Be Supreme!
1 Prologue
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Be Supreme!
Author :MikXL_23
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1 Prologue

Sunset... What a beautiful sunset. The fading Sun gave It's remaining light towards the walls of a futuristic hospital, as if It wanted to show It's condolences towards the fading vitality of those poor souls at the end of their lives...

Inside this building, laying down in a bed there was a person, an old man to be exact. Just like an undead being his body looked skinny at the point one could see his bones and in his body there was a couple of tube-like machines, Such technology was what made this barely alive man able to live a bit more but... Was it worth it?

His eyes looked hollow but If one looked more closely they could see a multitude of emotions. He was barely breathing with a mask in his face while every beat of his stubborn heart was nothing but a pointless struggle...

He knew that... He knew but what? What could he do? fighting an impossible battle, trying to surpass the limitations of his mortal body just seemed too childish. He was nothing but a decaying piece of flesh, a mere human that was too scared to lose yet again one of his most important possessions...

What was supposedly to be his eternal rest was nothing more than eternal suffering. He simply wanted it to end but at the same time he didn't want it to... He is a coward or so he thinks, a coward that was scared of the inevitable.

Looking around this lonely coffin with difficulty the old man sighed deeply within his mind. Seeing that there was no one here to mourn for him made the old man a bit relieved albeit sad.

Feeling regret? Not really... He already made his mind after that incident, he would never try to achieve happiness ever again... What was the point of happiness If you're gonna lose it forever? It's nothing but a temporary drug to numb you enough so it can make you forget your inevitable ending.

This old man was having none of it, he knew that this act of his is without a doubt stupid and senseless. But that is his decision, he is already too broken for a fake hope, the darkness has already taken ahold of his heart.

He didn't dare believe in the after-life or a miracle to save him. He has experienced enough to not let this little flash light of hope blind his vision only to be betrayed by expectation.

This undead of a man could only wait patiently for the pathetic end of his pathetic life. No accomplishments neither fails, only the typical average results of a generic person.

Depression? Sadness? He himself didn't know exactly what he was feeling. He couldn't help but think it was unfortunate that he wasn't born normal... If he did, at least he would have lived a short but happy life with a beautiful wife and wonderful children.

He almost laughed while thinking about this, unfortunate indeed. But he didn't regret it since it would much more painful seeing the once happy family filled with tears as they see his dying breaths...

While he was lost in these thoughts The old man felt like something wrong was occurring within him. At first it gave a little shock in his body, but after a couple of seconds...

A numbing sensation sprouted from his feet and kept increasing all towards his upper body. So it was time... The old man thought as he slowly started to close his eyes.

But suddenly the coldest chill of his entire life rampaged from his spine towards every single part of his decaying body. Taken by absolute fear he started to weakly squirm in his hospital-bed while trying to scream...

"I... don't... want... to die" His mind was screaming with madness while his body could only create weak sounds as much towards his desperation.

His breathing was getting quicker by the second as the machine that checked his heartbeat begun to produce the loud 'Beeping' sounds startling the nurses that quickly called the medic.

His body was entering convulsion while the old man could only stutter his last words, his eyes were already losing color and his mind? It was already a mess.

'IDONTWANNADIEIDONTWANNADIEIDONTWANNADIE...' He was already broken by the despair and endless fear, the complete oppression of death has crushed his will or whatever desire of wanting to die. The nurses and medic quickly rushed towards his side and tried to stabilize his body yet It was to no avail.

He wanted to live more than anything else yet nothing could be done. The numbing sensation has already changed to complete loss of touch and it was quick approaching the rest of his body.

When he felt the scythe of death at his neck his despair already reached the breaking point. His heart was beating madly but It couldn't take any more...

It suddenly stopped... The sounds of life had already vanished from his chest. Silence took over the room where the only sound was the loud 'Beeeeeep' from the machine.

It finally ended... He could only cry in frustration as his senses disappeared one by one. First It was touch, then taste, smell, hearing and finally his vision...

Pitch Blackness covered his eyes like a mantle of the End...

But before he could even think, the old man was sitting in chair and right at the front of him there was another being sitting in another chair that looked exactly the same as his.

He had an otherworldly appearance. The mysterious man was wearing a simple dark red shirt with black tribal marks stamps in its front. He was crossing his legs that were hidden in his dark brown pants and silver colored shoes could be seen equipped on his feet.

His pitch black hair was long enough to reach his shoulders yet instead of looking funny it gave this being another charming feature. His sky blue eyes were looking at the old man with a hidden expectation.

His amused grin with sharp pointed white teeth and sword-like eyebrows made this being have a wild yet attractive physic.

He smiled and said happily towards the old man that was having a mental breakdown.

"Welcome to the afterlife... Leon."


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