Basketball God
10 3 Year Plan
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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10 3 Year Plan

One week passed by now it is time to go to Chicago where he is expected to play until he is 13 years old.

" I am so excited to go there and meet new faces I might even meet Jamal Crawford and Kirk Hinrich"

" Andrei are you ready to go now?"

"Yes Mr. Lopez but before that may we go to Charlie so I can properly say goodbye to him"

"Oh I think we won't have a chance to go to there Andrei as our flight will take off at 4:00 and it is already 2:00 so I guess you can try sending him a message or you could meet again in America"

"*sad face Oh ok Mr. Lopez I will do my best to be part of the starting team "

"It is ok Andrei you have a lot of chances soon there to play with him especially there where you will see lots of talented youths groomed by each team and their countries you two are special cases as you are diamonds in the rough so I hope you strive hard to be the best and you will be eligible to join the starting team once you reach 7 years old until then you have to train hard as even though our Youth Team right now is placed 9th in the Eastern conference it will soon change when you start playing for the team until then train and train persevere to achieve your dream of one day playing against the best of the best."

"Ok Mr. Lopez, when I get there Mr. Lopez will you be there to watch over me or will I be grouped with the other kids"

" I won't be there to watch over you as you know Scouts should roam around the world to search talent but, The scouted players will be given coaches and only 10 scouted players will be given a coach every year there will be a skills test to test your potentials and I know you will blow by them so I am confident that you will get your own coach"

"Ok Mr. Lopez, Shall we get going we might miss our flight with our talking here hehe"

"Very well then let's go and by the way the scouted players might be even better than you I know you already have the skills of a Junior High School Caliber that would already be a talent but this year a Brazilian Player was scouted by my fellow friend who has the Senior High School Caliber, I think his name is Neymar Something"

What Neymar but I thought he was a soccer player this Earth is strange did something happen when I reincarnated or maybe just the same name with that player.

I have to strive hard and reach higher heights my goal for now is to reach the college standard within 3 years that would be 31-45 overall rating

'Ding! Quest has been given

Reach College Standard within 3 years

Reward: Skill Spin Ticket,Talent Spin Ticket and +3 to stat of choice x2

Failure: Kicked out of NBA Youth Team and -3 to all stats'

'Ding! Do you Accept the Quest'

Ohh a Quest.. After that quest against Charlie I haven't received anything and now I get a quest and it is a long term quest and just right with my plans to reach the college caliber so now lets do this when I reach Chicago I will immediately start training hard and improve my stats so that I won't fall behind with those other monsters

"Let's go Andrei we will now check in our baggages and board our flight"

"Ok Mr. Lopez"

After 23 Hours

We have finally reached our destination United States of America the place of the Titan League: NBA

"Andrei let's go we have to meet the general manager first and you have to show him your skills"

"Ok Mr.Lopez"


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