Basketball God
15 Match Part 3
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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15 Match Part 3

The formation was automatically created by them and I disregarded the other 4 enemies and only focused on Nicholas as I think he is the only threat to our defense with his dribbling skills he can easily bypass us so we should solidify on it.

"Do not let Nicholas pass us by,He wont get through us if you do what I told you to"

Nicholas just smiled and got the ball doin what he did again dribbling slowly.

My heart was thumping really hard as I know he has that talent that can make you angry and make mistakes.


And Nicholas vanished again and was in front of me so I tried to counter his attack by stepping back but I was too late he got past me and I look behind me Zack was waiting for him as if expecting that I will fail to defend him. I prayed that Zack can get a stop. Nicholas stop just in front of zack and just threw the ball up and I look oh shit it is an Alley-op.


Allen failed to react on time and they got the shot score


Nicholas looked at me and smiled just like what I did to him.

Allen in bounded the ball to Johnrei there was some pressure down court but Johnrei successfully got it to our side. I signalled Zack to get ready to receive the ball and he nodded at me.

I blocked Matt who is defending Johnrei then I slipped as if I am going to shoot a 3 point ball again.

Johnrei passed it to me immediately and I see 3 defenders running at me. hihihi time to use my skill that I haven't tried yet. I looked at Zack then I used Kuroku's Signature Move. "IGNITE PASSS"

The ball flew past by the 3 defenders and even Nicholas can't react on time. The ball went straight to Zack who scored an easy shot.


We are currently leading by 5 points but you never know things change fast in basketball one minute your leading the second you are trailing unlike other sports that is harder to get points there.

I look outside the court seeing that there is someone standing beside, Mr. John and Mr. Lopez and he is looking at me like I am his prized possession. I felt chills being looked like that. As the game went by our lead never increased by more than 5 and there is only 1 minute remaining and the score right now is


I have scored 18 points already in the game using Limitless Range and Zack scored 4 points benefiting with my Ignite Pass but I can't use it often as they became more wary with my pass and Allen scored 2 points after being fouled by Nicholas due to them not even taking a single lead. The 20 pts of the 1st string is only scored by Nicholas because he is not even bothering passing them the ball.(In a Filipino Term this is called bwakaw meaning selfish). I call a timeout as I see that my teammates are now tired so a timeout would be good

"Timeout by 3rd string, Long Timeout or 20 second Timeout?"



I went to our bench and sat got a sports drink and drank as I was tired too with all that shots.

"Captain what are we gonna do now there is only a minute left and we are only leading by 4."

They accepted me as their captain already as I have shown them what I can do and they were more than impressed to my talent so it is much easier to tell them my commands.

"Ok here is our plan we will change our formation we will now focus on Man to Man Defense, I will still guard Nicholas and I will try to drain him as much as possible."

"Ok Captain"

Huddle up



"Players back to Court now 3rd string ball"

George in bounded the ball to me and I brought the ball to our side of the court. I was trying to use up the clock as much as possible but it never goes according to plan I see slight flicker in Nicholas's eye and he is changed now not showing any emotions. I look at the shot clock 12 seconds so I readied to use Limitless Range but *plak the ball was gone. I looked behind Nicholas was already running behind me Score 24-22.

SHIT SHIT SHIT. What is happening? System can you tell me why is Nicholas so much faster now.

'Ding! Host, Nicholas has entered the zone but he can only keep it for 30 secs so try your best to hold him off Host'

WHATTT!!! How can he enter the Zone, I mean when You Analyzed him it wasn't in his Talent List.

'Ding! Due to the pressure Host has given to him he was forced to carry his teammates and because he loves basketball so much He doesn't want to lose the game helping him push to enter the Zone but he is not fully accepted as He has to win this game to be Accepted as one of the best'

Shit! At all times why did it happen to him at this time. System what should I do to win this game?

'Ding! Host is advised to use Limitless Range '

But he can steal the ball from me.

'Ding! It is up to host to use his creativity'

Tsk.. Why are you being sting now System

'Ding! Host needs to grow up too I can't always treat you like a baby"


I look around and see that the man beside Mr. John is smiling at me as if he wants to see how I will overcome this. Let's not make conclusions first we have to win this

"Zack inbound the ball then pass it to me. You 3 surround me try to protect me from Nicholas"

"Ok captain"

Zack passed the ball to me and I was surrounded by my teammates as if guard protecting their Emperor.

" Let's go"

I dribbled until just about the half court line then I tried to use Limitless Range but I see them coming at me ready to intercept so I was forced to pass it to Johnrei and he passed it back to me and I shot it no skills used in the half court shot. With my talent Catch and Shoot I am just praying to be luck as there is a 63% it will go in. Unlike the Limitless Range skill this shot is not perfect. It bounced in front of the font rim then rolled around the basket.


This time is the really scary as it might not go in even with 63% chance. Then it went out I was so unlucky. I wanted to curse so bad but I can't curse inside the court. But there was a saviour in the basket. Zack tipped it in. SCORE 26-22 back to leading 4 points. I look at Nicholas and he was sweating like crazy if you put buckets below you could have already filled out 3 buckets. This might be the side effect of the Zone, System said He can only stay there for 30 seconds and it is already been 20 seconds.

Last 10 seconds of the game. The enemy team automatically in bounded the ball and it went to Nicholas immediately. I see him running down the court. I exerted all of my strength to catch up to him but to no avail his shot went in.


Last 7 seconds to go

I see him looking at me.

"Allen inbound the ball fast"

Allen went to get the ball and we were getting pressured by Man to Man defense. Allen found an opening he passed it to Johnrei.

Nicholas immediately shouted


Prrrtt...." INTENTIONAL FOUL... NO.16"

They were not yet in the penalty as they still have one foul to give"

I look at the clock last 4 seconds of the game.

"Johnrei you inbound the ball"

Johnrei got the ball and we were pressured again but George set a screen for me and I got past him.

Johnrei Immediately passed it to me and I ran but I see a shadow that stood in front of me it was Nicholas.

"It is over Nicholas we win"

"No I will never lose to a bunch of dogs"

He tried to swipe the ball from me

But as He was getting the ball He fell down.

" I said it is over you will never win against the Emperor"

I saw fear in his eyes as he felt the pressure for the first time of my Emperor Eye

"How did you force me to go down??? HOW?"

I let him talk to himself there I immediately ran to our court and used the skill I wanted the most.




Buzzer Sounds is heard signalling game over



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