Becoming the richest woman in another era!
2 2: You need to chose a wife!
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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2 2: You need to chose a wife!

At the same time in the imperial palace…

Two young men seemingly in their twenties were arguing. They were both extremely handsome.

The first one had a devilish beauty, he had the aura of a player and was wearing red robes with embroidered dragons. Clothes only the emperor was allowed to wear.

He was sitting on a throne and was wearing a resolute expression on his face.

The second man was more of an otherworldly beauty. He looked like an angel who just descended from heaven. But deep in his eyes, was hidden some cunningness only people good at reading people could see. He was wearing a white immaculate robe that matched his jade-like skin perfectly and fitted his lean but muscular body.

"Song Wei, you need to get married and have kids before you die! You're already twenty-one years old and you don't even have a concubine, even less a wife! As your friend, I'm worried, so I'll make a decree as the emperor: Song Wei, you have to get married before my birthday, three!" Said the first man, the emperor of the Ming kingdom, Wang Jun.

"I don't want to." Replied Song Wei simply.

"This is the emperor's decree, you must obey, I didn't want to come to this but you forced my hand, I want to play with your children in the future, but you don't even have a woman, I'm afraid I'll die before I get to play with mini Song Weis!"Said the Wang Jun with an annoyed expression.

"Women are annoying, they are useless and just cost money because the only thing they can do is fight each other and buy expensive jewelry and clothes. Why would I take one in my household?" Explained Song Wei to his friend.

"The way you think is a big problem you know? If you didn't think of women that way, there wouldn't be stupid rumors going around that you like men. Even I suffer from them, some people say we're close not because we're friends but because we're lovers! This is all your fault since you won't take a wife." Said the Wang Jun with a wronged expression.

"Well I'm sorry to tell you that I don't care what people think about my love life. If you want me to take a wife I need a good reason." Said Song Wei with a sly look in his eyes.

Wang Jun and Song Wei stared at each other for a long while, studying each other.

"Ok, what do you want?" Finally sighted Wang Jun with a defeated expression.

"Let me divorce my future wife if I still don't like her after one year of marriage. And if I get married but divorce because I don't like my future wife, you're not allowed to force me or even nag me to marry again, you have to leave me alone." Announced Song Wei

Wang Jun thought about this song Wei's proposition very deeply. "Fine." He finally growled with a displeased expression.

When he said that, a big grin spread on Song Wei's face. It was captivating, but Wang Jun, as Song Wei's close friend since childhood, knew that his friend would only smile so widely if he had an evil plan in his head.

A cold sweat ran down Wang Jun's back. Song Wei was really the only person who could scare the emperor so much with just a smile.

"Well then, I'll take my leave, after all, I have a wife to choose" said Song Wei with a small laugh. Before the Wang Jun could even reply, Song Wei was already out of the room as if he had teleported out.

Wang Jun shook his head with a disapproving look.'he could've at least bowed to his emperor.' He thought, even though deep down he knew his friend would never bow to anyone. He had worked so hard to be the most powerful businessman of the Ming kingdom just so that he wouldn't have to bow down to anyone and people would have to bow down to him.


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