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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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9 Meeting the twins

Liu Yang and Xiao Peng entered the restaurant quietly.

There wasn't anyone in sight. The tables were all set, but the chairs were empty.

The atmosphere was quite strange. The Eastern Dragon Restaurant was just too quiet.

Suddenly, they heard voices coming from the kitchen.

"Brother, maybe we should just beg the right prime minister's son, Shen Cao, for forgiveness." Said the first voice.

"How could you even consider this idea, Su Bai! How could you thing of begging when we didn't do anything wrong? Do you regret mourning our father for a week? You should be ashamed of yourself!" Said the second voice.

"Dad would've wanted us to have a good life, even if that means we have to plead that bastard for forgiveness, and you know it." Replied Su Bai.

At this moment, Liu Yang loudly burst into the kitchen. Inside, two identical looking people were arguing. They were tall and fairly handsome. They seemed to be in their twenties.

The two brothers were shocked. They looked at the gorgeous "man" who just came barging into the kitchen like he was an alien form another planet.

After a few seconds, the twins snapped out of their daze.

"Who are you? Did Shen Cao send you? If he did, tell him he can just go to hell! We didn't do anything wrong, so we won't apologize!" Said the first man.

Liu Yang's lips curved into a sly smile. This misunderstanding was a good way to grasp the twins' caracters.

"Don't worry, since my master is very kind-hearted, he accepted to let people come to your restaurant again. Of course, in exchange for his act of kindness, he hopes you'll pay him back generously... For example by giving him ten percent of your revenue every month. After all, your restaurants are owned by the ugly daughter of the left prime minister, it's not like she will come check if you're really earning the same amount as what you write in the account books. What do you say, will you accept my master's kind offer?" Said Liu Yang with a dazzling smile.

Honestly, she believed the brothers would take her offer. After all, they were in a bind, and it was the only way to get out of their situation.

"We refuse." Said the twins without missing a beat.

Liu Yang was stunned. There weren't many people who could stick to their principles in such a hopeless situation.

"Why?" She inquired. She was truly curious. Did they really have good morals, or were they just to prideful to make a deal with their oppressor? If the answer was the latter, Liu Yang would be very disappointed. Having some pride was a good thing, but she believed being foolishly prideful was just stupid. In the buisness world, one of the most important skill was knowing how to adapt to any situation.

"Because we are loyal to the daughter of our savior." They said with eyes full of determination.

"What do you mean?"

Liu Yang was curious about the original owner of the body's parents. She didn't dare ask her grandfather in case thinking about them makes him sad, and Xiao Peng was too young when they died to remember them. That's why she didn't know anything about them.

"When we were young, our father lost his leg in an accident. He soon lost his job and nobody wanted to hire a man with only one leg. We ended up living in the streets because we couldn't pay for the house anymore. We would've died of starvation if the son of the left prime minister hadn't save us! He picked us up from the streets and entrusted two restaurants to our father. He saved complete strangers! When we asked him why he did it, he said he was good at judging people and believed we would never betray him. He also said he wanted my brother and I to inherit the restaurants when we grow up to take care of our father! And just like that, he saved our family. How could we betray our savior's daughter?" Explained one of the brothers.

Liu Yang finally understood why the twins didn't want to betray her. The original owner of her body really had kind-hearted father. She was convinced that the two brothers were entirely loyal to her.

"I see... The granddaughter of the left prime minister is very fortunate to have such loyal people under her."

"That's right, so you can go see the son of the right prime minister and tell him we won't give him anything that belongs to our master!" Said one of the twins with a stubborn expression.

Finally, Liu Yang couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing. Those brothers were just too cute!

The twins looked at each other, wondering if the gorgeous man in front of them was crazy.

Xiao Peng who had been standing behind her miss since the beginning of their conversation shook her head helplessly. Her miss was really a bully, how could she not clear the misunderstanding from the start but instead act like she was sent by Shen Cao?

When Liu Yang had finally finished laughing like a madwoman, or madman, depending on the point of view, she got out the paper that proved she was the owner of the restaurants.

The twins stared at the paper for a long time.

"I didn't steal it, I promise." Smiled Liu Yang after a while.

"The granddaughter of the left prime minister is a good friend of mine. Since she doesn't know how to manage shops, she chose to sell your restaurants to me. She thought I would be a better owner than her. She wanted me to tell you she was sorry for never taking care of the restaurants. I acted as if Shen Cao sent me to be sure you were loyal to Liu Yang and deserved her apology. I hope you'll be as devoted to me as you were to her."

Actually, Liu Yang was saying she was her own friend because she believed it was the only way to gain the trust of the brothers. After all, they wouldn't just trust a complete stranger, but if this stranger was a close friend to the person the were loyal to, there was a bigger chance they would trust her.

The brothers were very surprised by the news. They looked at each other and simultaneously nodded.

"If the daughter of our savior trusts you, so do we. But I'm sorry to tell you the restaurants will probably have to close. As you may know, the right prime minister's son forbade anyone to come to the Twin Dragon Restaurants." Said one of the twins.

A frightening expression passed on Liu Yang's face before disappearing as if it was never there. The two brothers as well as Xiao Peng felt a chill run up their spine.

"Don't worry, I'll deal with him, just prepare to get customers by the end of the week."

They didn't know why, but the twins didn't doubt Liu Yang was telling the truth even one second.

"Oh, and I have a question, why did it seem like the restaurants were doing well in the account books?"

"Well, we didn't want to disappoint our savior's daughter, so we chose to hide the fact that the restaurants weren't doing well. But don't worry, what we wrote in the account books wasn't a lie, we actually gave all of our savings to the left prime minister's granddaughter instead of the restaurants earnings."

Liu Yang was flabbergasted. These men were truly loyal to her, they even gave her all of their savings so that she wouldn't worry about the restaurants!

Still, it was quite a foolish decision, how should the owner resolve problems if he or she doesn't even know about them?

"I see... Well, I'll be leaving, I have a few arrangements to make concerning the right prime minister's son."said Liu Yang with an intimidating glint in her eyes.

Without waiting for an answer, Liu Yang left the kitchen, closely followed by Xiao Peng.

"Why do I feel like like we're very lucky we didn't get on our new master's bad side?" Said the first twin, Su Bai.

"It's not just you. I think our new master, behind his youthful and innocent appearance, can be very scary. I look forward to seeing how he'll handle Shen Cao."


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