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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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1 1: she isn“t dead!

Liu Yang felt her head throbbing like crazy. She could faintly hear someone sobbing next to her.

Wait a second… didn't she die? She clearly remembers the car hitting her a few moments ago. And it was going way too fast for her to have survived the accident.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and tried to adapt them to the light.

When her vision became clear, she could finally see her surrounding but she couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'I must be in a dream' she thought.

In front of her, furniture from another era was standing proudly. The only time she'd ever seen some furniture like that, was when she visited the Forbidden City with her best friend.

Liu Yang suddenly realized she could hear someone sobbing since she woke up. She looked up and saw that she wasn't alone in the room.

A young girl who seemed to be around fifteen years old was crying a river. She was extremely beautiful and seeing her cry would make anyone sad and want to protect the girl.

Liu Yang opened her mouth to ask the young girl what was wrong, but when she tried speaking, only a soft cough came out from her mouth. Her throat was too dry for her to even talk!

When the little girl sobbing heard her cough, she suddenly stopped crying to look at her.

"Young miss, you're awake, how are you feeling?" she asked with a worried expression.

"Wa...ter." she managed to respond. Her voice was raspy and she couldn't even recognize it.

Without missing a beat, the young girl poured a bit of water on her mouth.

When she could finally talk, Liu Yang asked the question that she had been dying to ask since she woke up. "Where am I?"

The young girl suddenly started crying again repeating over and over again "The young miss became silly after she hurt her head, it's all my fault!"

"What do you mean? Did I hurt my head in the car accident?"

"Car? What is that? Do you really not remember, miss? You tried to climb a tree to get the ball you had stuck in it, but you fell down and hurt your head! You've slept for two days in a row, it's all my fault I shouldn't have let you climb that tree!"

'what the fudge is going on here? Why do I feel like I'm in a chinese transmigration novel?'

Her forehead suddenly felt a bit ichy but when she tried to scratch herself, her hand froze in mid air. The hand in front of her eyes was small and jade-like. It was nothing like her tanned hand.

"Fetch me a mirror, please." she asked, trying not to freak out.

When the young girl came back with a mirror, Liu Yang hurriedly grabbed it and and set it in front of herself. She stared at her reflection for a moment. The problem was that the person staring back at her, wasn't her.

In the mirror was the most beautiful woman Liu Yang had ever seen. She ws even prettier than any actress and model she knows. She looked like a fairy with her translucent skin, soft and silky black hair that anyone can't help but want to touch, and her perfectly even face.

But her most beautiful feature were her eyes. They were mesmerizing. Her left eye was as green as an emerald while her right one was ink-like. Her eyes both shined like two bright stars and were deep like oceans.

Liu Yang slowly put the mirror down. She calmly sat up and took her pillow in her hands. She brought the pillow to her face with an unnatural composure. When her face was finally stuffed in the pillow, she let out all the pent up stress she was feeling.


Well, since the pillow was doing an amazing job at blocking the noise, all the young servant could hear was an unclear mumble.

When Liu Yang was don screaming like a crazy person, she calmly and put the pillow down with a blank expression as if nothing had just happened.

'The young miss lost it! She's really crazy! It's all my fault! I'll never let my miss do anything dangerous ever again.' thought the young girl.

Little did she know she would have to break this promise not long after she made it, because her miss is like a new person and she'll want to do lots of weird things in the future, such as cross-dressing and trying to become the richest woman alive…


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