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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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5 the corrupt manager

The two girls first arrived to the brothel Liu Yang's parents had passed down to her. A cute woman around fifteen years old came to greet them.

"How can I serve you?" She asked.

Liu Yang paused for a second. She then slowly turned towards the young girl and looked at her weirdly. "Do you work here?"

"Yes. I started working last week." She replied shyly.

"How old are you?"

"I'm fifteen years old." She replied hesitantly.

Liu Yang was shocked. She was the owner of a brothel that employed a fifteen year old girl to sell her body. Liu Yang was ashamed of owning such a place.

"Bring me to the manager." She demanded.

At the same time, a middle-aged woman wearing a thick layer of makeup walked into the hall.

"I'm right here, what do you want."She said with a superior tone.

When the woman saw Liu Yang, she got stuck in a trans for a moment. Since when did their town have such a beautiful man? As a courtesan, she had seen a lot of men but the one in front of her had a different charm. He was mesmerizing and so pretty he could pass off as a woman.

But even if she was surprised of the handsomeness of the man for a second, she quickly regained her composure.

"Are you crazy, how could you employ a fifteen year old girl to sell herself? Do you have no shame? Are you even human?" Exclaimed Liu Yang getting more and more enraged every second.

As someone coming from the modern society, she found it disgusting to exploit such a young girl for money.

The woman was surprised by Liu Yang's sudden accusation, but quickly regained her calm.

"Who do you think you are to criticize me this way! She applied here on her own free will, I didn't force her to work here!"

"And if a little four year old girl asked you to become an assassin would you let her?" Liu Yang replied coldly.

While they were arguing, a crowd had started to gather around the brothel. The people seemed to share Liu Yang's opinion that the girl was too young to sell her body.

The most daring people had already started throwing insults at the manager. Some were pointing fingers while parents who were walking by covered their children's ears.

The middle-aged woman finally became aware of the commotion that had started because of her.

She observed the pretty youth in front of her. As an old brothel owner, she knew very well how to judge men, but the persone in front of her was unreadable. She couldn't understand what was his goal and if he stired up a commotion on purpose or not.

Of course, Liu Yang had a goal in mind when she gathered a crowd.

When she had read the shop's information previously, she had realized that the brothel owner wasn't announcing the true earnings of the brothel. She was actually keeping a big part of the store's income for herself. Her grandfather must've been so busy with his official's duties that he didn't realize about the manager's scheme.

Since she wanted to fire the middle-aged woman, she needed public opinion on her side or she would've been insulted for firing the woman who had been the manager of the brothel for such a long time as soon as she arrived.

In addition, she was furious at the woman for employing such a young girl as a courtesan. Selling her for money was outrageous in Liu Yang's eyes since on Earth, at fifteen years old you were underaged and she believed it was an age where children should be naive and innocent. Seeing such a young girl have to grow up so quickly made Liu Yang's heart ache.

"Young man you're really disrespectful to your elders! If I were your parents, I'd be ashamed! Get out of here, you're obstructing my business!" The lady barked.

Xiao Peng wanted to step out from her miss. After all, bringing parents in the conversation was under the belt. But when she tried to speak up, Liu Yang spread her arm out to signal her servant to not make a move.

In truth, Liu Yang was really hurt by her comment but she didn't show it. After all, even in her old life, her parents were killed when she was very young and the woman's comment made her reminiscent of her childhood where she grew up without any parents.

"Actually, my parents are dead, so I guess we'll never know if they're ashamed of me unless one of us joins them in the other world."

Liu Yang uttered this sentence with a light tone, but anyone could recognize the threat hidden within the casual words.

It was as if Liu Yang was telling the woman she would die if she dared to talked about her parents again.

The woman felt a chill run up her spine. The beautiful young man before her was really scary. With just one sentence, he managed to intimidate her. That wasn't something just anyone could do, the person had to be very eloquent.

In addition, the flower boy was releasing a terrifying aura she had only ever saw with army veterans who had fought in a lot of wars. This wasn't an aura a man in his twenties should have.

Actually, Liu Yang looked like a man in her twenties because of the makeup she applied on her face. She actually wanted to look like a man in his thirties but her face was so youthful she couldn't manage to seem older than in her twenties.

As for her aura, as a businesswoman, she developed it because she would be looked down upon if she didn't have it. Indeed, even if people weren't as sexist on Earth as in this world, some men still looked down on women just because of their gender. Liu Yang had to produce such a terrifying aura just so men wouldn't belittle her when she made deals with them.

"Just get out of here and never come back!" Shrieked the woman.

"That'll be pretty hard, given that I own this place." Coolly responded Liu Yang.

Astonished gasps from the crowd followed her announcement.

The lady's face froze in disbelief. This couldn't be right, the owner was the left prime minister.

Even if he never physically came to check out the store, she still knew who the owner of the brothel she managed was!

"How dare you lie to my face like that!"

"Why would I lie?"

"You must've been sent by a rival brothel to tarnish my establishment's name! I know for a fact that you aren't the owner you dirty liar! The owner is the left prime minister!" The manager stated.

"And what'll you do if I am?"

"I'll resign from my manager's position as I couldn't recognize my establishment's owner!" She said recklessly without thinking.

Liu Yang's didn't even bother talking to her again. She just brought out the paper that proved that the brothel was her property.

At the sight of the paper, the woman's face fell. After all, she could at least recognize what this paper was, and she also knew at first sight it wasn't a fake.

Without a word, Liu Yang watched as the manager's face passed from surprise, to shock, to horror and finally to despair.

"Now as you promised, leave this place. I hope we never meet again." She said.

Normally, the woman would've come back on her word, but since she had an audience who saw what happened, she couldn't do that.

Swallowing her pride, she quickly disappeared from the site.

Slowly, the crowd started to fade away.

Liu Yang then turned to face the young courtesan who was standing next to her with a bewildered expression.

"Gather all of the workers. Things are going to change around here."


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