Becoming the richest woman in another era!
8 The perfect temporary wife
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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8 The perfect temporary wife

Meanwhile in Song Wei's study....

The handsome man seemed very peaceful. He was holding a brush in his hand and doing some calligraphy. The brush was gracefully dancing on the paper as if it had a life of its own. Suddenly, his hand froze.

"Long Fei." He called out.

The moment he uttered this name, a man appeared in the room. He was clothed entirely in black, and released a powerful aura. He was very strong, but was bowing to Song Wei respectfully.

"Tell me, who is the most low-key but still well-born woman in this kingdom?" He asked.

Long Fei thought his master's question was odd, but he nevertheless answered truthfully.

"Without a doubt, the most discrete noble lady is the first and only daughter of the left prime minister! Nobody has ever seen her face because she never leaves her house! It's like she's a ghost."

A glint of interest and craftiness flashed in Song Wei's eyes.

"I see... And is this ghost married?"

"Of course not, even if she's the left prime minister's daughter, who'd want to marry such an ugly woman?" Responded Long Fei.

"Didn't you say nobody had ever seen her? How do you know she's ugly?" Inquired Song Wei curiously.

"Of course she's ugly, or else why would she never go out, or clear the rumors that she's unattractive?" He stated as if it was an undisputable evidence.

"She's perfect then." Cheerfully smiled Song Wei.

Long Fei felt a chill run down his spine. His master only smiled so sincerely when something bad was going to happen. Long Fei had a bad premonition.

"What do you mean? Perfect for what?"

"Well to be my temporary wife of course! I'll be announcing that I want to marry her at the emperor's birthday party, tell him to make sure she's there!" Said Song Wei joyfully.

Long Fei's jaw fell to the floor. What? His master who's even richer than the emperor and one of the most powerful person in the world wanted to marry the left prime minister's ugly daughter? Did he become crazy after the talk he had with the emperor this morning?

Song Wei seemed to understand what his subordinate was thinking just by looking at him.

"The emperor wants me to take a wife. He said that I can divorce her if I don't like her after one year of marriage.That's why I'll marry the most discrete woman possible and if I'm lucky, she won't bother me for a year like other women would. Then I'll divorce her, and live happily ever after without having a useless woman to spend money on. Don't you think she's perfect for this role?"

Long Fei had always known his master hated women ever since he was little, but he didn't know his hatred for the other gender ran so deep that he'd use such a plan to not get married!

What if his master actually likes men, like the rumors about him suggest? Actually, that didn't matter. Long Fei would still serve his master faithfully, regardless of whom he likes!

But Long Fei was still bothered by something.

"If you divorce her, her reputation will be ruined. Isn't that to ruthless, after all, she didn't do anything wrong." He worried.

"Don't worry, I'll reward her well, I won't just let her life be ruined because of me. Also, do some more research about her, in case she's hiding something.

Now, I just have to wait for the emperor's birthday party. In three months, I'll have to propose to my future temporary wife!" Said Song Wei with a sly smile. Little did he know, but at this moment, he had just made a decision that will turn his whole life upside-down.


The next day...

Liu Yang was woken up by the sun. She slowly opened her eyes and was disoriented for a moment. 'Oh right, I transmigrated...' She thought.

At this moment, Xiao Peng walked in the room with a tray on which were lots of tasty-looking dishes.

Liu Yang's stomach grumbled. Yesterday night, she was too engrossed in the account books she didn't take the time to eat. She was really starving.

"Thanks for bringing the food Xiao Peng!"

The young girl was surprised. Why was the miss thanking her? After all, she was just doing her job, she didn't deserve any praise.

Unaware of the fact that her small comment had made Xiao Peng so startled, Liu Yang started eating her meal.

The food wasn't bad, but as someone who came from an advanced world, it couldn't really compare to her usual meals. It was okay, but she missed the food she used to have.

After finishing her meal, Liu Yang put on her black cloak and black eyepatch again. She also of course apply the same makeup as she did the day before, and finally, she was ready to go.

Xiao Peng wore a helpless expression on her face. Her miss was dressing as a man again. She really wanted to cry. How will she face the Liu Yang's parents in the afterlife when she had let their only daughter crossdress?

Still, she brought her miss outside and lead her to the Eastern Dragon Restaurant, which was pretty close to her house.

On the way there, they passed by dozen of advertising posters for Liu Yang's brothel.

In just one day, the brothel had become one of the the capital's most talked about subjects.

"Did you hear, there's a brothel in the red-light district that only sells women's talents!"

"Of course I know, I'd love to go there to go there to see who had such an audacious idea but it's so expensive only rich people can go!"

"And I heard they'll also host events and contests!"

"Contests? Do you think I'll be able to finally show off my dancing skills? It would be amazing if I can even get in the competition, after all, I'm poor."

"Don't worry, they accept everyone as long as they have talent, maybe if you compete, your skills will be recognized by wealthy people and they'll sponsor you!"

"I heard lots of powerful people will be going there tonight to see how good is this concept!"

"And I heard the great general Zu will be coming with his wife to show her this brothel is different than the others and is somewhere he would like to go without being watched by her spies."

Everyone burt our laughing.

The whole trip to the Eastern Dragon Restaurant, everyone around Liu Yang and Xiao Peng only talked about the change of the brothel and how lots of famous people would to go there as soon as tonight.

"Chen Ning has really done an amazing job at promoting the brothel! It's already what everyone talks about after just one day! She's really impressive." Said Liu Yang.

Xiao Peng was even more shocked. She couldn't believe the brothel everyone talked about was owned by her miss! And it was even her who had the amazing idea of selling women's talent only!

Finally, they arrived at their destination.

The Eastern Dragon Restaurant had a very beautiful exterior. It was painted in red and was simple, yet sofisticated at the same time.

The only problem was that in was completely empty.


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