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Bell With The DanMachi System
Author :Darkness_Light
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1 Bell Cranel

I was a highschooler in Earth, I was having a nice day on Earth when suddenly an explosion took place in the mall I was in, it was a terrorist bombing I guess in my last breath I saw that I was the only person seriously injured, the others were injured too but nothing life-threatening. I was just watching DanMachi on my phone which I guess is broken into pieces.

This was the last thing I remembered, when I woke up I was in a strange room, It had a wooden ceiling and through the window, I could see a small hill. I don't remember such a place in my town. The door opens and an old guy with a dense white beard and a muscular body greeted me. My head was suddenly flooded with memories I had no time to think about them as my head was paining a lot. I held my head and brought it close to my knees, the old man who saw this asked, "Are you okay Bell?"

I was slowly recovering from my pain when I paid attention to what the old man said, I slowly processed my memories and I couldn't recover from my shock "I'm okay grandpa I was just not feeling well that's all"

With my memories, I got to know that this was the world of DanMachi and I was currently in the body of Bell Cranel. The person in front of me was none other than one of those gods' Zeus. Though he acted as he was Bell's grandfather and never told him about that, hence in order to not arouse suspicions I acted as if I didn't know about that and played along with it.

"I bought you some soup to make you feel better, here drink some" saying so he took a spoonful and lightly blew on it to cool it and brought it near my mouth. I opened my mouth and had some. He took care of me until I felt better and he read me a story to sleep.

When I woke up the next day I was feeling way better compared to how I was yesterday. I saw that my body was that of a young kid around 7 to 8 years of age which means I have a lot of time before I go to Orario.

[Ding… Congratulations to host on activating the DanMachi System]


Name: Bell Cranel

Age: 8

Race: Human

Familia: None

Level: 0

STR: 10

VIT: 10

DEX: 10

AGI: 10

MAG: 0

Developed Abilities: None

System Functions: Scan, Quests

System Points: 0


"W-What the hell??? Who are you??"

[Ding… I am the DanMachi System]

"I don't remember Bell having anything like that, so why do I have it??"

[Ding… It is because you have been reincarnated into the body of Bell Cranel. Due to which I am here to assist you through this World]

"So what am I supposed to do then? I mean like what's the reason for my reincarnation?"

[Ding… Host's reincarnation doesn't have a specific purpose you are free to do so as you wish]

"Then the last question. Who reincarnated me?"

[Ding… You were not reincarnated by anyone instead, you were reincarnated due to the fact that you were not supposed to die In that bomb blast which triggered the universe's will and let you reincarnate]

"Great, so I can change the plot, however, I want to right??"

[Ding… Yes host is allowed full access to this world and can do as he wishes]

"Yes!! Now I can finally get all the women I want. Syr, Ryu, Aiz, Tiona might as well try to get Freya at that. I have to train properly so that I don't end up like a noob there."

"Hey System, you said you were there to help me right. How will you do that?"

[Ding… The system can provide you with Quests which upon completion will give you specific rewards so that you can level up faster than others]

"Are there any Quests available right now??"

[Ding… Host can check the Quest menu by thinking about it]



1. Double your stats by two months.

Reward – System Function (Shop), 100 SP

2. Kill a Goblin.

Reward – Status Edit(Skill) , 50 SP

3. Kill a Kobold.

Reward – No Limit(Skill), 50 SP


"Hm… these quests seem doable but why are the rewards so huge for such simple quests?"

[Ding… The rewards are necessary for the host in this world hence they are given out in the first few quests]

"I see….. it's a starter pack but in the form of Quests"
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    《Bell With The DanMachi System》