Basketball God
12 Be
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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12 Be

After a good ol 2 hour nap. Mr. Lopez toured me around the building and the facilities which took about an hour because this building is really big especially the training facilities then after that I wen to eat dinner wherein I saw lots of kids about the same age group as me. After eating I went to sleep early as too ready myself for the upcoming practice match tomorrow.

The Next Day. GAME DAY!!!

I wake up early, go and take a shower and I went straight to the Gym where we will play it was still early because it was only 6:00 in the morning but when I reached the Gym I already saw kids that are much taller than me and some are humongous for their age. I saw Mr. Lopez watching 4 kids and talking to them about something so I walk to him to greet him.

"Mr. Lopez, Good Morning"

" Oh Good Morning, Andrei. Hey you 4 come over here"

Then 4 children went in front of Mr. Lopez as I look at them, maybe this are my teammates.

"This are your teammates Andrei, Go on introduce yourselves to your Captain"

"Captain?" said by the 4

"Yes, CAPTAIN! Why do you have a problem?"

One thin boy came forward his name is Johnrei

"I believe sir that Zack here is better than him and we will only listen to Zack here unless he can show us later his prowess"

"Ohhh interesting so if I show you later my prowess you will let me lead you is that what you are saying?"

"Yes, we are only willing to be led by someone who is strong"

"Ok then, May you excuse us Mr. Lopez"

"No problem, I hope, I don't see infighting in your game later"

"Yes sir!" All 5 shouted even though they are not willing to let an unknown player a captain but they still listen to the higher ups

"Now shall we begin on the planning here guys First tell your spots I play SG/PG"

"I play PG only" said by Johnrei

"I play SF only " said by George

"I play C/PF" said by Zack

"I play PF" said by Allen

"Ok very nice for your cooperation now I am going to tell you about our Defensive Formation so listen carefully our positioning is 1-3-1. Point Guard will pressure the ball handler while the Small Forward supports behind the Point Guard. The Shooting Guard and Power Forward will protect the wings don't let anyone cut if anyone cuts shout Cutter! ok And as for the Center you have the most vital position in our defense you will follow the ball if the ball goes right focus on the right win vice versa. Ok do you get it I know you all are prodigies but at least listen to me as this will be crucial for our battle"

"Yes we get it but why are you planning to use 1-3-1 in this game, I mean we are smaller than them so they can easily bulldoze us?"

"That is why we are using the 1-3-1 because we are smaller meaning with this trap defense we can steal the ball from them as we pressure them"

"Ok we will trust you in this formation but if it fails in the first 3 mins we will switch to Man to Man Defense ok?"

"Fair enough but if it does not fail and help us you will naturally follow my orders you got that"

"Yes we got that "

"Lets gooo and beat the hell out of those first stringers"


'Ding! Congratulations Host!Defensive Anchor Lvl. 1 learned(Makes his team better just by being on the floor)-Passive'

OHHHHH I got a skill from that how though this skill is really op with my Emperor Eye I can command them to what I see and tell them what to do yosh We will beat the first string with all it takes.

"Mr. Lopez, When will the game start"

"Oh Andrei you 5 are just in time game is about to start and we are only waiting for your practice match enemies and the GM is pissed because those first stringers are so arrogant that they are talking about beating the hell out of you and they don't even need to play they could just sit and they will win that is what they said so the GM is angry at the moment because they wont listen to him but he can't do anything as they are talented players and only the Owner can kick them out."

Then I heard an arrogant voice coming from outside

"Oyyy Where is the weak ass 3rd stringers we will play against come on now lets get to the court and get it over with you are gonna lose anyways no need to make it long first to 30 points win,Standard Scoring 2 is for 2 ,3 is for 3"

"Nicholas just because you are first stringer don't act all arrogant huh you are not even on the NBA yet and your acting arrogant already"

"Hehe I can act arrogant all I want John, I mean your just a GM, your not the Owner that pays us"

"Will see if you can act arrogant later when you play"

"Ohh I am so scared uwahh,, haha Do you think I would get fcking scared playing against a 4 year old kid"

"Ok then Let us make a bet If your team is defeated by Andrei's team you will get the fck out of this franchise but if Andrei's team lose, I will scram out of here"

"Hmph Old man do you think that is a fair bet, Include those 3rd stringers out of here with you because they will surely lose do you dare?"

John looks at me as if to say if I am willing to bet then I turned to look at my teammates seeing that they were confident even though we have a 6 year gap difference with them, I turned back to look at John an nodded. seeing I nodded. John nodded too.

"Ok you little brat I agree with this bet"

"Very well then shall we start"

After a few minutes the game is going to start

I change my gear and wore my favorite No. Jersey 10

and went to center court I see them doing some simple stretching in the court.

This Practice Match will only be a one quarter match(12 minutes)

Players Ready

Jump Ball

Then the Whistle blew signalling the start of the game and the ball was thrown.


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