Basketball God
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Basketball God
Author :Snaxie
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17 Owner

After looking at all this I see Mr. John, Mr. Lopez and the mysterious man coming near us 5. I think they just finished talking to Nicholas and his "teammates".

"Congratulations Mr.Wall"

"Thank you Mr. John"

"You've done me proud kid I would have never expected to beat those 1st stringers"

"Thank you Mr. Lopez"

"Mr.Wall aren't you curious who this man is behind me"

"I am quite curious Mr. John who that old man is"

"Ohoho, I haven't been called an old man yet, This is a first *grin."

I see sweat dropping from Mr. John's face. Did I say something wrong?

" Andrei, this here is the Owner of the franchise, Dick Klein and he also was a former NBA player"

*shocked face

"Ohhhhh!!!! I am so sorry for the disrespect sir, my humblest apologies for calling you old man please dont kick me"

"Hahaha!! I like you kid with that talent of yours you can easily reach the NBA but you will still need to train harder so that you can shine there"

"Thank you sir for complimenting me."

As I looked at him he was smiling good thing I did not anger this old man or I would be seeing myself teamless and I haven't even played a real game yet.

"John, I will personally train this kid so his debut for the League should be postponed for the meantime."

" Yes, Owner"

"As for his teammates let them join the 3rd string have them improve more before letting them join to the main team for our 3rd string"

I heard their conversation and I was shocked that the Owner will actually coach me personally. This is a former NBA player that will teach me. A freaking NBA player. I look up top even though we are inside the gym I say thanks to Sir God for giving me the chance to achieve my dreams.

"OK then now that I have said what I said I shall get going now, Andrei come follow me to my office"

"OK Owner"

I say my goodbyes to my teammates and Mr. John and Mr. Lopez

After walking for several minutes we finally arrived to Mr. Klein's Office. When he opened the door I was shocked to see that his Office is really big compared to Mr. John's Office it was bigger than 3x, It is like suite in here.

"You must be shocked to see how big my office is am I right?"

"Yes Mr. Klein this kind of office is comparable to the size of our house already."

"Oh.. hehe I see, Now let us get going to business the way I see it you cant play for a month at most the way I see it"

"Why so Owner?"

Did he notice my sprain but the System only said 1 week until it will be healed? Then I see him going near me then he crouched down and pressed my sprained leg.

"It hurts Owner. OUCHHH!"

"Yosh!!! with this sprained leg you can recover for a week the least but to do the show that you have done a while ago again you need a month to recover in my standards so you won't be able to join the 3rd string this year as I am going to train you for a year here in my suite. The whole season this year I will focus on imparting you the skills that I have learned when I was in the NBA and also improving you to be an elite in the 3rd string as I see currently you are still only just a little kid with a Junior High Caliber and I am going to improve you to reach the Senior High Caliber at most if you are really talented you may even reach the College Standard in 2 years time. So do you agree to be trained by me? "

Even though I won't get to play this year in the Youth Team but I will trained by a former NBA player so it will still be a win-win

"I agree owner so where will I stay during the training Owner?"

"You will stay here with me as I am going to train you from 4 in the morning until 10 in the evening so you ready yourself this 1 month of rest I give you make sure you enjoy it cause it is going to be hell for year after that"

"Yes sir."

"I already told them to move your luggage here your room will be there right next to my room"

"Ok Owner"

"Stop callin me owner now, call me Coach got that."

"Ok Coach"

"Very nice ok you can go now and rest to your room"

I go to my room and I was shocked to how big it was. A King Sized Bed. OH MY GHAD THIS IS HEAVEN. Now that I can rest already let us look at that Practice Grounds. System Can I go to the Practice Grounds now?

'Ding! Yes host you can'

"Ok then let's go"

'Ding! Initiating dreamlike state. When you are in the Practice Grounds Host you will be in a sleeping state.

Transfer in 3...2........1...'

'Ding! Welcome Host to the Practice Grounds'


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