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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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13 A new idea!

The duo arrived in front of the Eastern Dragon Restaurant after a few minutes of walk.

It was still just as empty as it was the last time they had come. Two familiar voices could be heard in a corner of the restaurant.

The twins were seated at a table and were talking in low tones. When they heard the door open, they both eyed the entrance with surprise.

When they saw that it was the restaurants' handsome owner and his young servant, they relaxed a bit.

"It's you, sir... That's right, you didn't tell us your name!" Realized the first twin.

"You can call me sir Yang. What are your names?" She asked in return.

"I'm Su Bai, and this is my brother, Su Ren." Said the second brother.

"What brings you here sir Yang? Weren't you supposed to only come at the end of the week?" Asked Su Ren curiously.

Did something bad happen with Shen Cao? He wondered.

By seeing his expression, Liu Yang could kind of guess what he was thinking.

"Don't worry, nothing happened, I just had a request for you guys." She started.

"What is it?" Asked the brothers at the same time.

"Well, you see, I'm thinking of buying more restaurants but it would cost me a lot of money to hire new chefs. Since the both of you are very good at cooking, could you teach about twenty people for two weeks how to make around ten simple delicious dishes?" Asked Liu Yang.

The twins thought about it deeply.

"Teaching them won't be a problem, two weeks are enough, but if we teach them all how to cook the same dishes, every restaurant will be the same! Restaurants are supposed to be different so that people remember them and want to return there a second time." Said Su Bai seriously.

"Actually, that's the point. At the moment, I plan on buying shops everywhere in the capital, but in the future I wish to have shops all around the Ming Kingdom, and even, why not, in other kingdoms as well!"

The twins looked at her in confusion. Why would their master want to own so many restaurants that serve the same dishes? Restaurants are supposed to be different because original ones are more easily remembered by costumers than plain ones. Yet their master wanted to own many restaurants that served the same dishes? Was he an idiot?

Ignoring the confused expressions of the twins, Liu Yang continued her explanation.

"I want every restaurant to be the same, so that any customer who once ate in one of them in the capital, and enjoyed it, will be able to find the exact same restaurant anywhere else in the Ming Kingdom. That way, without even having gone to the restaurant in the countryside, he'll already know that he will like the food there."

Puzzlement could be seen in the eyes of the twins as they tried to understand and imagine what Liu Yang was talking about.

When they finally started to grasp what Liu Yang was explaining, astonishment and excitement started to form in their eyes.

This was simply a brilliant idea!

Liu Yang actually hadn't invented anything new. She was just going to establish chain restaurants like MacDonald! After all, chain restaurants were usually extremely successful in her old world, like MacDonald, Soobway, Wendie's... But in this world, it seemed like chain restaurants hadn't been invented yet, so the concept was new and ingenious.

Seeing the astonished expressions of the twins, Liu Yang let out a small smile, which truly made her look captivating.

Her knowledge about the modern world was really a blessing! That, added to her good business skills, made it really easy to come up with ideas to get a lot of money!

She was convinced it wouldn't be hard for her to become wealthier than that Song Wen guy or whatever his name was. Was it Song Fei? Song Wu? Ah right... It was Song Wei!

Well, he would just be a tool for her to prove to this world that a woman can surpass a man in a domain that was considered only for men, so remembering his name wasn't really important...

Little did she know, but that insignificant man would become quite important for her in about three months...

The twins couldn't contain their excitement anymore.

"This is an amazing idea! Making restaurants where clients already know they're going to like the food without even having tried it!" Exclaimed Su Bai.

"That's right, I already have ideas of the food we could teach the people to cook!" Continued Su Ren.

"I trust you, but be sure to teach them recipes that will be liked in the entire Ming Kingdom and are pretty simple to do. That way, we can hire new employees easily given that they'll just need a two weeks formation.

I don't plan on making a restaurant for the wealthy, but for the middle-class and poor people. That's why you should remember to teach recipes that can be done easily, quickly and that aren't very costly, as our dishes have to be cheap, but we still need to make money!" Said Liu Yang.

The twins looked at each other and simultaneously nodded.

"Don't worry, we'll come up with the perfect recipes!" Said Su Ren, barely able to contrôle his excitement.

"I leave that in your care then. I'll also come back by the end of the week when I'll have dealt with Shen Cao. Goodbye!" Said Liu Yang simply, as if she was talking of simply killing an annoying bug.

When she was gone, the twins started talking again.

"At first, I didn't believe that he could deal with someone as powerful as Shen Cao... But now, strangely, I don't have any doubts that he could." Said Su Bai.

"I feel the same way. Oddly enough, I don't even feel nervous about the idea of him opening many restaurants that are the nearly same. Despite the fact that it has never been done before and is a risky idea, I feel like as long as sir Yang is in charge of everything, it will be alright" Said Su Ren.

"I wonder what is the background of such an incredible man is."

Unknowingly to them, while they were saying that, the incredible man was complaining to her servant about how uncomfortable makeup was, and how much she wanted to go home to finally be able to remove it.

Xiao Peng helplessly explained to her miss that that was one of the many reasons she shouldn't dress up as a man, but of course, Liu Yang turned a deaf ear to her ranting, as always.

At the present, the little servant was extremely impressed by her miss that had, yet again, had a crazy but incredible idea.

"Could you hire around twenty people and send them to the Eastern Dragon Restaurant by tomorrow?" Asked Liu Yang.

"Of course, but they'll need helpers in the kitchen if they are to manage a whole restaurant, right?"

"Of course but the employees will have to teach their helpers how to cook themselves, after all, the twins can't teach hundreds of people how to cook in just two weeks! Besides, the brothers will have their own restaurants to manage by the end of the week." Replied Liu Yang.

"I see! Don't worry miss, I'll find enough people by tomorrow!" Said Xiao Peng cheerfully.

When they got back to Liu Yang's courtyard, she saw that Xiao Peng had indeed brought the ingredients she had requested.

As soon as she saw them, Liu Yang's eyes started shining brightly.

"It's time to make soap!"


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