Be Supreme!
4 Chapter 2: The border.
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Be Supreme!
Author :MikXL_23
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4 Chapter 2: The border.

As Leon approached the huge gates he found that he wasn't the only one who wanted to enter the seemed city. Caravans that had all sorts of goods could be seen being pulled by huge reptilian beasts along with small groups of people, Leon who could only see fantasy stuff behind a screen got easily amazed by seeing such huge monsters in real person. It was indeed amazing since it felt such beasts didn't lose to a war tank in might.

Their rough swamp-like green scales seemed to be extremely firm and durable, such beasts walked with their four strong limbs each with 2 dark brow claws at the front and one at the back of their paws. They gave the impression of a walking crocodilian earth dragon, it was surely badass for someone like Leon.

After looking at those monsters with a dumb gaze Leon quickly snapped out of his fanboyism and quickly joined the line. He stood behind a caravan along with some medieval dressed people. Noticing a new face among their group those people quickly turned their heads to the young boy in white clothing.

Leon's appearance despite being fairly ordinary it still actually managed to catch their attention. It was all due to his clothing, Leon is currently wearing a simple short sleeved white shirt along with white shorts. This type of clothing seems to be foreign to those people so obviously it would make them curious.

One of them who was a middle aged man dressed in simple clothes decided to initiate a conversation with Leon due to his boredom.

"Hey kid. What's someone young like ya doing here?" He asked with a curious yet at the same time worried tone.

"Oh? You're talking to me?" Leon felt surprised by the sudden question directed at his person. But what really made him excited and relieved was none other than the fact he actually managed to understand what this man had said to him. Although… Is he really speaking in english?

"Hm? Of course boya, do ya see any more folk behind ya back?" The man retorted with a bit of surprise. Judging by the way he talked he seems to be from the countryside just like the people behind him who were also observing Leon

"Ah yes. Sorry, I was a bit distracted hehe…" Leon laughed sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

"No problem boya. But I'm curious, what is someone young like ya doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with ya parents or something?" He asked with genuine worry, it really seems this simple man had no bad intentions whatsoever. Although the reason why Leon thought such thing is because he strangely *felt* no negative thoughts against him from this man.

"I'm just a traveler passing by this town... By the way what is this line for?" Seeing that Leon didn't want to reveal anything the man decided to not meddle his nose on a problem that's not his, he's not that bored anyway and everyone has their own secrets. Leon also wanted to know what is going on at the moment since it is the information he actually needed at the present situation.

"Ya really dunno? Well since ya asked nicely then I see no problem in responding." The old man did find strange that someone didn't know such basic stuff but he saw no harm in responding. Who knows? Maybe the white clothed boy is from some mountains that hides from society or something. Also, Leon didn't want to ask too much since it would indeed be a bit suspicious if one didn't know absolutely nothing about the region, what if they think he is some invader or hidden enemy?

After taking at quick look at the guards at the front of the gate the man thus replied. "They're just doing some inspections, this town is actually located at the border of this country and it's one of its entrances, we also don't wanna any hidden bandits or illegal goods seeping inside you know."

Flashing a look of understanding Leon replied with gratitude "Oh so that's how it is. Thanks for clearing this up for me. I'm Leon by the way, what's your name?"

"No problem kid. I'm called Godwin, what a strange name ya got there young man.���

"Haha, I get that a lot…" Seconds become minutes as the line started to decrease in size bit by bit, Leon and Godwin decided to chat a bit in order to ease their boredom while they waited for their turn. As they talked Godwin eyes flashed with surprise, this young boy is much more mature than any 13 year-old he had seen in his whole life. In fact, Godwin felt he was talking to an old man rather than some kid.

One of the guardsman had just finished inspecting the last caravan along with the remaining group, after taking some notes he quickly lifted his gaze towards Godwin

"Hey you there! Yes, you. Come here." Godwin had first pointed at himself with confusion until the guard finally confirmed it was indeed his turn. After spitting a simple 'Oh' he turned his head towards Leon.

"Well then kid. This is where we part ways, it was good to know ya." Godwin decided to bid his farewells, he was in a bit of a hurry and this would probably be the last time they saw each other anyway. They were merely acquaintances who spent some minutes talking about random stuff so they couldn't really be considered friends, Leon also thought the same.

"Same thing Godwin. Bye then" Leon also bid his farewells with a warm smile. Yes, this is the first person he had met in this new life and he could actually understand this world's language. Leon was in a extremely good mood due to such good news.

After Godwin got inspected and successfully entered the town it was finally Leon's turn. Now, he couldn't deny he felt apprehensive since he is a actual nobody in this world. No identity, no money, nothing, really nothing. What if he gets abducted due to his suspicious identity? Despite facing such risks Leon knew he didn't had much of a choice regarding this matter, he can't live inside a forest for all he knows. Especially since this is a fantasy world, there is no guarantee some monster wouldn't just suddenly appear and eat him alive.

Leon nervously approached the guard after he got called out. The somewhat armored man gave Leon some looks while writing some words on his notepad, then with a bored gaze he lazily pointed his hand to another man behind a type of counter.

Marching with quick steps Leon neared the man in no time. He was dressed in neat long sleeved robes that almost completely covered his body and standing on his counter there was a crystal ball, this spherical object stood completely still on the top of a purple cushion. Leon could faintly see a blue light moving within that crystalised sphere.

"Please, put your hand on the crystal ball…" He responded with a monotonous tone of voice, it seems he had to repeat this phrase so many times to the point his voice sounded robotic just like his extremely bored eyes.

Leon did exactly as he was told. He couldn't stop the curious look in his eyes as he put his thin hand at the top of the crystal ball. The man dressed in robes moved his hands close to the crystal ball and chanted mysterious syllables from a unrecognizable language. And to Leon's amazement the crystal ball responded with a mystical glow that quickly became words who then joined themselves together on a organized panel. So this is magic… Amazing… Leon could only lose himself amid his fantasies.

Seeing that Leon just stood there with a dumbfounded gaze and with his hand still on the top of the crystal ball the man in robes thus remarked.

"You can take off your hand now."

"Oh. Yes, sorry." Leon quickly snapped out from his distracting thoughts and carefully removed his lithe hand from the crystalised sphere. He doesn't have even a single penny with him so he couldn't afford to break anything for now.

Shrugging his shoulders along with a 'no problem' gaze the man in robes moved his eyes to the light panel being projected from the crystal ball. He passed his experienced gaze at the words written in it and for some reason he narrowed his eyes at one of the rows written in it. Leon quickly became apprehensive while making up his best excuses, although he wasn't really expecting what this man in robes would actually do.

After some seconds that felt like minutes to Leon the man dressed in robes just spat a 'Meh' while shrugging his shoulders again. Leon could also hear him muttering 'Maybe it's broken' and 'Not my problem anyway'. He removed his hands from the crystal ball and it naturally dispersed the projection. And in Leon's surprised gaze the man in robes plainly answered.

"Ok you're clean. Now pay up 10 DIN as your entrance fee."


Eh? He's broke. Now what?


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