Basketball God
6 1vs1
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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6 1vs1

As we reached the gym. I see racks of balls in the side and they seem in tip top shape and squeaky clean too. I daydreamed thinking about when I am going to be playing on a court of an NBA team then I was awoken from my daydream from the shout of Charlie signaling me to come to the court so we can start the game already.

"Hey Andrei what were you doing there staring at the racks? Come on lets play now your ball first until 13 points only ok 3 point shots are counted as 2 points"

"Ok lets go"

He passes the ball to me and at the same time taunted me with his finger and I was surprised that he know how to taunt because he is only a 4 year old kid well technically I am also 4 years old but my soul is already 22 years old considering my age before I was reborn. I smiled at him accepting his taunt for me to come at him.

I tried to fake my drive then step back but he was able to keep up with my pace and I was astonished so I tried to do a spin move with my skill Ball Control I won't easily lose the ball and I got past him but he was able to react after half a second so I stepped back again and shot the ball and with the roll around the basket it went in luckily.

This game is going to be hard. System how is my HP

'Ding! HP 80/85(Stamina)'

Whatt In that few moments I lost 5 HP and I am at a disadvantage because my strength is in catch and shoot. wait I can try shooting when he passes it to me but during that exchange he was so close.

System can I also look into the stats of other people?

'Ding! Host discovered hidden option "Analyze"

Rewarded: +1 to every stat

Shooting: 15+1

Passing: 9+1

*New Skill Learned: Ignite Pass Lvl 1. (No need to explain I think you already know what this is)

Dribbling: 12+1

Physical: 8.5+1 ( Affects the stamina)

Defense: 10+1

LUCKY hehe with this improvement I think I can fare better against Charlie but why is he so strong.

System use Analyze on Charlie


Name: Charlie Brown

Age: 4 years old

Nationality Filipino, American


HP: 120/120 (Stamina)

Shooting: 10

Skill: Lvl 1(20 shooting for lvl 2) Hook Shot-"Big Man Skill"- Active,Drains 3 HP

Passing: 5

Skill: N/A (will learn when it reaches 10)

Dribbling: 9


Physical: 12 ( Affects the stamina)

Skill: lvl 1(20 physical for lvl 2) Bruiser-"Increased Strength in the Low Post"-Passive

Defense: 16

Skill: lvl 1(20 defense for lvl 2) Pressure-"Drains HP of enemy when defending "- Passive


Basketball Genius - A prodigy born to compete with the best

Oh My so that is why my stamina is draining fast that goddamn skill so he is also a Basketball Genius

guess I need extra effort to beat him

"You got me there with that spin and step back. I am guessing you prefer to play as a Shooting Guard?"

"Yeah I do want to play as a Shooting Guard and I think I am at a disadvantage as you are a natural defender"

"Haha looks like you really are a genius no one has ever scored against me when they are inside the 3pt line *smirk"

"Ohh I guess I am the first to score against you but this won't be the last score hihihi"

"Haha I guess so lets go"

1-1 just like that he scored against me

He just used his strength to bulldoze me.

After 30 mins


We are all tied 12-12 whoever scores the last shot will win. It is my ball hope this goes well and go in

"Pass the ball now Charlie so I can end it already"

"Ohh you think you would win hehe Think again"

He passed me the ball and I immediately used my skill Limitless Range and shot it. I can see the shocked look of Charlie as he didn't expect that I will shoot it from that range.

The ball went to an arc and *swish goes through the net without even hitting the ring. SCOREE

The game ended with Andrei's victory.

"I didn't expect for you to shoot it when I just passed it to you, I admit my lose today but I will try to win against you *wide smile"

"Hehe I will train harder so that you won't catch up to me hahaha"

And the 2 became friends with that game


Unknown to the 2 someone was watching their game

"Interesting *smirk"


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