Be Supreme!
3 Chapter 1: I“m alive!
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Be Supreme!
Author :MikXL_23
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3 Chapter 1: I“m alive!

After the transmigration Leon opens his eyes to find that he is now laying down in a grass field surrounded by trees with lustrous green leaves. He put his head down in the grass again and looked towards the amazing clean blue sky. Leon sighed, It was definitely a beautiful day.

He breathed the fresh air and felt the fragrance of nature in his nostrils... This feeling... This is living. Leon used all of his five senses to feel the surroundings.

Feeling the grass touching his body, breathing the fresh air, hearing the bird chirps and observing this beautiful view of nature made Leon's eyes start to moist. He was finally able to feel alive again and without him noticing, tears had already formed in his eyes.

Leon couldn't deny the fact that he was scared, scared of losing the only remaining thing that mattered for him. His life or to be more exact... Himself. A coward? A selfish bastard? Maybe It is indeed the truth but so what? What really matters now is that Leon is glad to be alive.

Leon had already forgotten how good It was to be alive. A sense of relief washed his being as the memories he swore to forget flashed through his eyes like a movie

He closed his eyes and despite hating It, Leon still choose to see them all. Now that he has grasped this opportunity he will face his fears one by one and maybe achieve the happiness he so desired.

Leon couldn't help but start laughing while crying like an idiot. He puts his left arm in his eyes while weeping, His heart beat with a never seen vitality. Leon gets up and sits.

He grasps the middle of his shirt where his heart is located and bows his Head little making him look at the ground. His transparent teardrops fall in the grass leaves while Leon strongly closes his eyes.

Silence took over the surroundings as even the birds stopped singing. It seemed even Nature didn't want to interrupt this moment. Leon looked towards the blue sky and smiled showing his white teeth. It was a silly smile but It represented his newfound hope...


After crying his feelings, Leon could be seen walking through the forest with a thoughtful expression. What should he do?

Leon's First objective is to find a town or something like that but he is also thinking about his next steps. Since he doesn't have any powers should he become a merchant? There is a lot of things he needs to carefully plan if he wants to survive in this world.

Assuming this is a fantasy world, then It surely means just the weakest monster would be enough to kill him, let's not even talk about the generic thugs and much less the all-mighty Maou. Actually, what about the language? Things would become complicated if he couldn't communicate with the local people. Leon scratched his chin while pondering deeply...

Learning Magic and martial arts? Well, if he does indeed meet the requirements then obviously Leon would strive to learn! But what if he's still a normal earthling? Then all the training in the world would be useless…

As the minutes passed Leon started to wonder when he would actually reach a human settlement, his untrained young body had already begun to feel tired. In fact, would he even be able to find one? There is no guarantee that he wasn't reborn in some island or in the middle of nowhere.

This is where Leon could use a system. If he had one, he could just buy some map or maybe the system itself would have one… Wait, what if this is the typical fantasy world with game-like features? As Leon thought about such thing he decided he might as well try it.

What it was again… Ah!

"Status… Status open!" A couple of seconds passed and nothing happened. But Leon didn't want to stop before he was certain there wasn't a status board or a game-like feature.

"Inventory! Status board! EXP! UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B! A! START!" Nope, nothing.

"Tsk… Cheat, Online!" Leon was about to give up, until he suddenly turned and shouted those two words. And… Nothing happened. Leon sighed profoundly, he thought this would be one of those scenes where shouting out loud some random words would activate his secret power or something. Leon felt that his behaviour is somewhat childish although, one couldn't really blame him. Getting isekai'd does sound good and all but only if you are in possession of a cheat, when you are just an ordinary person with no abilities whatsoever pretty much everything can kill you on a fantasy world, so even if it does looks embarrassing Leon couldn't afford to miss a sudden power up or special ability.

Well, it seems Leon indeed doesn't possess a cheat. With such thing confirmed he would need to change his plans if he doesn't want to end up dying right at the beginning. As Leon walked through the forest he couldn't deny his amazement towards its environment, just by tilting his head to the side he could already see unknown plant species along with strange animals that resembled the ones from Earth. A rabbit with horns, squirrels with leaves growing at the side of their heads were just some examples.

'Luckily I didn't encounter anything that could kill me yet' Thought Leon as he observed the running silhouette of a horned rabbit, it was probably escaping from him. Curious about such thing Leon slowly made his way towards the same direction that horned rabbit had gone to, pushing some branches and bushes out of the way he ended up making a nice discovery.

Pushing out of the forest, giving a path towards the open fields with its paved ground. It was a road! This was wonderful news to Leon since this is just what he needs at the moment, a paved road is obviously a sign of human activity. Now it is just a matter of luck since Leon doesn't know which direction is the closest to a human village or city.

Since he doesn't have much of a choice, Leon decided to follow the right path. It was also the one that would direct him to the open field outside the forest. As Leon followed the road he couldn't help but think about his future again. He got an opportunity to try again in another world, even now it feels unreal for him, like a passing sappy dream. Would it all be fake? Would it return to how it was before?

Leon decided to stop his walk in order to get a bit of rest. His stamina is only partially depleted but even then it's always better to be at 100% if anything were to happen to him. Laying down with his back on a grass field close the road, Leon took the time to organize his thoughts as he waited for his stamina to recover.

Then… What should Leon do exactly? For now, it seems all this crazy stuff isn't a dream but then so what? What should he do with his life now? He doesn't have a clear objective neither a dream to pursue. Leon always dreamed to be reborn in a world where he could obtain the power to do anything, he always wanted to… Just be happy. Escape his cowardness as he slowly but surely becomes a better person. But now that such opportunity is within his grasp he simply doesn't know what to do with it, just as mentioned before, it's unreal. It feels unnatural. Leon also felt a growing hotness inside his chest, maybe it's due to his tiredness.

With the darkening image of the sun setting in his eyes, Leon decided that he was already well rested enough. With such thought in mind he got up from his "grass bed" and continued moving forward to his destination. A thing Leon found to be quite the nuisance is the fact he doesn't have any footwear, so his bare feets is always itchy due to the debris on the ground and sometimes he would even step on things that would sting.

Tsk, Leon would for sure put his hands on a pair of sandals or something else. Marching with steady steps Leon managed to faintly see an outline that resembled the ones from a wall. Leon felt a sudden burst of adrenaline that motivated his tired body to keep moving forward. Ignoring his growing hunger and thirst, Leon put an effort to gradually increase his speed. The more he sprinted, the more he could distinguish the silhouette.

Due to him finally shortening the distance, Leon finally managed to clearly see what this outline belonged to. It was a somewhat massive wooden wall just like the ones from the middle-ages, it was also possible to see a huge gate made of dark wood along with some noticeable watch towers. Leon felt a rush of excitement when seeing such historical construction since he always loved fantasy worlds with middle-ages settings.

So, this seems to confirm this is indeed the typical fantasy world… Leon was honestly a bit apprehensive fearing he got transmigrated in some insane world with things he didn't really want to talk about, so seeing this old type of construction eased his worries a bit. As he gave some more glances to the walls, Leon decided to try his luck.

He approachs the gates with steady steps…


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