Becoming the richest woman in another era!
16 Gossiping with Chen Ning
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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16 Gossiping with Chen Ning

Liu Yang waited in a VIP room for the courtesans to finished the preparations for the night.

When Chen Ning had finally completed the tasks she was supposed to carry out, she came to Liu Yang's room to keep her company until the contest.

The two girls, or more precisely a woman and a girl crossdressing as a man, started exchanging pleasantries, but they quickly deviated from their original subjects and started gossiping.

Well, to be more accurate, Chen Ning started telling Liu Yang all of the city's new gossip, given that she didn't even know anything about this world, let alone gossip.

Liu Yang was blown away by how many secrets Chen Ning knew about powerful people. Even though it was just gossip, if half of what she said was true, it could definitely ruin the lives of many influential people if it were to be revealed to the public.

During their discussion, Liu Yang felt a cold chill run down her spine. Courtesans were really dangerous. They couldn't be underestimated because of their beautiful faces, in fact they could crush many people's reputation with just a few words.

Liu Yang felt lucky not having these women as enemies. They really had lots of connections and their clients wouldn't hesitate to tell them deeply hidden secrets about themselves or others just to impress them.

Hours flew by very quickly. Liu Yang didn't really like to gossip, but she had to admit, hearing all of the rumors and secrets of prominent families and people was very fun.

From the affair of the Fei family's first miss with a commoner, to the fact that the emperor didn't take a wife because he was still searching for his first love who had, one day, disappeared without a trace, or that Song Wei, the richest man if the country 's family was in another kingdom but had exiled him for some obscure reason...

That last information had particularly interested Liu Yang, given that it meant that the man she considered to be her rival, Song Wei, had become rich in this kingdom without the backing of a powerful family. That suggested he was a very man, who mustn't be underestimated.

Sadly, when she tried to get more information about this story from Chen Ning, the woman told her she didn't know anything more about the subject.

She had only heard this news from a travelling merchant who was from the Bai Kingdom, when he came to the brothel and got very drunk, so she wasn't sure if this was a reliable information.

This greatly disappointed Liu Yang. But suddenly, she remembered the entire reason she had come here. How could she forget something so important! Maybe her brain had gotten damaged during her transmigration?

"What about Shen Cao? Did you manage to get some useful information about him?"

"Ah that's right, I had forgotten about him! Well surprisingly, as you predicted, he has indeed been coming here a lot. He came nearly every night since the reopening and has even booked a room for tonight's contest."

"And have you gathered any of his weaknesses?" Asked Liu Yang.

"Yes, and a very big one." She said with an unreadable look in her eyes.

"He had always come with people his age to the brothel but never had any important conversations with them or shown any weaknesses, except maybe for the fact he admitted to gambling illegally, however everyone in the capital knows about it, so it's not a big secret.

But oddly, yesterday, he came by with a man who was in his forties, old enough to be his father. He was clearly very different than the people who usually accompanied him. That's why I instantly knew they were going to talk about private matters, and hopefully, it would expose one of Shen Cao's weaknesses.

I arranged for them to be hosted by our smartest courtisan, who would know when to speak and when to listen to get the most information out of Shen Cao and his companion.

However what we didn't expect is that that a few moments after she joined them in the room, they kicked her out mercilessly. At that point, we were sure they were going to talk about a classified subject.

Luckily, the courtisan remembered to leave the door a bit open so that we could hear the conversation, but not enough for the men in the room to realize it wasn't closed." Explained Chen Ning.

Liu Yang's curiosity was peeked. What could this important conversation be about?

"So what did they talk about?" She enquired excitedly.

Chen Ning looked around anxiously as if she was looking for someone spying on them.

Liu Yang wanted to raise her eyes to the sky, but refrained herself at the last minute. After all the gossip she Clean Ning disclosed, watching out for spies was a bit too late.

Chen Ning was actually doing that to add a bit of a dramatic effect to what she was going to say. After all, this was the result of the brothel's hard work for a whole week! She really wanted for Sir Yang to be satisfied with their accomplishment.

"Just spill it!" Finally said Liu Yang after a few moments. What bloody secret did this Shen Cao have!

The anticipation was killing her!

When she realized the owner was getting restless, Chen Ning stopped with her dramatic pause and brought her lips to Liu Yang's ears before whispering a few words.

As Chen Ning murmured, Liu Yang's face gradually showed surprise before turning into a wide smile.

Oddly, this smile was unlike her usual cheerful ones, and it was hard to even look at it without feeling a chill run down your spine.

When Chen Ning had finished sharing what she had headed during Shen Cao's conversation, a cold glint flashed in Liu Yang's eyes.

"Thank you for your hard work, you did well." She said to the brothel's manager.

"Will this information be useful to you?" Asked Chen Ning with an expectant gaze.

"Definitely. Shen Cao will regret angering me." She replied with a frosty look.

A joyful expression spread on Chen Ning's face. She had been useful to her savior! This thought made her very happy.

Without even realizing it, Chen Ning was already completely and wholeheartedly loyal to Liu Yang, and that loyalty was something that Liu Yang would be very lucky to have, more than once.

"Well, it's nearly time to open the brothel. I have to greet the contest participants so I'll be leaving. I hope you'll enjoy the show!" Said Chen Ning before leaving contently.

'So Shen Cao will be at tonight's contest... It's going to be an eventful night." Thought Liu Yang with a cold smile.


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