Be Supreme!
2 Chapter 0
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Be Supreme!
Author :MikXL_23
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2 Chapter 0

"Welcome to the afterlife... Leon" The mysterious man said... Although Leon couldn't even bother to hear since he was still stuck in his mental breakdown. Surprisingly he was looking down at the floor and since everything here is pure darkness except for him and that man Leon could only see black.

'IDONTWANNADIEIDONTWANNADIEIDONTWANNADIE' His mind was pretty much a lost cause while he muttered these words non-stop.

"Well... We can't talk like this can we?" The mysterious man sighed as he snapped his fingers.

Instantly Leon mental breakdown simply disappeared like It was never there. But the most surprising effect was that he simply age-regressed.

His undead-like appearance started to change bit by bit, his arched back slowly was put into its right place while the remains of his white and grey hair started to fall down and quickly a new lustrous brown hair had begun to grow there.

He from an old man turned into a middle-aged man then he turned into a young-man, but It didn't stop there! He kept regressing until Leon became a thirteen year old boy.

Leon has a slightly above average face, his brown hair was also covering a bit of his dark brown coloured eyes. His physic was quite thin, one could easily see that this boy didn't practice much exercise. And he is wearing a simple white t-shirt while wearing shorts of the same colour, he was also bare foot.

"Huh?" Leon got confused, seconds ago he was pretty much dead then suddenly he founds himself young again while being stared by a mysterious handsome man.

Leon looked at this mysterious man while thinking 'What is this? Who is he?? Is this the afterlife?'. Endless questions kept flooding his brain.

"I have a multitude of names... But you can call me 'HitoGami'." The mysterious man looked at Leon with amusement.

"HitoGami... ManGod?" Leon was the typical otaku in his previous life so obviously he would know that HitoGami is a japanese word. But he couldn't help and think this name doesn't really make sense, this isn't anime so how could a God who isn't even asian have a japanese title?

'Wait, he can read my thoughts? Actually It doesn't matter right now'

"Yes Just like that." The 'HitoGami' calmly replied. Strangely enough It seemed that he was waiting for Leon to ask questions.

"Ok... Ok..." Leon was actually really nervous, he wasn't talking to a nobody or a wannabe God. At least he is certain that a being that literally made him young again and brought him towards this space after his death is obviously something great. If he makes one mistake and offend this man... Leon didn't want to think about the consequences.

"So... What is this- No... What is happening?" Leon asked this question after careful consideration.

"Hmmm... Well as I said before you died, simple as that. This is the afterlife but you can say that I interfered in the process in order to have this meeting between us. So you are between the afterlife and the living world... I think"

Leon decided to ignore the last phrase, but hearing what this 'ManGod' said made him subconsciously swallow his saliva with expectation.

"Wait. You said that I died and then here I am talking to a God... Oh man don't tell me!" Leon looked expectantly towards HitoGami.

"Hehe it is just like you think. I summoned you here to be reborn into another World." HitoGami laughed a bit and replied with a amused grin.

Leon couldn't stop himself, he smiled with excitement. Just like those isekai anime he watched back on Earth he is going to be reborn! Live his own adventures and finally achieve true happiness.

Until suddenly Leon's happy thoughts got washed away by cold water. He isn't that naive like those protagonists. He wouldn't be stupid enough to think this God would Just randomly give him OP powers and reborn him into another world without asking for something. Leon also didn't do anything noteworthy in Earth, he didn't even die by getting rolled by a truck while saving a girl or something like that.

HitoGami smiled with his sharp pointed teeth making Leon apprehensive.

"Well... Let's just say that I owe you a favor." Hearing this made Leon try to remember just when did he help this God. Searching through his memories he couldn't find anything, although It is probably because he didn't have photographic memory. Leon looked at HitoGami with a questioning gaze which HitoGami Just plainly ignored, It seemed that he wouldn't answer It no matter what.

Leon sighed...

"Ok... Moving on to another question, What kind of cheat will you give me? A system? Or maybe three to five wishes?" Leon plainly asked. Despite prefering to read stories without a broken Op MC this is his life they are talking about, he didn't want to easily die or be completely powerless.

"Ah... Where's the Fun in that?" HitoGami retorted with genuine confusion making Leon gasp with surprise.

"DUDE- I mean HitoGami... I'm simply a weak human being, even by human standards! I don't stand a chance against those people from fantasy worlds with super-strength and magic without a cheat! Even if you reincarnated me into a normal world I would still be counted as useless!"

"For now you don't need to worry about it that much." Said HitoGami while swinging his hand, he had his eyes closed while doing the anime-ish movement.

'Tsk. Well, if he says that I don't need to worry then who am I to disagree?...' Leon thought. HitoGami suddenly gazes towards an empty space with a solemn look that quickly switched to a smile, unfortunately for Leon he wasn't quick enough to see this action.

"Sateto!" HitoGami clasp his hands surprising Leon out from his random thoughts.

"If there isn't more questions I will begin the transmigration." HitoGami has already started his movement, with a mere snap of his fingers Leon was surrounded by a white diagram under his feet.

"Ah! Wait HitoGami! There are still more things I need to say!!" Leon shouted with surprise.

"No can do. Sorry Leon but I'm in a hurry. I enjoyed our meeting and good luck in your journey, I expect great things from you."

Leon decided to just shut up and nodded. Whatever It happens It still doesn't change the fact that he is grateful towards HitoGami for saving him from that shit-life.

A powerful white glow enveloped Leon and bit by bit his body disappears along with the diagram.

HitoGami usual smile already faded from his face. His eyes were shining with a azure light with dark purple symbols within them.

"I hope you won't disappoint me. My chosen champion..."


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