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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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14 Soap!

Four days later...

She had finally done it! She was so happy she wanted to cry from joy!

After four days of tirelessly working, Liu Yang had finally managed to create soap!

Originally, she thought making soap would be rather easy, and would take at most one to two days. Yet who would have thought creating this little devilish bar of cleanliness would require so much work!

Finally, after countless failed attempts, she had made it. She would've never guessed that seeing such a simple bar of soap could make her feel so happy she wanted to cry!

That was all because even though she remembered most of the ingredients necessary to create soap, she didn't remember their proportions! At first she thought she could adjust the quantities after a few tries, but she quickly realized making soap was actually very complex and intricate!

Even after many tries, there was always something wrong with the soap she made! Getting the proportions correct was extremely complicated. Many times Liu Yang had thought about giving up, but the prospect of living her whole life without soap was truly inconceivable for someone who liked cleanliness as much as her!

As such, she continued trying and failing until finally, a normal soap bar stood proudly before her!

Even if she was an atheist, Liu Yang couldn't help but thank God for the miracle in front of her!

This was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her entire life! Or rather lives.

This soap bar was so simple, yet so perfect in her eyes. Finally, today, she would be able to take a bath and feel clean afterwards. There were simply no words to describe her joy at the moment.

By her side, Xiao Peng was looking at her miss like she was possessed by a demon.

Four days... It had been four days since her miss had become so engrossed in making a little white bar that she called "soap" that she had barely slept or eaten.

Honestly, right now, Xiao Peng felt her miss looked slightly terrifying.

The dark circles painted under Liu Yang's eyes made her look like a ghost. She had been muttering to herself like a crazy person for the past four days as if she was possessed.

For four days, she had mixed, grinded, refined ingredients like a mad scientist with the exact same look in her eyes a lunatic would have!

Finally, today, her miss had stopped her actions after making a bar of what she called "soap".

Xiao Peng had thought her miss would've returned to normal after managing to make soap, but to her surprise, she had actually stood an entire day admiring the white bar with a silly grin on her face!

The little servant couldn't take her miss' craziness anymore.

"Miss, do you plan on admiring this so-called soap bar the entire night to? If so, I would advise against it given that you haven't slept more that six hours for the past four days and that you'll definitely collapse or fall ill if you don't rest! Truthfully, I'm surprised it hasn't happened by now!"

Liu Yang snapped out of her daze because of Xiao Peng's outburst. When she saw the sun had already gone down, she was stunned. Had she really been staring at her soap bar for a whole day?

Well, it was, after all, the first time she had managed to combine ingredients without setting a fire, given her horrible cooking skills, so she was extremely proud of herself! Still, being caught admiring a soap bar for an entire day was quite embarrassing, so she coughed awkwardly and tried to hide her shame.

"I'll go rest later, first, I want to go clean up and try out my soap!" She said excitedly.

Xiao Peng had an intrigued expression.

"What does that soap you worked so hard to make actually do?" She asked.

Liu Yang's eyes started to sparkle as she explained the wonderfulness of her creation.

"It cleans you. When you use it, your skin becomes much softer and shinier but most importantly, it gets rid of germs, so you're less likely to fall ill and aren't dirty all the time!"

Xiao Peng was surprised. There was actually a way to reduce chances of falling ill different from expensive medicine? In addition, it even made one's skin softer!

Honestly, if her miss wasn't the person who had said that, she wouldn't have believed it.

"I'll go prepare the bath then..." She said.

Truthfully, it didn't really matter if soap was so amazing as long as it could make her miss happy.

Xiao Peng proceeded to bring the bathtub and fill it with warm water.

After she left, Liu Yang started to undress. Every inch of her skin was truly flawless.

Slowly, she got into the tub. When she was finally entirely in the water, her muscles that she hadn't realized were tense, relaxed. This sentation was extremely satisfying.

Liu Yang leisurely cleaned her perfect body with the soap she had made.

She had even added a bit of rose essence to it so it was quite fragrant but yet not as overbearing as perfume.

When she had finished cleaning herself, she leaned against the bathtub and closed her eyes.

Finally being clean felt really good. This moment was truly perfect.

About an hour later, Xiao Peng started to worry a bit about her miss.

It had already been an hour, yet she still hadn't come out. What if something had happened to her?

At this thought, Xiao Peng became even more anxious.

Quickly, she knocked on the door of the room her miss had been bathing in. After a few seconds, nobody answered, so the little girl knocked again a bit louder. Still, nothing happened.

Xiao Peng started getting more and more nervous as time passes by. Did something really happen to her miss?

Anxiously, the servant opened the door.

What awaited her was a beautiful scene.

Liu Yang had fallen asleep during her bath. She was lying in the tub and was sleeping soundlessly, with her mouth slightly opened. She looked like a sleeping child.

Xiao Peng's gaze immediately turned soft. Quietly, she advanced towards the bathtub and slowly, she grabbed a towel.

She then proceeded to pick Liu Yang from the bathtub and wrap her in the cloth like a mother would her child.

After that, she soundlessly carried her miss to her bed and gently lied her down on it.

Xiao Peng looked at the angelic expression her miss bore and couldn't help but want to protect her innocence as long as she possibly could.

Then, she quietly left the room to let her miss have some sleep. After all, working so hard to make soap had really exhausted her, and she deserved to rest.


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