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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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3 3: Meeting grandpa

In Liu Yang's courtyard:

'Ok so now that I know I've transmigrated, what do I do? Wait a second shouldn't I have gotten the original owner's memories who died unfairly, so that I'd pity on her and avenge her because I'm thankful because she gave me her body? But how do I do that if I don't even have her memories!?' Thought Liu Yang.

"I must've lost my memories, could you please tell me who I am and how I died" asked Liu Yang to the girl, thanking all the novels she read for the idea of pulling the amnesia card.

"On no, it's all my fault, I let you climb a tree but you fell down on your head and hurt yourself badly!" Replied the girl half-crying.

'What a stupid death. I really feel bad for the original owner of the body for having such a ridiculous way to die.'

"And who am I ?" She demanded.

"You are the left prime minister's only grandchild! Your parents were killed in an ambush when you were only four years old. Your only uncle's wife can't bear his child but he doesn't marry a concubine since he loves her. That's why you are the Liu family's only heir. Your grandfather was so sad when he heard you hurt yourself that he fell ill. He is now in bed, you should go visit him now that you are better!" Explained the girl.

"And who are you?" Asked Liu Yang inquisitively.

The girl started tearing up again. "Young miss do you really not even remember me, your servant since childhood? It's alright, I understand I will teach you all the things you should know, don't worry young miss! I am Xiao Peng, you named me when you were just a child and I've served you ever since!" Enthusiastically replied Xiao Peng.

When her face brightened up, Liu Yang couldn't help but want to pinch her cheek but she restrained herself since she didn't want Xiao Peng to think even more she was crazy.

Very slowly, a plan started blooming in Liu Yang's mind.

"Alright, Xiao Peng, take me to my grandfather, I need to ask him something."She asked.

The young servant helped her get dressed and led her out of the room. Outside was a beautiful courtyard where a bed of red flowers were bathing in the sunlight.

'The original owner of the body must love flowers… I guess we have at least one similarity.'

Xiao Peng then led her trough dozen of paths who all seemed to be the same to Liu Yang's eyes. She wondered how Xiao Peng managed to not get lost in this maze.

Finally, they arrived in front of a big courtyard that was richly decorated.

"We've arrived, miss" Said Xiao Peng respectfully.

Just before they got inside, they heard a man's loud voice. "What! My granddaughter woke up and you're just telling me this now! I need to go see her, help me get up!"

After hearing that, Luo Yang stepped in the room where her grandfather and his attendant were.

Her grandfather was wearing a white robe that fitted him well. He was tall with ink-black eyes similar to one of her's. His hair had already turned grey of old age but he still had an impressive aura

"No need, grandpa, I'm already here." She said.

"Yang'er you're alright! I'm so relieved! Come here give me a hug, my granddaughter!" He said getting close to her and trying to embrace her.

But to his surprise, she avoided his contact and kept her distance.

"Is something the matter?" Asked Liu Qian, her grandfather.

"I'm sorry but I've lost my memory so I don't remember you. I only know you are my grandfather because Xiao Peng told me." Said Liu Yang apologetic. "I'll try to remember everything but I'm not sure if my memory will ever come back."

Liu looked horrified when she told him this. His face froze for a few seconds but he quickly regained his composure. "It's alright Yang'er, I'm sure you'll remember eventually. If there's anyway I can help you regain your memory, be sure to ask me." He said.

'I don't think it'll ever come back since it isn't even my memory to begin with' She wanted to say. But she didn't since it would blow her cover. That's right, she had a cover. She felt like an undercover spy and any wrong move could lead to her death.

"I do have one request grandpa" she said with a sly glint in her eyes.

"What do you want?" Asked Liu Qian, eager to help his only granddaughter anyway that he could.

"I want to go outside and buy a store." She said.

A moment of silence passed by. It was broken by her grandfather. "I guess you really forgot everything. You already own two restaurants, a brothel, a tea shop and a jewelry shop your parents left you when you when they passed away. You were always too lazy to handle them so I personally managed them for you. If you want I can hand them back to you. As for the matter of going outside… I'm sorry but you can't." He said.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Your… eyes. Personally I think they're beautiful. Your green eye comes from your mother and your black eye from your father. But outside, the people think people with two different coloured eyes are cursed. That's why you had to hide your whole life and couldn't go out. Nobody can know, except the people you trust wholeheartedly, that your eyes are of different colours." He said with teary eyes.

This didn't really surprise her. She used to have two different eye colours as well in the past, and even though she was never said to be cursed, she would always get weird looks from everyone around her. So in this ancient society, where people can't understand why her eyes are like that, the only way they could explain it was by saying she is cursed.

"You mean I never went to parties or even outside on a walk?" She questioned.

"Right. But don't worry, people aren't suspicious of you, everyone just thinks you're very ugly and don't dare to show your face to anyone" Liu Qian Said with a satisfied smile.

'How can you be glad your granddaughter is rumored to be ugly!' Liu Yang didn't know if she should laugh or cry. Or even maybe do both.

"What if I wear an eye patch and hide one of my eyes, can I go out?" She said inquisitively.

"But then people will start to wonder why the first miss of the Liu family had stayed hidden all this time and is wearing an eye patch. It's too risky!" He stated.

"Don't worry I'll just hide my identity and say I arrived in town not long ago! Please grandpa let me go explore the world I live in, pretty please!" She begged in a cute voice.

Unable to resist his cute granddaughter for very long, Liu Qian finally agreed to let her go. He then gave her the paper that proved she was the owner of the shops.

"Thanks grandpa! I love you! I'll take my leave now." She said before running of.

Liu Qian watched his granddaughter's leaving back with a weird expression. It was the first time his granddaughter ever told him she loved him. She used to stay in her courtyard and be depressed all day because she hated her eyes. Today, after losing her memory, she seemed like a totally different person. She was cheerful and happy. He hoped he'd be able to see her like that all the time.


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