Basketball God
16 Reward and Setback
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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16 Reward and Setback

"Players please go to the middle and shake hands"

We all went to the middle and shook hands

Nicholas looked at me

"This is not over yet even though, I will be kicked out of this franchise. I will find other teams and I will be sure to avenge my loss here"

"hihihi... We will see in the future"

"tch.. Don't act all arrogant now"

After that we went back to our bench and I see my teammates jumping like crazy as if they already won the NBA Title. then I heard System saying that the the boost has worn off already.

'Ding! Boost Effect worn off permanently deducted 5 point on shooting stat

Shooting: 16-5: 11

All Stats Weakened: -1 to All the Stats (Due to Using Meteor Jam)

Unable to Play for 1 week. (Leg Sprain)(Due to Using Meteor Jam)'

'Ding! Congratulations Host!

Successful Quest

Get the Most Points in the Game

Reward: +3 Shooting, Practice Grounds(Gym in a different dimension for increasing in shooting time is slowed there by 3:1 3 hours inside is 1 hour in the real world)

Shooting: 11+3: 14'

Ohh Even Though I lost 5 permanent shooting points but I got +3 for shooting for completing the Quest and I even got this Practice Grounds but I have to rest as I overextended my boundaries and I even got a sprain guess I can only sit down at home and read some novels or play some video games. System How can I use this Practice Grounds.

'Ding! Practice Grounds is a different dimension that can help you improve faster in your Shooting as it is still a Low lvl. Practice Ground only Shooting is unlocked but when Host gets stronger the Practice Grounds will also level up and the time is slowed in this dimension 3 hours in this dimension is equivalent to 1 hour here in the real world but with Host's current strength you can only it for 1 hour per day'

Ohhh well that is a good perk and I can train my other stats in there when I get stronger huh. System I have a question, with my injury can I still use the Practice Grounds?

'Ding! Yes Host, Host can still use the Practice Grounds even though Host is injured because the Practice Grounds is like a dream state if you will'

Oh also I have a question. god gave me you to get a kuroko no basuke system but why is it Nicholas had the power to be in the Zone isn't that supposed to be mine only cause I have the system.

'Ding! Nicholas can enter the Zone due to me being present Host.'

What do you mean System?

'Ding! Kami-sama wanted to enjoy watching you to overcome challenges so He has commanded me to give Zone to Players that our deserving to have it and for them to be able to keep that power they have to defeat you Host,and If you are defeated the Player can be a mighty struggle for your path to become the Best Basketball Player.'

What so meaning you saw Nicholas to be a player of deserving to have the Zone. So What happens to them after I defeat them?

'Ding! The defeated players won't remember the feeling if being in the zone and also the viewers will forget that the defeated player even used zone.'

Ohhh that is very interesting indeed so my path to being the basketball player is going to be harder than I thought.


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