Becoming the richest woman in another era!
6 Reorganizing the brothel
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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6 Reorganizing the brothel

Liu Yang had temporary closed the brothel. She had sent Xiao Peng out on an errand and had gathered up all the workers in one room. It was small, but that was the least of everyone's worry. The courtesans all had an anxious expression on their faces. They wondered what would happen to them now that their employer had changed.

What if he fired them all like he did to the manager and sold the brothel? What would happen to them? They were all desperate enough to sell their body because they all had a family to feed. How will their families survive without their income?

When they thought of that, all the women became even more nervous.

Meanwhile, Liu Yang was leisurely sipping on her tea. The image of her simply drinking tea was mesmerizing. Each of her movements were particularly graceful, and she executed each of them naturally.

That, added to her stunning face made her extremely captivating.

But the women were too preoccupied about their fates to be enthralled with the beautiful youth.

Everyone waited for Liu Yang to utter a sound. The room was dead silent as everyone held their breaths. But she simply didn't seem to realize that everyone was waiting for her to do something. She continued sipping on her tea without a care in the world.

Finally, one of the women couldn't take it anymore and spoke up.

"What will happen to us in the future?"

Liu Yang seemed like she finally became aware that everyone was waiting for her to say something.

She slowly put down her cup of tea and instead of answering the courtesan's question, she asked one herself.

"Who here is under eighteen years old? Raise your hand."

Nobody lifted up their hand. The small room was noiseless and the all the women evaded Liu Yang's gaze.

"If nobody manifests themselves, I'll fire all of you." She declared.

Hastily, five out of the ten or so women raised their hand.

Liu Yang seemed pleased she finally got an honest answer.

"As of today, you'll only help out with the brothel's maintenance, at least until you turn eighteen. Don't worry, your salary won't change."

Even if she wanted to bring change to the brothel, she wouldn't let underaged women enter in contact with men that frequented the red-light district.

The five underaged girls were instantly relieved. They wouldn't have to sell their body and their pay wouldn't be reduced. It was a dream come true!

But Liu Yang wasn't done with the questions.

"Who here has a special talent, for example can dance, sing or play an instrument well?"

This time, three women, out of the five remaining raised their hand.

"Then the two of you will also help with the maintenance." She said to the two leftover women.

At this moment, Xiao Peng entered the room.

"Have you gathered them?" Asked Liu Yang.

"Yes miss, they're here."

Eleven beautiful women and three muscular men entered the small room. It became even more crowded, but nobody seemed to mind.

"From now on, this brothel doesn't offer women's bodies anymore, but their talents. You will show off your skills and any man who tried to touch you, will have to answer to these three handsome gentlemen." She said pointing the robust men who just entered the room.

Everyone's jaws fell to the floor.

"But then this won't be a brothel anymore. Who would be interested in women for their skills?" Asked one of the underaged girls.

Liu Yang was going to answer, but one of the two courtesans with no special skill was quicker. She was older than most of the women here, and seemed to be in her thirties. She also had a clever glow in her eyes.

"But then men will be able to come here without shame. It could even become a sign of nobility and opulence if we play this well. Think about it this way, influencial men could come here to be entertained without loosing their reputation. And if the prices are high enough, coming here could become a sign of wealth. people could even come here for casual work-related meetings to impress their partner. What a brilliant idea!" She said passionately.

Understanding could be read on everyone's face.

A glow of approval shined in Liu Yang's eyes. This woman was surprisingly quite smart!

"We will also offer different events regularly, like inviting celebrities, or hosting contests for different categories of people to find new talents. They will be accessible to anyone and we could also set up a gambling area, where people could bet during the contest on their favorite person. We can also organize a vote to designate a winner. What do you think?" She asked.

Everyone was rendered speechless. This was an amazing idea! And Liu Yang said it as if it was nothing.

Everyone was hooked on the idea. They already started imagining how the brothel would be in the future.

"We could even try to hire some of the contest winners!" Proposed the woman in her thirties.

"Well, since you have such good ideas, I'll make you the manager. I'll be very busy the next few months so please help me make this project possible!" Responded Liu Yang cheerfully

The woman was delighted.

"Oh and you can call me Yang, what's your name?" She added.

Liu Yang couldn't use her real name, but Yang was also a man's name so she could use it even when she was dressed as a man.

"I am Chen Ning." She said respectfully. "I will make sure this idea is a success, leave it to me, sir Yang!"

"Alright I'll count on you, then. Feel free to ask me for money if you need to buy anything. Well then, I'll get going. I'll come back in a few days, I hope we'll have lots of customers by then!" Said Liu Yang.

Everyone in the room bowed down to her respectfully as she took her leave with Xiao Peng.

Once she was gone, exited voices could be heard from the small room. Everyone was overjoyed of the change of owner and of the new system installed.

Chen Ning quickly started making the necessary changes for the brothel as well as promoting it.

Later, this will be known as the start of the ascension of "sir Yang" to becoming one of the richest "men" alive.


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