Becoming the richest woman in another era!
18 The mysterious woman
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Becoming the richest woman in another era!
Author :Lizzy_The_Penguin
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18 The mysterious woman

The woman's voice sounded like heaven flowing down on Earth. It was simply mesmerizing. Everyone in the room started to get goosebumps, and gave their full attention to the mysterious woman on the stage.

Apart from her voice, not a single sound could be heard. The beautiful woman, accompanied by her captivating voice rendered everyone in the room speechless.

Even if she was singing acapella, this music sounded like the most perfect and refined sound to everyone's ears.

Even if Liu Yang was used to listening to numerous talented singers back on Earth, she was still shaken to the core.

The voice of the woman on the stage was just too beautiful, it was nearly otherworldly!

Time seemed to stop, but it actually flew by very quickly.

When the song ended, the people in the room were dumbstruck.

A few seconds past... But no one was reacting. The beautiful veiled woman seemed anxious and confused seeing that nobody was giving a sign of applauding her.

Seeing that, Liu Yang finally snapped out of her daze and started applauding loudly.

When people heard her clapping, they automatically reacted to it and started clapping themselves.

Quickly, the room was filled with applauds and cheers. The public had never been so lively before, even for the middle-aged man of the first performance.

While the crowd was going wild, the anxiousness in the veiled woman's eyes disappeared and was replaced by a joyful look.

Seemingly very happy to hear the cheers, she turned around without waiting for the applauds to end and returned to the backstage unhurriedly.

Disappointment could be heard from the public when the woman had entirely disappeared from their sight.

Without missing a beat, the next contestant made his way to the center of the scene and slowly, the atmosphere returned to normal.

It was as if the veiled woman was just a miragre, an illusion that was too perfect to be real.

But Liu Yang still hadn't forgotten about her. Her mind had already started running at full speed.

Having this woman work in the brothel would be extremely beneficial. With just one performance, she had already managed to stir up a whole crowd. With her talent and looks, she could easily become a national idol.

The only question was, how would Liu Yang be manage to hire the veiled woman?

The obvious answer would be to draw her in with money, but Liu Yang had already ruled out that possibility. The woman was wearing a veil, which indicated she didn't want her identity to be revealed.

In addition, even if the dress she was wearing seemed simple, Liu Yang, who had always been very attentive to small details, knew it wasn't. She didn't recognize the material since she wasn't a specialist in the subject, but given her experience with the high society, she knew for a fact it was of the highest quality.

If you added up those two clues, it was obvious that the woman was probably a noble, and likely the daughter of an influential family.

That's why, she would surely not be moved by money.

So what could possibly make her join the brothel?

While she was in deep thoughts, time flew by, and when Liu Yang came back to reality, the first round of the contest had already ended.

Liu Yang cursed at herself for not being attentive enough, when she was attending her own brothel's first big event.

But it wasn't her fault she had been caught up in her thoughts, after all, who would've thought she would encounter such a mysterious and talented woman in this contest! The world was truly full of hidden talents.

Liu Yang quietly watched as the jury announced the eight people who were chosen to remain in the contest.

After this announcement, different reactions could be seen in the public.

The people who just came here for entertainment didn't seem to be too interested in the results, as they were just here to have a good time.

Contrary to them, the people who had come to support their friends or family members either had a delighted expression on their face or a gloomy one if the person they had come to cheer on hadn't passed the first round.

There were lots of different conversations, but nobody dared to announce their unhappiness aloud, given that they didn't want to be kicked out of the brothel for causing a ruckus.

There was a one-hour pause before the second round, and snacks were sold in the main room for anyone who was hungry.

Many people had gathered in front of the snack bar. Since Liu Yang didn't want to just wait an hour without doing anything, she decided to join the crowd and try to socialize with strangers.

She quickly got lost in the crowd and was surrounded by people. She had underestimated the quantity of the crowd and started regretting her idea of coming to interact with new people.

She truly didn't feel at ease in large crowds, and had always preferred to be alone in a room, rather than with too many people. In addition, the crowd had surrounded her and she didn't know how to leave it, or from where she came from.

As she started feeling a bit claustrophobic, a small but powerful hand had clasped her arm and pulled her without restraint out of the crowd of people surrounding the snack bar.

Regaining her senses, Liu Yang quickly turned around to face the person who had pulled her out of the crowd.

To her surprise, a girl who looked about sixteen or seventeen years old was looking back at her unfazed with a scrutinizing look in her eyes.

They both stared at each other soundlessly, but the strange girl finally broke the silence.

"Are you seriously a man? You're really weak." Stated the girl bluntly, without even an ounce of diplomacy.

Little did they both know this tactless sentence would, in the future, be the start of their lifelong friendship.


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