Basketball God
11 Practice Match
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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11 Practice Match

After a 15 minute drive, We have finally arrived at the GM's office.

"Good Afternoon Sir"

"Oh How are you Lopez? oh and is this the kid?"

"I am doing fine sir. Yes this is the kid his name is Andrei Wall."

"Hello there Andrei, My name is John Paxson, The General Manager of this good ol squad"

"Hello sir"

"So how does it feel like when you arrived here excited or anxious"

"I feel excited at the same time anxious sir as I know there are a lot of talents that you have recruited and I even heard you recruited someone named Neymar that is equal to a Senior High Caliber"

"Oh so you have heard huh but unfortunately he has strived to a different sport soccer he was recruited by a known team in europe and they are ready to train him. How unfortunate even though he has that high a caliber and he is only 7 years old but lets not get off topic here. You are the main subject for today, A 4 year old boy with a caliber at the Junior High Standard and I heard you have some mean range with you, I heard from Lopez hear that you shot a half court shot like it was nothing is that true"

"If you are talking about the 1vs1 match against my friend Charlie then yes I can hit a half court shot like it was nothing but it has to be a catch and shoot. I am not yet well taught on shooting off the dribble and this is what I am planning to do"

"Oh I guess you have already a well taught plan little kid huh but do you think it will all go according to plan as you are now a part of a Franchise in NBA you should know that the pressure is bigger here"

"I know I can do this because I have something that I want to Achieve badly and that is to be The Best Basketball Player Ever and no one can stop me because I will trample them down"

"Ohh You have some confidence there huh kid How About This let me arrange a Practice match with the first string against your future teammates"

"First string?"

"Oh right I forgot to tell you there are 3 strings in the NBA Youth Team League, The 3rd string which you will be joining is for kids ages 4-7, The 2nd string is for ages 7-10, and The 1st string which contains the elite is for ages 10-13. The minimum standard for The 3rd String is at your level Junior HIgh School and the maximum is Senior High School Standard if you reach that standard you can apply for a string promotion which will put you in the 2nd string even if you are not 7 years old as long as you have talent then the maximum standard for the second string is the College Standard then you can also apply for string promotion if you reach that standard as for the first string you need to at least have the College Standard and there is no maximum If you have Talent you can even reach the NBA Rookie Level but that is for later now you need to improve from your Level to the next Level and show them what you are made of"

"Yes GM so when will I meet my teammates in the third string sir?"

"Ohh are you that excited to play a game with your seniors. Haha don't get too riled up you will play tomorrow morning and that will also be your entrance test if you really have the qualifications to be in here and I only need you to do one thing tomorrow SCORE."

'Ding! Quest has been given

Get the Most Points in the Game

Reward: +3 Shooting, Practice Grounds(Gym in a different dimension for increasing in shooting time is slowed there by 3:1 3 hours inside is 1 hour in the real world)

Failure: Kicked out of Youth Team, -3 Shooting

Quest is already accepted as it was given by the GM'

Ohh a Quest and I need to score the most points tomorrow huh this would be hard as the 3rd stringers probably have strong pride in them and they won't pass it to a newbie that just got scouted. I need to trust my teammates to be able to advance.

"GM I have one question"

"Mmm.. What is that?"

"If my Teammates won't trust me with the ball and don't pass to me and I can't score what will happen to me?"

"Trust is also a part of the game Mr.Wall you have to make them trust you how you will do it is up to you. I wish you best luck Mr. Wall as this will also play a part for your future. Goodbye Andrei and Lopez guide him to his quarters and show him around before going back to me"

"OK Mr. John, Andrei come follow me"

"Mr. Lopez, Why does the GM put so much trust in me"

"That is because you are talented and he saw that and all talented players face challenges that they have to overcome, Here is your quarters we serve breakfast at 7:00 to 8:00, lunch at 12:00 to 1:00 and dinner at 9:00 to 10:00. Got it anyways there is a guide for you in the table right there. I will tour you later to the facilities so for the meantime get some rest"

" Ok Mr. Lopez I will sleep for the meantime."

I look at my new quarters for the years to come by it is actually designed like a condominium with this kind of tight bed space I can't imagine living with my parents here. Papa is still overseas somewhere and now my Mama is left alone. Why am I already daydreaming when I have only arrived here. I should go to sleep now too tired .*yawn


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