Basketball God
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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We immediately got back to our class and we were sanctioned by our teacher so we had to clean our room after classes so I had to stay there with Charlie cleaning until 2 pm. Which is really harsh for a 4 year old kid cleaning the room I mean I am fcking 4 years old why can't you be lenient and let us be. Hays this is what to expect to a top school that can send players to International Teams and also in the NBA. After finishing cleaning I immediately went home not even bothering to say goodbye to Charlie cause he was the one who got me here in the first place hays. IDK what has changed in this Earth because no sane parent would let their little 4 year old son go home by himself but I think am a little different a mature lil boy hehe so they don't even bother getting me from school and sending me to school.

"Ma, I am HOMEE!!!!!"

"Oh Andrei your here already come sit we have a visitor saying he wants to talk to you and you don't have to shout"

"Who is it Ma?"

"Just wait come see him he is in the kitchen *smiles at me"

For those who are curious our house has only one floor so it is very easy to just run around the house as it is very small so we soon arrive in the kitchen.

"Hello there young man* wide smile"

When I saw the man I was skeptical to who he was as I have never seen him

"You must be guessing who I am right?"

"Yes,Sir I am curious to who are you and what you want to talk about"

" :0 I never expected to get this kind of answer especially that you are only 4 years old,Hahaha OK let me Introduce myself I am an NBA Scout, Rodrigo Lopez, A scout for the Chicago Bulls"

Whatttt!!!!! A scout of the Chicago Bulls, Omggg. But why did he visit me to our house I mean I am not yet known, I mean I have not yet played with others other than against Charlie wait was he there during our game.

"Mr. Lopez, Where you watching me during our game in the gym with my friend."

"Oh you really are a smart fellow yes I was watching you and your friend and I was astonished by the talent that you both possess and I am planning to invite you to join the NBA Youth League,This League is consisted of the same teams in the NBA and this is where we choose the future NBA players so would you like to join if you accept this, Your parents will get 350,000 Dollars as your salary until you reach the age of 13 and also you will get a scholarship in Chicago for your studies and We will also get you a personal coach unfortunately your friend was already scouted by another teamand he already agreed to join this team"

"This this is just too shocking I mean, I would accept if my parents allow me I mean you are taking a 4 year old boy to overseas"

"Actually we can bring your parents with you and live with you but I think compared to your house here they won't fit as it is designed for a person to live in this quarters"

"Ma, Can I go and achieve my dream there"Plz Alloe me I hopeeee

"OK son, I am allowing you to go but in one condition make sure to not hurt yourself and get injured as this would hurt Mama ok"

"Of course Ma" I hugged her tightly and I think I heard her sobs like she is stopping herslef from crying"

"OK then Andrei Welcome to the Chicago Bulls Youth Team I hope you don't disappoint me now we will just sign the contract with your parents and we will leave next week ok and also I will first arrange your transfer in your school as you will be learning in Chicago next week and if you are wondering which team scouted Charlie it is the Cleveland Cavaliers so you should strive hard *wide smile"

I need to integrate my Emperor Eye before we leave for America

"I will go to my room now Ma, Mr. Lopez nice meeting you :) "

" Ok then son"

"Nice meeting you to Andrei you will enjoy it there"


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