slam Dunk just look at shintaro shooting whole court shots oh that would be the dream. :)

"I choose the Kuroku no basket system guide sir"

"Very well then. You will reincarnate in the Philippines a country that loves playing basketball more than playing football(soccer)."


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