Becoming the richest woman in another era!
4 Women are powerful too!
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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4 Women are powerful too!

When she got back to her courtyard, the first thing Liu Yang asked about to Xiao Peng was "Where are we located in the world?" to try to see if she could recognize anything from her history classes.

"We are in the capital of the Ming kingdom. To the north, there is the Bai kingdom and we are very friendly with them. To the south is the Su kingdom. Their king recently passed away and the princes are fighting for the throne. To the east is the Green Forest. Nobody ever went there and got out alive. Finally to the West is the Rou kingdom. They are very secretive so nobody really knows what is happening there. There is also the Endless Sea at the  southeast. It is called like that because nobody has ever seen its end." Patiently explained Xiao Peng.

Liu Yang's didn't recognize any of these kingdoms. She deducted that this world was similar to ancient China but not exactly the same.

"And are women allowed to do buisness?" Asked Liu Yang knowing that women were always seen as inferior in the past and that this world was oddly similar to ancient China.

"Why would any women want to do business except maybe running a shop? The buisness world is a man's world, women must be virtuous and know the four arts well to help their husband at home! But why do you ask miss?" Inquisited Xiao Peng.

Hearing a girl think of women that way, Liu Yang was horrified. How could this society repress women so much, that even they believe they are weak and not fit for the "man's world"? The fact they believe there's a "man's world" in the first place was ridiculous!  

Finally, Liu Yang had a plan. She will become the richest person alive and prove to every man and women of this world that women could be even more capable than men!

After all, back on Earth she was the most successful businesswoman ever seen! She just had to regain her title in this world!

"Xiao Peng, I'll prove to you how women can be as successful as any man!"

"What do you mean, miss? Are you sure your head is fine after the accident?" Worried Xiao Peng.

"Of course I'm fine! Xiao Peng, bring me a black traveller's cloak, a black eyepatch and a makeup box!" Said Liu Yang excitedly.

Xiao Peng had a bad premonition and wanted to stop her miss, but as a servant, she had to obey.

When she came back with the material and she assisted helplessly as her miss started wearing everything but when she started applying her makeup, Xiao Peng finally understood what she wanted to do.

She wasn't just putting on makeup like a normal lady, she was trying to transform her flawless face and look like a man!

Her miss wasn't sane anymore! Or else why would she dress like a man!

"Miss you can't do that you're a virtuous lady from a respected familly, you can't dress up like a man! What would people think if they find out the first miss of the prime minister's household crossdresses! Please reconsider if it's a good idea!" Pleaded Xiao Please.

Liu Yang looked at her with her beautiful face that now looked like a flower boy's.

"Don't worry, nobody will find out, well, at least not until I'm the richest man alive!" She said unphased.

'the miss is already considering herself as a man! This is a catastrophe!' thought the little servant.

"Xiao Peng, I'll be going to my shops to see their condition. I'll be doing a few changes as well. Do I have enough money to do as I wish with them?" Asked Liu Yang.

"Of course, your parents left you with so much money but you always wanted to keep it for your downry. Are you sure you want to use it?" She said.

"What's the use of money if it's not invested in anything? I'm sure, I don't want to just leave it for my downry! But while we're on the subject, when will I get married?" Asked Liu Yang.

She remembered that in ancient china, women would get married at around fifteen years old and the original owner seemed to be around sixteen or seventeen years old.

Xiao Peng chewed a bit on her lip, which meant she was uncomfortable.

"Actually, you should've gotten married last year when you were fifteen but you didn't get any offers because of the rumors you are ugly." Explained the little servant, avoiding her master's eyes.

Liu Yang was overjoyed. After all she never wanted to get married to someone she doesn't even know. In addition, if she was married, it would've been hard to hide that she wanted to become rich by cross dressing!

"Very good, now, let's head out and visit the shops!" She said cheerfully, while putting her eye patch on her black eye, leaving only her emerald green eye to stare at the world.

At this moment Liu Yang looked like a handsome effeminate young man. Her hair was held up in a ponytail and when she smiled at Xiao Peng, the little servant's heart missed a beat.

'Even as a man, the young miss is just too beautiful for normal people like me to handle!' She thought.

Unable to refuse anything to Liu Yang's handsome face, Xiao Peng unconsciously led Liu Yang outside to the city center.


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