Becoming the richest woman in another era!
11 Beauty won“t last forever
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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11 Beauty won“t last forever

The next morning, Liu Yang was woken up by the sun.

Shortly after that, Xiao Peng arrived with Liu Yang's breakfast. As she ate it, Liu Yang really missed her usual toasts and coffee.

At this moment, she really regretted not learning how to cook in her old life. She couldn't even use a microwave without burning her house down. That's how bad she was at cooking.

While eating, an idea passed through her head.

"Xiao Peng, you told me I had a lot of money in my downry that my parents left me when they passed away. How much exactly do I have?" She asked suddenly.

"Why do you ask?" Responded Xiao Peng, eying Liu Yang suspiciously.

"Just curious! Don't worry, you know I'm not the type of person who would just spend everything carelessly!" Replied Liu Yang with an innocent smile.

"They left you with a fortune! More than one thousand gold coins!" She exclaimed.

Liu Yang had no idea what was the value of one thousand gold coins, so she just stared at Xiao Peng cluelessly.

Seeing that her miss had no reaction to this declaration, Xiao Peng looked at her with a helpless expression.

"You don't remember anything about the currency of the world, do you?"

"Not really..." Replied Liu Yang with a sheepish smile.

Xiao Peng took a deep breath and started her explanation.

"Every kingdom has its own currency. In our kingdom, we use copper coins, silver coins and gold coins. One hundred copper coins are equal to one silver coin and one hundred silver coins are equal to one gold coin."

"I see, and what are those coins actually worth?" Asked Liu Yang.

"Well, you can buy a normal meal with just a few silver, and a medium-sized store cost around fifty gold coins."

Liu Yang nearly dropped her chopsticks in surprise.

"You're saying my parents left me enough money to buy around twenty shops?!" She shouted dumbstruck.

She had just struck gold! Literally! A sixteen years old girl was really given so much money. Liu Yang was speechless.

"That's right miss, you were supposed to put it in your downry to impose yourself in your husband's family once you got married. But now everyone thinks you're ugly so no one wants to marry you.

If only people knew you were so beautiful, every man in the kingdom would run over to court you! You have to hide your beauty just because of your eyes, it's such a shame!"

Suddenly Xiao Peng realized what she had just said was the reason her miss used to be so depressed! What if her miss became sad again because of her?

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I just said, those men don't deserve you, miss!"

Surprisingly, instead of starting to cry like Xiao Peng thought she would, Liu Yang simply smiled.

"People who are attracted to you for your pretty face or nice body won't be by your side forever. But people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you. I won't be beautiful forever, and so I don't want my husband to love me only for my appearance. I want him to love me for who I am as a whole. I'd rather not get married than be the wife of a man who doesn't truly loves me. That's why don't regret not showing my face to the world." She said.

Xiao Peng understood what her miss was saying. She had never seen marriage from that point of view. After all, people didn't marry for love, that would be too good to be true. But strangely, Xiao Peng found Liu Yang's speech made sense and was very inspiring. She started longing for a man like that, who would truly love her personality, and not just her face.

After all, Xiao Peng wasn't as beautiful as her Liu Yang, but she was still quite a beauty, and had had lots of suitors. Sadly, none of them had ever really wanted to get to know her.

Seeing the dreamy look on Xiao Peng's face, Liu Yang was quite amused. This little girl was really too adorable!

Xiao Peng was snapped out of her daydream when Liu Yang pinched her cheek. The servant looked at her miss questioningly.

Seeing she was caught red-handed, Liu Yang quickly retreated her hand and coughed awkwardly. 'That was totally worth it.' She thought.

"Is the economy going well?" Asked Liu Yang to change the subject.

Xiao Peng thought for a while.

"I think so, the prices have been low since the new emperor has come to power. Even the poor people have been able to eat well ever since."

"Oh, this kingdom seems quite prosperous! It's really an ideal moment to invest!"

"What do you mean? You aren't saying you'll spend the money your parents left you for your downry, right?"

"Of course I will! After all, it's not like I'm going to get married soon, and having money stored away is really dumb. Isn't it better to invest it, so that I can make even more money? It's not like I'm throwing the it away, I'm just using it wisely!"

Xiao Peng thought for a while. Her miss had a point, but what if her investments made her lose money instead of winning some? In addition, owning so many shops was a lot of work, that's why nobles usually didn't own many stores. And her miss wasn't a hard-working person, she couldn't even take care of 5 stores before the accident, if she had 25, Xiao Peng was afraid her miss would just lose a lot of money!

"Miss, owning stores is a lot of work, you should reconsider..."

She was cut off by Liu Yang.

"Don't worry, I'm different than I used to be, hard work doesn't scare me!"

When she said that, someone loudly burst in the room.

"Yang'er! Something big happened!" Shouted her grandfather.

Liu Qian was out of breath. He seemed to have run the whole way from his courtyard to hers.

"Grandpa, what's the matter, are you alright?" Said Liu Yang concerned.

"It's not about me! The emperor has personally asked you to come to his birthday party in three months! This is a disaster, what if people attack you for being "cursed"!"

"Don't exaggerate so much grandpa, it's not that bad, it's not like my reputation can worsen, even if I'm deemed as cursed! I'll just have to go to the party, after all, I can't go against the emperor. If he wants me there, I'll come!"

"Have you really forgotten everything? Of course it's bad, cursed people are to be executed in order to not bring misery to the kingdom!"

A moment of silence passed by.

"You must be joking, nobody will kill me just for the color of my eyes, right?" Said Liu Yang with a nervous laugh.

"Why do you think it's so important you stay hidden! Many people were killed for even less!" Replied Liu Qian with teary eyes.

Liu Yang was petrified. She didn't know death was treated so lightly in this world. She may have died once already, but she was still afraid of dying!

Seeing that his granddaughter was scared stiff, Liu Qian felt his heart ache.

"Don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you. You can't go to the emperor's birthday party, I'll just tell him you're terribly sick." Said Liu Qian to reassure his granddaughter.

Liu Yang knew that by doing that, her grandfather would without a doubt lose face.

He really was a kind old man, ready to go to such length for his granddaughter.

She couldn't live her whole life scared of going outside. After all, she had gotten a second life and couldn't just wast it by living in fear! She just had to be careful, and everything would be fine!

"Don't worry, I'll go. I'll just wear a veil and an eyepatch, saying I hurt my eye not long ago. Nobody will know." She said with determination.

Liu Qian was about to oppose this idea but seeing the resolve in his granddaughter's eyes, he changed his mind. She was not the weak young lady she used to be. She was a strong and independent woman and he trusted her decisions.

Looking at her face, Liu Qian couldn't help but think of her parents. They would really be proud of her. If only they hadn't been killed.

"I trust you. I just want you to know that I'll always support you and protect you."

Liu Yang was really moved by what Liu Qian had just said. She was really blessed to have been reborn with such an amazing and loving grandfather.


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