Becoming the richest woman in another era!
10 Find out everything about him
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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10 Find out everything about him

After leaving, Liu Yang and Xiao Peng directly headed to the brothel. The streets were just as boisterous as they were before the girls had gone to the Eastern Dragon Restaurant. Everyone was still talking about the change in the brothel's functioning.

Finally, they arrived to their destination. When they got inside, the courtesans were all agitated. Everyone was preparing for this night's grand reopening. Chen Ning was the most collected person in the room.

She was calmly giving orders to everybody.

"Feng Xiao, check the instruments again."

"An Fei, set the chairs."

"Qin Pei, I told you to bring the red cups, not the blue ones!"

"Lu San, are t... Sir Yang!" She exclaimed.

Every head turned towards the entrance. A beautiful youth wearing an eyepatch was looking at them with a smile.

When they saw him, the women all instantly bowed their heads respectfully.

Without wasting time, Liu Yang started talking.

"First of all, congratulations to all of you. Everyone in the capital is talking about this brothel. Many important people will be coming here tonight, and it's all thanks to how well you promoted this establishment."

The courtesans revealed proud smiles. The man who had changed their fates had just complemented them. They were like children who had just been praised by their parents.

"Secondly, you must've heard of Shen Cao, the right prime minister's son. He'll be coming here this week, given that the brothel is so popular and it would hurt Shen Cao's reputation of rich playboy if he didn't come to its reopening.

He has offended me. Find out everything about him, from his favorite food to the last argument he had with his father. Uncover every single one of his secrets, fears, desires and shames. Everything."

Liu Yang had kept a smile on her face but she somehow managed to look terrifying. The courtesans broke into a cold sweat.

The man in front of them looked like a demon. He emanated a scary aura that made people not dare to get close to him. His unmasked emerald eye was like a sea of endless calmness, devoid of any emotion, and it seemed like he could freeze them with just one glance.

The courtesans finally understood that he wasn't someone that should be offended.

They pitied Shen Cao for crossing such a fearful youth.

Still, Liu Yang had saved them from their tragic fates, and they would forever be grateful to her. That's why they would do whatever she wanted them to do.

Since their master wanted information on Shen Cao, they would do their best to fulfill his demands.

"Yes, sir Yang." They all said unanimously, with determined expressions.

Liu Yang was very satisfied about their firm answer.

"I'll come back by the end of the week, good luck!" She said before leaving the brothel, accompanied by Xiao Peng.

Liu Yang was feeling very tired. Her body was very weak and not used to exercising. This, added to the fact that she went to bed very late last night, made her exhausted.

Xiao Peng realized her miss seemed very tired.

"Young miss, you should take a nap when we go back your courtyard. You seem very sleepy."

"Yes you're right."

When they returned to the courtyard, Liu Yang collapsed on her bed and dozed off instantly.

She was woken up by Xiao Peng's sweet voice.

"Miss, I prepared a bath for you, please come wash yourself." Said the young girl.

Liu Yang slowly opened her eyes. She got out of bed and saw that Xiao Peng had brought in the room next to hers a large bassin that she had filled with warm water.

There were flower petals floating on the water. She undressed herself and got in the warm water. It was very pleasant.

Liu Yang relaxed in her bath for a few moments but after a while, she realized she was missing something... Soap. She was kind of a clean freak and even if the flower petals smelled good, they didn't really clean her.

She had heard in her history classes about the deplorable hygiene in the past, and if this world was so similar to it, it wouldn't be surprising that soap hadn't been invented.

Liu Yang thought for a while. She had once read online how soap was made, but didn't really remember it since at the time, she believed she'd never have to make soap herself because she could just buy some at the nearest grocery store.

Still, luckily, she remembered the general ingredients.

Without wasting time, she got out of the tub and got dressed. She then called for Xiao Peng. The servant quickly arrived. Liu Yang asked her to bring all of the necessary ingredients to make soap she could remember. Xiao Peng looked at her weirdly, wondering if her miss hadn't been possessed by a demon.

Still, like the good servant she was, she said.

"Don't worry, I'll gather all of the things you've asked for. I'll have them ready for you by tomorrow afternoon."

Liu Yang flashed her one of her mesmerizing smiles.

"Thank you Xiao Peng, you're the best!"

Xiao Peng left the room pondering on why her miss had suddenly become so nice to her, and even treated her like a friend.

She was thrilled that her miss finally seemed to see her as a friend and not just a servant.


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