Basketball God
5 First Day of School
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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5 First Day of School

A different atmosphere is what I am feeling here in this very classroom. Things are about to change now. I go to a seat that is not occupied and it was the perfect seat as it is by the window and I can feel the breeze there.

As soon as I sit someone goes in front of me.

"Hi there, I am Charlie Brown,an exchange student from USA. I am 4 years old and I am dreaming to be an NBA All-Star how about you What is your name?"

'Oh hello my name is Andrei Wall,a local. I am 4 years old too and I am dreaming to be the greatest Basketball Player.'

'Ding! Quest has been given

Challenge Charlie Brown to a 1vs1 and defeat him

Reward:+.5 Physical and 1 Gift Box

Failure: -2 Shooting'

Oh a quest I haven't received one of these yet so this is my first quest. And what is that Gift Box.

'Ding! A Gift Box contains random things it may contain skills,increase for stats or even a talent'

'Ding! Do you Accept the Quest'

Sure why not but if i Accept the Quest do I have to challenge him what if he doesn't agree to play 1v1 with me.

'Ding! Do not worry host Quest is given because Charlie is thinking about challenging you to a 1v1'

Back to Charlie and Andrei

"Ohh so your that Andrei they said you were a prodigy I heard it from the teachers. Want to play 1v1 with me, We can skip class cause they will only teach some basic stuff like how to dribble and I know you already know that so game?"

I was surprised that he really challenge me guess I have to accept it. FOR THE REWARDS HIHIHI!!!

"Ok sure I accept your challenge so where will play?"

"Nice, :) Let's go to the gym. I want to see if you really are a prodigy *smirk"

Ehh did I feel the chills strange I have never felt this way before. He must be good.

"Let's go before the teacher gets here hehe"

So we went to the gym to play the game


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