Basketball God
4 Prodigy
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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4 Prodigy

Time skip: 4 years

Andrei Wall born in a middle class family in the state of Nueva Vizcaya (He was born September 10,2000)(If you are curious where Nueva Vizcaya you can look it up in google). His first word uttered by him "Basketball" which shocked his parents and doctors because he uttered this as soon as he came out of the womb instead of crying he repeated this words again and again.

At Age 1 He learned how to walk by himself that gave another shock to his parents. Age 2 his parents gifted him a junior sized basketball as a gift because they think he would be a bright star in the future and It was the right decision because this gave Andrei the early start to practice his skills to a level of a Grade 4 student player and he was only aged 2.

Now after 4 years he is now going to school and his parents is going to bring him to a school dedicated for teaching kids in basketball. The journey in his School life basketball now starts here.

First Day of School

"What a nice today yosh It is time for me to go to school but first let me check my stats. System may I see my stats"


Name: Andrei Wall

Age: 4 years old

Nationality Filipino


HP: 85/85 (Stamina)

Shooting: 15

Skill: Lvl 1(20 shooting for lvl 2) Limitless Range-"Can shoot anywhere in the court"- Active,Drains 5 HP

Passing: 9

Skill: N/A (will learn when it reaches 10)

Dribbling: 12

Skill: lvl 1(20 dribbling for lvl 2) Ball Control-"Rarely gets the ball stolen"- Passive

Physical: 8.5 ( Affects the stamina)

Skill: N/A (will learn when it reaches 10)

Defense: 10

Skill: lvl 1(20 defense for lvl 2) Lockdown Defender-" Opposite sides become more hesitant in passing through you"- Active, Drains 1 HP per 5 seconds


Basketball Genius - A prodigy born to compete with the best

Catch and Shoot- 50% to hit that shot when shot without dribbling(will grow with the increase of Shooting stat)

Overall Rating: 13.5/100 still faraway to the rookie standard of the NBA'

Aishh I am still so faraway from the rookie standard of the NBA but I am still only 4 and I guess this is the level of a Grade 6 student already and I have Skills that can help me be the best of the best. Thanks to the system I got my Shooting stat to 15 with its guidance. Lets Goooo!!! Hope I meet good friends and not some arrogant motherfckers who think they are so good in basketball.

I guess this is it Class 1- Room 1!!!


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