Becoming the richest woman in another era!
7 The Twin Dragon Restaurants
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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7 The Twin Dragon Restaurants

Liu Yang and Xiao Peng directly headed home. The little servant kept quiet the whole time. She was staring at her feet and seemed to be thinking deeply.

By the time they had arrived to Liu Yang's courtyard, the night had already fallen and the moon shined brightly.

Liu Yang removed her makeup and her eyepatch while Xiao Peng was still staring into space.

The young girl finally snapped out of her daze. She slowly looked up to Liu Yang.

"Young miss, what happened to you after the accident? I would've understood if you had become silly from the fall, but how did you became so clever? You used to think a brothel was were men went to hang out with their friends! You believed it was another name for "restaurant"! How come today, you knew what it was?

Even your personality changed! You used to spend your time crying in your room and being depressed all day long since you thought you were cursed because your eyes were of different colour! Now you're way more cheerful, and you even went outside for the first time in so many years!"

Liu Yang was surprised by the Xiao Peng's sudden outburst. She didn't know the original owner of the body was so depressed. It was very saddening to know that a young sixteen years old girl had become so miserable just because of the colour of her eyes.

"Xiao Peng, I don't know why I've changed, and I don't remember how I used to be, but I'm sorry if I made you worry about me all these years. It won't happen again, so you can be at ease." She said with a wide smile.

It was the first time the young miss had ever smile so brightly, without having a glimpse of sadness hidden deep in her eyes. She was breathtakingly beautiful and her eyes showed a determination they had nerver displayed before.

At this moment, Xiao Peng swore to herself that she would never betray her miss, and she would be even more devoted to her.

Liu Yang's didn't know what was going on in her servant's mind, but if she knew, she would surely be flabbergasted that Xiao Peng became even more loyal to her just thanks to one smile.

"Please bring me the account books of the two restaurants I own." She asked the young girl.

Xiao Peng hastily fetched the books. They were in Liu Yang's closet, at the very bottom and seemed to have rarely been opened before.

Liu Yang sat at her desk and proceeded to meticulously read each book.

Xiao Peng was bewildered. Her miss had never worked more than ten minutes before stopping saying she was too tired. But now, she was thoroughly reviewing each account book! Still, the maid chose to keep silent, after all, this was such a rare moment. She must treasure seeing her miss work seriously!

But after two hours of Liu Yang working tirelessly, Xiao Peng's brows started to crease. It was getting late and her miss was showing no signs of stopping what she was doing.

But it was so rare to see her miss work, Xiao Peng didn't want to disturb her! The little maid was hesitating. Should she stop her miss and have her rest?

Finally, after three hours, Xiao Peng couldn't take it anymore.

"Miss, it's getting late, you should rest." She said.

Liu Yang seemed to wake up from a trans. She looked at the sky through her window, and it was indeed very late. She had been so absorbed by the account books that the time had flown by!

But she was still happy,, because she had finished reviewing the restaurants' account books.

However, she had been very surprised by something while reading the books. Three months ago, the restaurants had significantly lost revenue, but the next months, it was as if nothing had happened and they started getting the same amount of money than they used to.

Of cours, they could've just had a bad month, but something didn't seem right.

"Xiao Peng, do you know the Eastern Dragon Restaurant and the Western Dragon Restaurant?" Curiously asked Liu Yang.

"Of course miss, who doesn't know the name of those two unlucky restaurants?"

Liu Yang was surprised by her answer. What did Xiao Peng mean by "unlucky"?

"What can you tell me about them?" She quickly asked.

"Sure. The Eastern Dragon Restaurant and the Western Dragon Restaurant are owned by two twin brothers. That's why we usually call them the Twin Dragon Restaurants. They used to be very prosperous and popular amongst the old and the new generation. Everyone was welcome, weather they were poor or rich. But three months ago, the owners' father passed away, so they both closed their stores for a week to prepare the funeral.

The thing is, during this time, the eldest son of the right prime minister wanted to eat in one of their restaurants. He wanted to show off his power by forcing them to open the restaurants, but surprisingly, they refused to do so in order to mourn their dead father.

The right prime minister's son thought they were ridiculing him and felt humiliated. As a result, he declared that anyone who dared to go to one of those restaurants would be his enemy.

Thus, it has been three months that those two restaurants haven't had even one customer. After all, nobody wants to get on the bad side of the right prime minister or his son since they are well-known for being ruthless and unforgiving."

"I see, so a spoilt brat felt humiliated and decided to ruin the life of two men who just lost their father. He is truly disgusting."

But then why did the account books show that there were no problems? How did the two brothers get the same amount of money they'd usually get, with no customers? This was truly strange.

"Xiao Peng, rest up, we'll be meeting those two brothers tomorrow, and it'll be a long day." Said Liu Yang while getting in her nightgown.

"Yes miss, I'll take my leave" Said Xiao Peng while bowing.

'What will my miss do this time? Why do I feel like she'll do something crazy like she did at the brothel this morning again?' thought the servant.

But oddly, she wasn't anxious. Her miss had changed drastically since the accident, and seemed extremely trustworthy. She also kept surprising Xiao Peng, by dressing as a man, reorganizing a brothel and even by simply smiling!

Her miss was like a new person and Xiao Peng couldn't wait for Liu Yang to surprise her even more!


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